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  1. Hi, My aesthetic sensitivity was under attack as well. The issue seems to go away if you reload, as long as you don't change armors. It was witnessed on an Orlan body type. With Beta patch 3.10 the head stays big and reloading wont resize it to normal proportions.
  2. Hi, I am not sure if I just got really unlucky or there is some shenanigans going on. I have Abydon Challenge on and I am a paranoid loot whore. I keep my stuff repaired at all time. And whenever I can I use Spiritual Weapons and I often swap my weapons around. Xoti just lost her shield after one fight, and I do not see any "weapon damaged beyond repair icon" in her off hand. Location: Temple of Tangaloa Ruin Version: v3.02.0027 I have Arms Beared on Xoti, and I have all her weapon modal ability skills active. I cast Xoti Spiritual Weapon during the fight after the end of the
  3. The effect of Abydon Challenge needs to be clearer, like an icon showing you on your character that your item is at it's last damage threshold and maybe you should swap weapons and not gamble with it. Or some kind of combat log that is easy to notice, the current one gets easily lost and with long fights I keep turning weapons into dust. I wonder now if I have the Monastic Unarmed Training and a weapon broken beyond repairs I get the passive bonus. Your character does the unarmed attack animation...
  4. I would like to be able to activate them for an existing save. Right now I am waiting for the new patch to start playing. All my other games without the challenges became useless.
  5. With Berath Challenge on I only had some grenades left and had to throw them at the ogre next to Giordu Red-Handed in Temple of Tangaloa Ruins. This made him free himself, investigate the noise and turn hostile and I had to kill him. RIP you freak.
  6. I had this bug before but didn't have the save anymore, with the 2.0 patch it is still present. Edder's quest in Port Maje didn't trigger as usual. Save attached. Zxaar (2b0d7b3b-b511-465e-88ab-0407d7ed5118) (LAX-2ABCDE) trialofiron.zip
  7. Using any drugs will make the character auto attack some targets on the map, like totems. Save and video attached. Lum The Mad (ba38e9c4-2539-4ff4-8679-9e26af3591b9) trialofiron.zip
  8. Hi, I really hope this is a feature, it make the skill worth something at least. If you summon a second or even third conjurer familiar, and if that familiar is different than the one you get. You will gain another passive. If the second summon dies you will keep the first passive. If you summon a third one you will keep two passives. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1416679979
  9. I am trying to get those curses, most of them if possible. Galawain looks the best, but do you get the an acknowledgement of this in the beginning? I created a POE1 save stats where I pledged to all the gods and disintegrated the souls. But I only get in the beginning from Berath: "You have made similar vows to Ryrmgand, Helya and Galawain" No mention of the other gods.
  10. Hi, Since the beta patch launching the game takes up to one minute to get into the start menu. I also ran into issues where the Rum Runner dlc would not get installed/appear in my steam dlc list if I got the beta patch already installed. My game is running as a Obsidian Edition except I disabled some extra things that were added from the scavenger hunt. DxDiag.txt
  11. After clearing that tomb and exiting it, I went back to desktop. Relaunching the game shows a black screen and require a restart. 2018-05-15_214246.zip
  12. We need random effects flying left and right. Cow smashing on Eothas like no ones business! Summoning Greater Blights to smash everybody's face during a fight. Or just bird magic for everyone. Why do you do this to me Obsidian, why. We demand a playable "wild anything" to appease our hunger for wild surges since BG.
  13. It seems the second time in a row that I am unable to loot the item "Obsidian Shell" First I tried to steal it from "Namai" Then I stole it from a basket near "Eofania" In both cases the loot went to my stach. The second time I noticed I received a "Quill Leaf" instead. EDIT: Could this be a currency?...
  14. Hi, I tried that too with Golden Gaze + Enduring Flame and if you are close to the enemy you will get the DOT on the target, but if you are further away the dot will not appear. I compared with a scepter and it applied the dot each time with that one.
  15. The first time I cast garden of life it just does the regular one time heal, if I cast it a second time then each turn it seems to heal. Is that how that spell work?
  16. When does this thing even work? I only managed to imprint some spells from human casters, anything else fails miserably, and not in a failed saving throw kinda way. The target has the spell icon, but no extra spells for me. Forget about a wizard skeleton or a Lagufaeth that is clearly using spells. Same with spell reflexion, not once have I seen it work. And I have been hit by a thousand Necrotic Lances. Can It reflect AOE? Does your perception counts for the reflexion hit? Is it a 100% chance to hit if you reflect it? Can you crit with a reflected spell?
  17. Ondra's temple is closed to me, it still has the same message as when you first appear in the invaded Stalwart village. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ltutaq8dn82ozkx/AAAy_ipquZEU1FFShWZIhrTQa?dl=0
  18. I was wondering if the rogue skill was supposed to work with the tentacle monsters the mage can summon. Dimensional Shift seems to work just fine, but the rogue skill doesn't do anything if used on them.
  19. What I am also asking is if the talents we take, affect a shapeshifted character. For example I take fast runner, it does absolutely nothing to speed up my druid when he is in his mighty bear form. What makes a talent work in shape-shift form and another not. Here is an example of pork chase in the crazy cannibal village, or maybe they were egg fetishists not certain. The smallest one has fast runner, and is running along side his druid buddies like everybody else. https://youtu.be/VQ4iYfKxBaU
  20. I am not certain if the talent Fast Runner affect the speed of a shapeshifted druid, but there is a weird thing going on sometimes if you shape-shift you will move on crawling slow speed. And if the shape-shift ends you will start to run around the map during combat in you normal form extremely fast. To stop this from happening I have to exit a game and reload it.
  21. I was wondering if the sneak attack on that spell is intended or a bug, are there any other spells that benefit from the sneak attack, and I don't mean the summon weapons ones? Maybe the priest pillars? Priest spell spark the soul of the righteous is also affected by sneak attack.
  22. Does it even work now in the latest patch or is it bugged again? I tried to keep the enemy really close, and there is still no combat log about carnage misses from that silly stag of mine.
  23. I wonder if this has ever been resolved, I tried on the Hertiage Hill skeleton mages, on the skeleton mages in defiance bay sewer, on feral druids in stormwall Gorge. I get the message saying I hit something with additional effects, but no extra spells to cast anywhere. Where should the "stolen spell" appear exactly? I know Path of the damned add some more fodder enemies, does it even work on the extra mages it adds or only on the ones that are int he game on lower difficulties?
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