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Why in 2018 have Obsidian decided to help perpetuate the myth of race by including racial differences during the character creation. Race has been proven to be a social construct time and again but games like this continue to reinforce the myth. Why are they not using their game to promote racial equality.

I would also like them to correct the game by including a larger diversity of genders during character creation instead of being forced to choose from the oppressive heteronormative binary male/female.

Luckily there is a precedent of Obisdian correcting their finished games when they removed the offensive and transphobic Firedorn Lightbringer epitaph from Pillars of Eternity 1.

I'm sure that Obsidian will do the right thing and I thank them in advance.

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 Race has been proven to be a social construct time



Where is your proof ? (Lol this troll)


Race = adaptation to an environnement. So races exist. BUT this is not a good "word" actually because of acts of hitler and others guys who wanted to demonstrate superiority of ONE race (which is absurd).


A race is superior in a given environment, that's all.


I think there is no actual limit (other than politic) to create humans with different stats.


But I understand Obsidian, even with a good feeling, you can create a bad buzz. But it is only for that in fact...

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