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My Watcher turned into Eder



Uh, so I started a new game. Entered the cave that Beodur's in, freed him, Eder and the Watcher leveled up. I proceeded to level Eder first, which proceeded without problems, but when I finished the level-up, my Watcher had been transformed inexplicably into Eder. Tried saving and reloading, but the problem was still there.


I have the save file, but can't seem to upload it.

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I remember their mentioning this bug in the last QA stream with Josh and Caleb. They’re aware so hopefully 1.1 fixes it.

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yup.  had the exact same bug.  happened when first landing on the beach and I chose to level up eder and then myself as the very first action I did.

if instead, I reloaded before the ship crash, then run around on the beach for a bit, the problem did not occur.

i take it there are some tags that cause problems with the levelup scripts if you try to levelup in certain areas.

it was only that one time, has not happened again.

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