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  1. This is not true. Although I agree that it is generally best to translate into your first language, this is by no means a rule. I, for instance, have translated quite a lot of stuff into English, which is not my first language. This may not be true abroad, but in France, in translator studies, it's what you learn.
  2. Waitwaitwait. The italian, spanish and german translation were done in Poland? Is that a fact or just a claim? Come on. A game like Deadfire can only be translated well by natives. There are dialects and stuff in there. No foreign speaker has the sensibility to get that right. Not that they even tried. Even for a native it would be very hard and should be done by real professionals. A real translation is ALWAYS from a foreign language to a mothertongue language, it's the first rule in professional translation. But we can find french/german/italien natives in Poland, why not ?
  3. The translation of the history is correct. But the translation of ALL the technical part of the game is a real shame. The same word is used in the french translation for "focus" and "concentration" !!! Come on ! And this is in only an exemple...
  4. Ce qui me gène le plus c'est le doublon sur le mot "concentration". Les sorts du Cipher se lancent avec de la concentration mais l'infobulle parle de la concentration qui empêche d'être interrompu. On a un passif qui donne de la concentration en début de combat (+1) et puis un autre qui fait commencer le combat avec plus de concentration (+10). Alors avec l'infobulle défaillante on ne comprend plus rien... Donc merci de faire la différence entre concentration et focus. edit : je suis surpris qu'on en ai pas encore parlé. Donc peut-être que c'est moi qui ai rêvé, lu trop vite...
  5. here is a ling to my character summury : https://www.zupimages.net/up/18/23/12gj.png
  6. I'll check. On the picture if I put the mouse on the icone i can read something like "zealous aura : +5 precision" edit : I think french term "precision" means "accuracy"
  7. I know about paladins npc walking in town. Like I said, the screenshot has been taken inside (under) the temple of Berath (the part with only undead and no npc). My character is a stalker(ranger)+troubadour(chanter).
  8. This screenshot has been taken inside the temple of Berath without any food bonus. Konstanten : barb+skald Rimke : monk+fighter PJ : stalker+Troubadour Ydwin : cipher+rogue Fassina : animist+conjurer no food rest bonus no aura given by a pal pnj in Nekataka I put all my crew naked, the aura was still here
  9. I once had the same problem. Did You delet a save and restarting a game with the same name ?
  10. I think Marine godlike is a mistake in term of design. Two godlike subtypes for Ondra ? btw is tekehu the only marine godlike we meet in poe2 ? If so, it is quite strange...
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