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  1. Yeah, I only used those boots a couple of times before I realised how bugged the interaction with Carnage was; and still my Barbarian has inflicted an insane 126k damage. Current stats nearing the end with Celestial Suite bonus are 21 Might, 7 Constitution, 23 Dexterity, 7 Perception, 20 Intelligence, 22 Resolve. I probably made some questionable choices regarding talents/abilities, but here's what I went for: Blooded Brute Force Carnage Frenzy One Stands Alone Threatening Presence -- Greater Frenzy Accurate Carnage Barbaric Blow Weapon Focus: Adventurer Savage Attack Two-Handed Style Effigy's Resentment: Grieving Mother Gift from the Machine Duel Wielding + Fast Weapons would probably have been better with that crazy dexterity and OSA. I can't remember where I found them.
  2. Haven't found any other with Jolting Touch bound on it, but there're some items that hold spells that go off randomly during battle; for example Shod in Faith boots Consecrate the ground and Nature's Grace casts Woodskin.
  3. It's not the Spell Striking of the Stiletto found on Gilded Vale, but rather Spell Binding given by the Animancer's Boots; which means you choose when to clear an entire enemy group :D
  4. Indeed. I just stumbled upon those Jolting Touch boots, and it's so cheap to end encounters in 1 hit. My PC is finishing fights before my frontline hits their first enemy.
  5. What do you mean once per encounter? The boots holding the spell have 3 uses per rest. I'm a Barbarian who one shots everything in his path, if you check the log you can see it proc'd FOUR times on Nalrend the Wise for a total of 457 damage. I don't think that's supposed to be working as intended.
  6. So I've come up with either a great item and ability sinergy or this is a massive bug. I'm more or less inclined on the latter hehe.
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