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I want to start my next playthough as ultimate rogue character with maxed mechanics and upgraded stealth.

I want to use dual-wield, bluff everyone and steal everything which isn't nailed to the floor. This will be fun but I beat my first PT on "Veteran" and need more challenge but according to my experience rogue characters are rather fragile and die quickly if dual-wielding. Can you, please, make some suggestion for me how to build (multiclass?) and dress my character to make this PT livable?


Regarding party: Eder, Xoti and Teheku are must party members for this PT. Maia is no-no.

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Well there is the trickster subclass and it has mirror image and displaced image. They dont stack though.


Tekehu has a good buff called natures vigor. It is the same as the ciphers pain block but AOE and is very useful.


If you want to you could go and get the legendary plate mail on crookspur beach pretty much straight away if you use blessings for skill (mechanics) points. The armour is really powerful. I would suggest you dont do this though as it will make the game to easy.


You will do better now that you have played a playthrough. You would have learnt alot from that. Just play u will be fine.

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I run PotD with no shields at all and regularly run melee Helwalkers, which are notably squishier than rogues. Some tips:


Stacking regen is important and makes things a lot more forgiving. I almost always have Exalted Endurance running on Pallegina and if she's a Herald then Ancient Memory is running as well. The orlan peddler in Brassfire Citadel sells a Greater Regeneration Ring and that gets purchased immediately and put on Eder. The Spindle Man in Delver's Row sells a normal regen ring. The only place I usually rest is the Luminous Bathouse, where there's a regen and class resource option. I usually don't bother with Three Trolls Stitched or Trollhide Belts unless I'm putting it on a Berserker but those are also options. I use the Gorecci St necklace for most of the game on my squishiest character; Darkest Before Dawn has saved me many, many times.


Everybody gets at least Athletics 5 and my Helwalkers usually stack Athletics. The Undying Burden in Delver's row is a high priority buy. I do custom behavior for almost all my characters and the first entry is Second Wind when below 50% HP so I don't miss it but fights against high burst enemies (grubs) need manual activation at  60-75%.


On PotD you do need deflection beyond the base amount. One of Berath's Blessings is an equipment vendor and the most important thing he sells is the Cloak of Greater Deflection and Girdle of Mortal Protection. I find cloaks, belts, rings, and boots to be weirdly difficult to come by in the game so the Berath's vendor helps a lot. The other vendor in Maje sells Death's Maw (my normal helmet for Eder) and a Ring of Deflection. The first vendor by the docks in Neketaka sells a Cloak of Deflection and rings of minor deflection regularly show up at the Treasure Trove and (I think) the Dark Cupboard but they're part of the random inventory. There's things you can do more directly. If you're using a dagger offhand, the dagger modal is better than most early shields for +10 deflection and the penalty isn't that bad. Running Trickster and using Mirrored Image can net you another +30 deflection. I get a lot of mileage out of Vigorous Defense on Eder and I think that stacks with Mirrored Image since it's +20 defense and not just deflection but I haven't tried trickster swashbuckler.


Finally, Priests are good for preventing you from dying. Certain afflictions (I think Constitution) can prevent you from getting any healing. Having a Priest cast Barring Death's Door and then Salvation of Time can allow a good 40 seconds (if you use 3 Salvations) where you can't die. If I know I'm going to spam Salvation I generally also have a paladin cast LoH on someone who's going to get hit by salvation. It's a very strong HoT when running for 30-40 seconds.

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Assassin or vanilla rogue might be what you're after.


I will say that the high level rogue abilities are fun, but not OP, whereas if you multi you can create a seriously strong character - Fighter, Monk, Cipher, or Wizard are all great choices, class you don't NEED the high level abilities, as opposed to say a Priest (not a good multi imho) or Paladin (who has a TON of great passives you will want).

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