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  1. Based on dunehunter's considerations in this thread—the damage calculation for Soul Annihilation seems rather murky (and possibly bugged) at present. How is the ability's damage calculated? How much Raw damage per point of Focus? What else is affecting it? Which damage bonuses apply to it, and which ones don't? Currently, it seems to benefit twice from MIG and take on bonuses from weapon modals as well (see link above.) Tangentially, it looks like the combat log uses icons for damage types, except for Raw damage which is described as "Raw" instead of using its icon. Probably an oversight.
  2. I've mentioned these elsewhere already, but I figured I'd put them on QA's radar. If they end up in the internal tracker, there's a higher chance they'll be considered for implementation—for hey, they implemented a walk toggle, right? So why not? Walking command delay. In both the first game and the Deadfire beta, all party members move in perfect sync like a party of robots. The Infinity Engine games worked around this awkward presentation by adding a random delay of X milliseconds between the moment you clicked to issue a command to move, and the moment the command would be executed. This way, commanding a whole party to move from a point to another would have each character move in a slightly asynchronous way, which is more realistic. Could a similar solution be adopted in Deadfire? Cyan circles for neutral characters. Currently, both neutral and allied characters share the same green-colored selection circle. In the Infinity Engine games, neutral characters had cyan circles to help distinguish them from allies at a glance. Having the same feature in Deadfire would be a nice nostalgic throwback as well as a minor convenience feature (in Pillars of Eternity it was made possible via the IE Mod, but it would be nice not to have to resort to modding for this.) This would obviously not affect Color Blind mode, where all circles are blue for reasons that go beyond nostalgia (being able to tell enemies from allies is more important than to be able to tell allies from neutrals.)
  3. 1. For whatever reason portraits in Character sheet are highlighted and therefore look brighter than normal: Character sheet: Inventory: 2. Protagonist's circle indicator on the world map takes the large portrait it seems, which is more elongated and therefore crops most of the portraits faces in a bad way. The indicator should probably take the small portrait instead, it's more square-ish and and should look fine judging by the small character circle portraits in the bottom left corner on the world map:
  4. The ability "Cat Flurry" which you get when spiritshifting to the cat form is indicated in attack speed breakdowns as "+33%", even though it's a bonus and all other bonuses are indicated with a minus sign: Since it's about reducing attack time and recovery time, I believe the minus sign is better suited; Cat Flurry should probably be corrected to match.
  5. The Potion of Relentless Striking appears to show oddly inaccurate information in its tooltip next to the imbiber's portrait: Guess that should be, according to the item's description, +50% Action Speed*, +20% Melee Damage, -10 Deflection. * make sure you check the signage convention here. Bonuses should consistently carry a minus, since they're making stuff take less time.
  6. This thread aims at providing testers with an easy reference for "bugs" regarding missing or incorrect icons for skills, abilities, portraits, items, spells... The goal is for us to easily check for duplicates, creating less false positives on Obsidian's end, ultimately improving our life, their life, and the quality of the end product. This thread is not meant for suggestions, please post these in the backer beta discussion forum. This thread is not meant either for missing strings, TEMP descriptions, or character drawing issues (shapeshift then open your inventory to get an example). The reports as sorted alphabetically, like so: category - title Seeing how this thread is meant for all of us, if this system doesn't work for you please do tell, that we may improve on it. INCORRECT ICON MISSING ICON - ABILITY - Conjurer special spell (summon familiar) (no link, but has been reported) - ABILITY - Soul Annihilation - ABILITY - Transmuter special spell (ogre club has no icon) (no link, but has been reported) - EFFECT - Immunity to disease - ITEM - Armor of shapeshift fury druid has no icon - ITEM - Baubles of the Fin - ITEM - Desert Wurm Hatchling - ITEM - Medical Supplies - ITEM - Repair Supplies - ITEM - Worn Robe Did you post a new report, or find one that eluded me (especially in those not-very-practical "list of bugs I found" threads) ? Be kind enough to post it here, and I'll do my best to keep the list updated
  7. This happened on the 2nd map, to the point I find it unplayable because it bugs out every time: - Enemies are un-targetable - Combat won't end even if there are no enemies - Wounds won't heal, or heal after 6 rests - UI flickering - Party health becomes invisible on portrait - Characters run back and forward in combat
  8. The Shattered Pillar Monk loses his ability to gain Wounds from damage sustained, instead generating them through dealing damage themself. However, said monks still have access to the Lesser Wounds passive which states more or less (game crashed so... ) : Gain the ability to generate Wounds from damage I can see 3 scenarios here : 1/ Intended, working as advertised This is the intended behaviour and Shattered Pillar monks may take the skill to be able to generate Wounds by dealing damage AND by receiving damage (and at a lower threshold at that). It is my belief that the passive's description should be updated to specifically state that yes, it does work for Shattered Pillar monks. Otherwise it is very unclear (which is why you're reading this ). 2/ Affects Wound generation from damage done This is not the intended behaviour, what the passive does is it allows the Shattered Pillar to generate more wounds from dealt damage, or generate them from a lower threshold of dealt damage. In this instance, the wording of the passive needs to be adjusted. 3/ Has no effect whatsoever, lel The skill needs to be removed from the Shattered Pillar's list of pick-able abilities, or at the very least greyed out.
  9. As per below : The mini-portrait shows I have 15 focus, while hovering with the mouse shows 9, and my 15 focus spell says I'm not quite there yet if I wanna cast. Specifics : - assassin/soulblade multi-class with biting whip
  10. 'kay I have no idea wherever this one comes from : For information, my party was wiped out and I F8'd to quickload (except, the game never quickloaded...), then manually loaded an autosave. It might be that this is an artifact from my previous attempt, like it was a KO party member but the game decided it should be displayed in the newly loaded file ? Since it's not obvious what area we're talking about, this is the one with the skulking terror laguafeth.
  11. 'kay that's a wierd one... After a party wipe, I F8'd (and the game never loaded a quicksave, possibly because the only quicksave I had was on the world map, not in the area map). Anyway, I loaded up the area autosave, fought the Skulking-Terror laguafeth again. Now, from time to time, I can hear its slurping-attack-whatever sound. It plays during pause, it plays on the load savegame screen, it plays after loading the autosave of another area.
  12. Upon reaching Poko Kohara, you can travel to the top left corner of the map to find an abandoned altar to Rikuhu. Praying to the altar gives you a resting bonus called Rikuhu's blessing, which doesn't seem to have any detailed description of its effects anywhere: Based on my character record, it gives +1 Resolve. Would be good if this was indicated elsewhere too (in the character record the effect itself is only listed as "Rikuhu's blessing", mind you; I saw +1 Resolve by hovering my mouse on my Resolve score and seeing that it was affected by it.)
  13. Description: The combat log shows erroneous damage numbers when additional elemental damage is applied to a target. Monk lightning strikes +50% shock damage. Overhead numbers say, for example, 30 damage. Combat log says, for example, 20 crush. Combat log detail says, for example, 20 crush + 10 shock. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Toggle a Monk's lightning strikes, hit something. Possibly also bugged with Flames of Devotion, or any other buff that applies a Leash-like effect. Important Files: Not quite relevant.
  14. I was looking for consumables in my stash and move some of them to quick slot of my party members. Suddenly I cound't pick anything else from stash besides weapons. All (crafting?) materials and consumables in stash don't react on click. I can put consumables and weapons from inventory to stash and back to the inventory but all other items (besides weapons like I mentioned) that were already in the stash can't be move. log file and save: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ud0yxmha1h4k3oz/AAAJV07DjNTJDE7w1Tm4laDJa?dl=0 Btw - in this save file you can check grimoire of my wizard. It has only two class abilities but no spell at all while merc wizard has entire set of spells in her grimoire. Scepter Proficiency skill (+2 penetration, +20% damage) - it affects damage of spells. It's a bug, a feature? Edit: It looks like these items are used during rest so probably they can't be picked from stash and placed in the inventory.
  15. 1) 1. In ability tree if window with details describing skill or ability is displayed over icons of abilities on that tree and there is highlighted text with possible pop up in opened window, while hovering mouse over this highlighted text sometimes game display wrong detail - it show info about ability which icon is directly below highlighted portion of text, below opened window than specific highlighted text that player should see. (mouse cursor on the screen below is pointed at highlighted "graze" but as you can see, instead of "graze" pop-up game is showing what lies below and this is "Unstoppable" ability icon. It works that way in all classes/subclasses ability trees). http://oi67.tinypic.com/10sbwpg.jpg 2) In ability tree if window with details is displayed over bottom bar during character creation, entire text from that bar (except headlines of each sections) is displayed on the top of opened window. Text like picked race, class, subclass and even symbol of the cutlure you character come from can be see through opened window. http://oi64.tinypic.com/11jq69g.jpg 3) In ability tree if player hover the mouse over highlighted portion of text that refers to different ability or skill, there is pop up saying "Right-click for details" but if you click right mouse button you will close that window while clicking left mouse button will open another window with details you want. "Right-click for details" is confusing and should be switch to "Left-click for details". http://oi64.tinypic.com/2ptp82r.jpg I attached all screens to this post in case if picture hosting expires. Second day with the backer beta and I'm still sitting in character creation :D
  16. If one creates a custom formation for their party, said formation works for the entirety of the play session. However when one saves the game then exits (crashes :D ) the game, upon loading the save, characters get arranged in a different, non-default formation that doesn't match which that was set by the user. My custom formation : T M R W P With T = Tank, M = Monk PC, R = Rogue, W = Wizard, P = Priest Their formation after I load the game : M T R W P Note that quicksaving/quickloading is not enough to replicate the problem, you need to exit-crash the game.
  17. It's funny but my wizard started the game with some spells but non of these spells can be found in my grimoire, while merc wizard has its own grimoire with set of spells. Even after leveling up my wizard and picking new spells, my grimoire is still empty. I don't count class abilities. Screenshot: http://oi66.tinypic.com/2qc2hdv.jpg
  18. It's one of the most iritating issue during exploration of the world map. "Follow Camera" option is constantly disabling itself while moving around with the ship. It seems like it caused by moving camera in traditional way by pushing cursor to the edge. But that's half of the issue. Checkbox of "Follow Camera" option often is not responding for mouse clicks. It's very difficult to enable "Follow Camera" and it requires multiple attempts.
  19. I noticed graphical glitch while looting corpse of enemy. It's strange because I checked first body with no problems, but the second one flickers and some elements of interface were disappearing constantly. Screenshot: http://oi65.tinypic.com/5c0hef.jpg I uploaded game logs if it can help: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=64012142277467154462 My specs: i5-7600k, gtx 1060 6GB, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 home, graphic driver ver. 388.13 (10/30/2017)
  20. Hello, After a short test here are a few of my findings that are quite easy to spot but I thought to report them anyway. 1) When scrolling the camera so the party is not visible all icons are the same. -> second.jpg 2) When transitioning from one area to another the UI toolbar on 21:9 aspect ratio (I can't say for other aspect ratios) will shift right -> seen on second.jpg and clearer on first.jpg 3) I could not enable slow motion at all, I tried setting the "Combat auto slow" on, but it didn't make a difference. No screenshot on this, happened to me always. Attached is also my DxDiag. (Images scaled down since uploader wouldn't let me upload them) DxDiag.txt
  21. Yeah no, I'm confused. Arcane Veil says: +50 Deflection against Veil Piercing attacks. It also says: Arcane Veil has no effect on attacks made from firearms or veil piercing effects. So errr, IDK, make up your mind ? Does it have the effect of granting 50 def against VPAs, or does it have no effect whatsoever against VPAs ? 'cause if the spell's effect is 50 def against VPAs and it has no effect against VPAs, perhaps remove the +50 def ? The wording is confusing. Edit: oh and you might want to choose one of the 2 wordings, "veil piercing attacks" or "veil piercing effects", if the two are one and the same, otherwise that is also confusing.
  22. When creating a Skald it says in the tooltip that "Weapon Criticals have a 50% chance to grant a Phrase." However, on your character sheet in game it says "Melee Weapon Criticals have a 50% chance to grant a Phrase." Given the Subclasses description as being more "Toe-to-toe" in combat style I would assume that it indeed requires a melee weapon. So, clearing that up would be good. I am eager too learn if you can use Ranged weapons to build Phrases with the Skald, or not. Thanks you all!! I'm enjoying fiddling around with the beta.
  23. During character creation when I choose Berath, Eothas, Magran or Wael priest and open ability tree, subclass specific spells are displayed on the left side of the tree. But if I choose Skaen priest and then open his ability tree, there are only priest's spells displayed (Skaen priest has apprentice sneak attack instead of spells but it still should display this as subclass passive ability on the tree). Then, when I once again choose Berath, Eothas, Magran or Wael priest and again open theirs ability trees all subclass specific spells won't be displayed. Some screenshots of Magran priest before and after opening Skaen priest's ability tree: http://oi64.tinypic.com/21o6h4g.jpg before http://oi64.tinypic.com/eumpgp.jpg after I can't attached file with game logs so I uploaded it here: https://nofile.io/f/yDWv0c4sx8D/output_log.txt
  24. I'm not sure if it's a bug or it's intentional, but in Goldpact Knight's ability tree you can see "Zelous Aura" and it's upgraded version, while Goldpact Knight is unable to learn paladin auras. In game while leveling character it works as it should so player can't pick "Zelous Aura", but it is still misleading to show this ability in ability tree. Imho "Zelous Aura" and it's upgrade should be removed from Goldpact Knight's ability tree if it's possible. http://oi65.tinypic.com/4v4p77.jpg I guess it's intentional because all ability trees are class specific with addition of passive/active for chosen subclass, that's why on the screen above it's stated "Paladin" in upper-left corner instead of Goldpact Knights... But still - misleading.
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