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  1. Nature Godlike from here : https://y-mir.artstation.com/projects/Pe9r1 https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zEQ_k4YmFc2pgWXYUM4U8mbBxeSD49xl?usp=sharing Pale Elf https://drive.google.com/open?id=1V_iBIuOTSKC6ls-zSu8VhiuJFSiwJPOt
  2. I have a problem, it has been two years and I keep making new characters... Dwarf, Human https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WlfniMfMZLQBssLgDOUT8AYexWkcjG5b?usp=sharing
  3. I am sure that Hearth Orlan was already posted but I can't seem to find it. Rest is here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gl0NestvdY_PrcHeylcssNKGm1LtRHB5
  4. Oyez Oyez! Good people of the Deadfire, if you decide to go lifegiver do not take the stag form as you will not be able to cast nature balm with it in turn based.
  5. Moon Godlikes! From the Internet! I have only space for 2 out of the 3. https://bit.ly/2mtcHc8
  6. I just noticed that on the latest version the Steward gets very quiet once you are on the ship and even after you spoke with it in the starting area. Doesn't want to squeak a word. Also if you happen to have a certain amount of build up "reputation" with a companion that will trigger one of those chit chat with them, and you also happen to be recruiting an NPC. They will barge in when you are about to select the new recruit Class and talk about their feelings. It happened many time when recruiting Tekehu or Maia, either Aloth, Serafen or Eder really really want you attention
  7. HALP! A minor naming issue happened, anybody knows where I could edit that in the save? And no there is no backsies to got back and change a minor thing in the name. It is not the dreadful Island Name, but I just want it to be perfect and someone distracted me!
  8. Season 8 was meh, but at least we get to have some nice Moon Godlike portraits that don't look too clean. If you squint enough it looks like Head 2. Original picture: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/N5EoXb Little fact I learned is that as long as you respect the portrait aspect ratio the picture will appear fine in game, if the ones below are too blurry.
  9. This is still a thing even on the last patch 5.0, It doesn't work on a custom legacy or the one called "Keeper of Secrets" So I cracked and used the unity console to add this into my inventory, and the "Mantle of Authority" seems to apply randomly to enemies.
  10. -Another one not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but Vela should not be lured by your Sparkcrackers and equivalent skills! As proof here is exhibit one that should prevent me to be near minors and put Vela's reasoning into quesiton
  11. -In Maukotu's Canopy one of the Dank Spore is stuck launching his skill Spore Cloud forever, the Magran's Challenge was activated and I couldn't go to the next turn.
  12. - If you use a scroll when turn based to summon a weapon that weapon doesn't always appear or take one extra round to appear. Issue present with : Scroll of Firebrand Scroll of Kalakoth's Minor Blights It sometimes happened too with the spell itself, but rarely. -If you die and play with Hylea's challenge, Vela starts walking around like she is out of combat. She will be under a different "timer" than the party, she will be on real time mode and Withdraw will run out on her too soon during combat for example. She seems to be on that timer until you get resurrected. I believe she al
  13. Edder's second chance from his armor didn't trigger once I was down and still had 3 turns to before Berath's Challenge would do me in the starting area. There was no other NPC in the party at this stage. Once he was down I got greeted with the defeat message, there is nothing he could have done but it seemed a bit premature.
  14. Hi, Lo and behold the uninvited tutorial widget is no longer there on 3440x1440 resolution, let us praise the person that finally addressed it. But in the starting area, and I haven't tested further if there are any scene like those later on, the turn based message is seen on both sides of the screen. It disappears if you start a fight. If you reload a game it will re-appear and you will have to get into a fight to make it go away again. Screens: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1660719163 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=166071
  15. For those interested about the possible last challenge. Yesterday short lived turn based mode patch, that probably was not meant to go live, showed something called "The Ultimate" It activates every single challenge, triple crown and solo. It also require you to do every encounter in the game. You may also ask how does the Magran challenge work on turn based, you have a very limited amount of time to do your move and attack. The starting boat fight took forever and I missed a couple of my turns but probably because it was not yet well implemented, no UI indication like circling the
  16. So I started a new game, tried the turn based. I think I will pass, the fights take forever. Not sure what governs initiative, that's for another time. But you are tearing me apart Obsidian. The 3440X1440 resolution has issue since day one regarding the tutorial part appearing in the upper right corner. Now turn based also had artifact from the "start" and "combat" taking all my screen at all time. Let it be in combat or outside of it. Screenshot showing the issue: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/950721532668709598/50AC66A64E73D6761429E173B26830A98156D5EC/ Als
  17. What would proc the charm from A Whale of a Wand? The caster spells obviously. But would an invocation do? What about a cipher ability? Would a scroll make it happen? I tried the barbarian fear ward and nothing happened, same with the arcane archer spells.
  18. Where is my brine imp pendant at? The Huaro is not where it should! Does Ondra challenge randomize ship wreck location? Is it because I have a skeleton crew with 1 morale? Is it because I stabbed Irrena to death during the starting ship fight? Save attached Huaro Missing v4.0.0.0043.zip
  19. So I managed to get Aloth Headdress for once with custom legacy and beta patch 4.0. But now it's back to the old shenanigans with the latest released patch v4.0.0.0043. Aloth doesn't have his beautiful bunny helmet in his inventory when you meet him. It offends my fashion sensibilities to an extreme degree. Saves and custom legacy attached. saves.zip
  20. Since when do Kill Cam slowdown work with Magran's Challenge? If that's a bug from 4.0 please keep it. Well you can even play on slow mode with it now, that's better
  21. If you play as a Orlan body type godlike your head will still change size, mostly notable on Moon, Fire and Nature godlikes. Latest patch added the fact that hair and beards don't fit the face. Fire godlike head type 4 is still waaay too big compared to the body. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1585085076 To make them fit again you have to either try to change the hair style, bears. Or unequipped the armor.
  22. The drake wing flapping can be heard on the whole map of the Engwithan Digsite. There is still an issue with resolution 3440x1440 as part of the tutorial notification is visible in the upper left corner.
  23. Is it normal that you do not see anymore what type of Galawayn bonus a beast gets before initiating combat? Those volatile ones will blow Vela into space...
  24. Is there a way to force AI to cast Withdrawal on her at the start of the a fight? What if she walks into traps? I bet on ship fights she is gonna be a blunderbuss magnet....
  25. I like those challenges, but the Magran's one, once combat starts it becomes a giant mess. I was hoping that the camera slow mo would still work, so I have time to re-position or use consumables. Pray the gods you do not retreat to the edge of a map or you are gone, you cannot see anything or do anything as the UI is in the way. Ship combat is something I fear, no mater my team positioning I end up every time eating all those arquebuse shots in the face. And then my save is deleted... Is there a possibility to have a shortcuts for consumables? I do not trust my AI to do the right thing whe
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