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Carnage bugged



I was testing heart of fury and noticed it didn't scale as well as it seemed it should. Looking at logs, I noticed most of my carnage procs were listed as "(Hit) Similar effect with longer duration already applied" and weren't doing any damage. See the first attached screenshot where 17 heart of fury hits cause 166 carnage hits but only 20 actually do anything (had to scroll through and manually count, can't see them all in this shot). It's doing less than 15% of the carnage damage that it should! There's nothing in the description of carnage that indicates a foe can only be hit by it once at a time, should be an instantaneous effect, not sure where the duration thing is coming from at all.


This only happens with things like heart of fury or clear out since they hit all targets at the same time and hence generate simultaneous carnage hits. Even with a full attack like barbaric smash there appears to be enough time between attacks that carnage goes off properly, the "similar effect with a longer duration" expires before the second hit.


At first I thought maybe this was just a visual bug, maybe the damage was being done but just not displayed. So I berserked up with confusion and stationed Ishiza behind the targets as a test dummy since I could actually see his health numbers and compare them before and after to see how much damage he was actually taking (I wish there was a way to see actually health numbers on enemies, unharmed/hurt/bloodied makes it so much harder to do these kinds of tests). Sure enough he only took the damage that was listed, additional hits that claimed they weren't doing anything were in fact not doing anything.


What makes it really weird can be seen in my second screenshot. The first time carnage hits him, it did 13 damage (not shown), the second time it hits him it must have rolled less than 13 damage because you see no additional effects and no damage done. Finally he's hit a third time for 15 damage. Comparing his health he did indeed take 28 damage. If carnage were actually working like a DOT as implied by the "longer duration", you would expect the third hit to overwrite the first, causing him to only take 15 damage. Instead it appears that the 13 damage is already done in whatever minuscule amount of time passes between the first and third hit allowing the 15 to go on top of it. But if it was already applied, why doesn't the second hit do any damage? Why can a larger damage hit add on but not a smaller one?


Thus not only is the full amount of damage one would expect not being applied, the amount is inconsistent since it depends on the order of the damage numbers. 10-13-15 would do more than 15-13-10 even though all of them should be simultaneous. I suppose I can see some possibility why you might design it so that heart of fury can only apply carnage once to each target, but I don't see why you would make it random. I don't know if it's always been like this or if this is new but hopefully it can be fixed. Make heart of fury great again.


PS: It would nice if we could see the damage calculation for carnage. Seems odd that hovering over it shows the to-hit roll and even armor/pen (meaningless since it's raw damage) but doesn't show how it came up with the damage number.



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Hey everyone!

Thank you for the heads-up about this!  All the information has been put into a report and sent to the QA and Systems Design teams for an investigation.  If any of you happen to discover anything else about these versions of Carnage, please continue to post about it here as the thread has been linked to the report as a reference.


Thanks again for all the help everyone!

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