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Extremely wild display bug during combat -- anyone seen this?



So, after finishing PoE1, I continued to Deadfire, but it seems to me that some bugs have definitely got worse along the way. I just got into a fight, and there's a line in the combat log saying "Leyla abandoned casting Stunning Blow". That's all well and good -- except that I'm getting this message like twenty times per second. Really. It absolutely overwhelms everything else in the combat log, and the display keeps sort of flashing long after I press Pause. This is crazy! This was in the game earlier, but now it's totally, totally wild.


What has happened?


If anyone still remember the C64 era of the 1980s, the display is almost identical to this basic program:


10 Print: "Leyla abandoned casting Stunning Blow"

20 Goto 10

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That's weird. I remember this bug mentioned on reddit last year. But never encountered this myself.


I've encountered another similar bug through: use a full-attack ability with AoE weapon and there is a chance that the character will forget about recovery and will enter into a loop. Swinging like an enraged lumberjack. Although iirc this was already fixed.



- did your character get interrupted during his first Stunning Blow attempt?

- was mortification consumed?

- did the damage of main hand go through?

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MaxQuest: Good questions. I am not certain about the answers, but I think they are: Yes. No. Can't say -- it would have taken an awful lot of scrolling to find that information.


I was basically looking for a cause that could interrupt the current action.

And it seems that dunehunter has posted a plausible one back in september: link. And there have been no answer from the devs since that.


It's also unlikely that they will fix it, if they fail to replicate it \

So, for now the workaround is: if the character was running, press X before issuing a new command.

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