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  1. It seems i keep collecting them... When getting out of Od Nua lvl 1 trough the "hand" I got stuck in the terrain. https://www.dropbox.com/home/Pillars%20Of%20Eternity%20Bug/Stuck The only solution that i had was to install IE mod, and use this command : AreaTransition AR_0002_Dyrford_Tavern_01 North1 Here it explain how you can jump to any location if needed: http://rien-ici.com/iemod/console Don't forget to run around Caed Nua to get the different dialogues with the npc though.
  2. I am not certain it's a but or if it's a balance thing, but since 2.0 I can't carnage with spells let it be on the barbarian or the druid. With the Barbarian I could use "Jolting Touch" to carnage all over the place now it only hit 3 times, with the Druid it was "Sunlance". https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o2p7jlfyw3tnnbv/AADWEEbZOHMcZJ4QbWgWZdoYa?dl=0
  3. Is this still possible in 2.01, as I don't see the carnage text for jolting touch let it be from a scroll or an item.
  4. Save and all with the same issue, the all class talent frenzy is fine. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o2p7jlfyw3tnnbv/AADWEEbZOHMcZJ4QbWgWZdoYa?dl=0
  5. Here the link with the last output log, the save and dxdiag https://www.dropbox.com/sh/o2p7jlfyw3tnnbv/AADWEEbZOHMcZJ4QbWgWZdoYa?dl=0
  6. After a fight in the Woedica temple when either my main was hit with confusion, or eder was charmed I got hit in battle by gaun's share. But the effect is still displayed on my character portrait. I tried to hit myself again, but once the timer ends it's still there. I also seem to unbind my hotkeys each time I try to use a bound skill using the mouse.
  7. I am wondering is there is a way to re-listen dev commentary or relaunch it, a console command or something. Specially since 1.05 seems to randomly stop it even when I don't move a muscle, thinking it was sneak that caused that... The ones that I remember cutting abruptly are in: Dracogen Inn, Woodend Plain and Dyrford Village. Edit: It appears that double speed cause the dev commentary to stop randomly, if you play at normal speed the commentary is correctly played.
  8. I just had the exact same thing happen on my character on Iron Manly Man save, now I have a very useless midget that follows a bunch of godlike guys around. Every spell that puts a weapon in a mage hand is his doom. Let it be the staff that never dissapear and wont allow you cast a spell, or forget about using that spell during the starting bandit leader fight or you are stuck in that camp forever, now that spell **** up all your progress. I wonder does that happen to the druids too? Using summoned weapon and screwing you forever i mean. Ofc it had to happen in that Watcher Dungeon...
  9. Let us all have a prayer for my Barbarian Scientist eaten by a swarm of sentient lions, but before he died he bestowed upon me a great wisdom. You can actually run out of an encounter. If your party dies far enough from the spawn of hostiles and somehow one of your guys survived far away and with no agro on him (summons help), once the enemies loose interest in your carcasses they will walk away like nothing happened and your friends will stand up fresh and new (a chunk of health missing but nothing that sleep can't solve). Are there any other mechanics that could make my run last longer?
  10. Well I lied a bit, it's called _trial_of_iron_read_me.txt on win7. It's located in your save file folder. I guess you need to demagnetize your kernel on Linux and rub and apple on the file path to see it.
  11. Can you image a wild cipher that summons chickens, I can. Or a monk that doesn't believe in wounds but hugs? The possibilities are limitless.
  12. He means the haiku.txt file left there, we need more than that. A stern approach Obsidian Senpai.
  13. Hi there, my name is Beefcake Esquire, and I feel dirty. You see I have done something terrible and can't stop, I learned the secret of "quit' game, ALT F4 and even CTRL ALT DEL a long time ago. Oh look a group of burly King Sewer Rate double teamed you and you died, ha ha not on my watch look what I can do. I am a weak weak man, if you nerds don't understand : my will stat is in the negative. All i am asking is that quit game saves (even during combat) and then you leave. ALT+F4 and CTRL ALT DEL keystroke should delete the save.
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