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  1. Even though the latest beta build had this among its listed fixes: It appears that the ogre form from Form of the Fearsome Brute still suffers from the issue. Also notice how the ogre club is not displaying at all in his hands; the same is true in-game. And to nitpick: The transformation was done with a female character, but she still got the male ogre model. Last but not least—the ogre's armor has +100% recovery penalty for a measly 6 AR. That's not even medium armor and it's got the old penalty (pre-update 1) for heavy armor. Something's not right there.
  2. The beta plays between 8-12 FPS for me. I am on a MAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 POE 1 Runs fine. I get 30-40 FPS Should this improve by launch? or is this frame rate what I can expect playing on my system. Thanks!
  3. Some rock and grass textures obscure the player icon while exploring the over world. Rocks at 3° 48' N 49° 6' E: Grass at 2° 36' N 50° 6' E:
  4. This screenshot was taken in the temple ruins on the new uncharted island that was added with the latest beta update. Upon reaching the final room to the far left, you can see the mist extending beyond the square border of the screen: This other screenshot is taken outside of the Poko Kohara ruins, where you can interact with the soul of some of Vektor's former crew members. Notice how there appears to be a cyan rectangle on the scene; I put in arrows to indicate its most evident borders (hopefully the screenshot does this justice; in-game it is pretty evident):
  5. One thing I've noticed is that the large shields are mishandled by the 3d model. The shield model should rotate 90 degrees. The elongated part should be aligned with the body and not the other way around. I know it's only cosmetic. And I don't know if it will be worth fixing it for the developers but it's something that gets me out of the experience when I'm watching the combat.
  6. Female human model is missing her right elbow when wearing exceptional plate armor: Long hair style has an odd bald spot behind the head:
  7. Quite sure Vektor's model isn't supposed to have his head clip through his hair, creating a bald spot?
  8. 1. Start the game. 2. Go to the graphic options. 3. Enable Font Ligatures. 4. Observe that nothing changes in the game's font. Font Ligatures, like the goggles, do nothing. Been like that since day one so I figured I'd put it on the radar. They were a nice touch in PoE.
  9. Not sure if it's a bug or a bad attempt at making freckles, but these look like something a doctor should look at: Female elves got it especially bad - there are only three heads, two have a rash and another is terribly scarred. Please, devs, make a clean version of these "sick" heads, it totally breaks immersion when they don't match any portrait because of this problem.
  10. It bugged me in the first game and it's still bugging me now that we can't tweak the game as needed to improve performance or just to remove certain PP that we don't like the use of. A preset slider just seems a bit lazy IMO.
  11. 1. Create any character you want, so long as you give it the Stoic pose. 2. Use the console to give yourself a scroll of Firebrand (or, you know, roll a Druid and pick Firebrand as one of your spells.) 3. Enter combat and cast Firebrand. 4. Check your inventory screen. Observe that your character is positively committing harakiri with Firebrand, like this: I imagine the issue stems from summoned weapons' not triggering the "weapon in hand" stance.
  12. Note: I've had this issue with a Lifegiver, so that's what I'm using for these repro steps. Not sure whether the issue applies to other Druid subclasses as well. 1. Roll a Lifegiver Druid. 2. Equip him/her with a staff (issue might apply to other items too; I had a staff when it occurred.) 3. Set your game options so that the game automatically pauses at the start of combat. 4. Enter combat. 5. As soon as the game pauses, hit the button to Spiritshift. 6. Wait for the Spiritshift form to expire. 7. Observe that your character is in his/her fighting stance as though his/her staff had been drawn, but the staff is still resting on their back: I guess this happens if you transform before drawing weapons at the beginning of combat.
  13. I occasionally hit character creation bugs in the Appearance selection screen where the selection under the portrait does not start with portrait, usually Pose is selected first but not always. Plus the gallery of portraits do not complete filling in. If I select a non-eixtsant portrait I white picture fills in. I can select a portrait after i have started the game (and can we get the gallery view of portraits when in game? Or did I miss how to do that?) I did not get a screen shot of either of these issues. Also the section under the second class selection view when multi-classing does not show Chosen First Class Details I haven't thoroughly perused this forum enough to know if this has been brought up before (and as slow as I am about these things, they probably have). So my apologies if this has been brought up before. Joe
  14. SAVED GAME: link OUTPUT LOG: link (This log file's getting pretty huge; 48mb FTW) Not sure about the repro steps, unfortunately, as I could not pinpoint the root cause. Load the attached saved game. Observe one of the characters is a male dwarf Goldpact Knight/Sould Blade. Leave the area as no more encounters are left where you are; reach an area where you can enter a fight. Enter the fight and use the ability Sworn Enemy from the dwarven character. If you don't lose your gilded coating by the end of combat, when combat ends the dwarf should become completely invisible. You'll still see the character model in the inventory screen, but not in-game. Unequipping and re-requipping the armor will make the model reappear. I've had this happen to me in two different combat scenarios, so it's probably not a one-off.
  15. 1. Start a new game. 2. Create a Druid character; pick the Great Sword proficiency so that you have regular Great Sword in your inventory upon starting. 3. At level up, make sure you select Firebrand as one of your 2nd-level spells. 4. Attack some random villager to enter combat. 5. Summon Firebrand. 6. Go to your inventory and right-click both Firebrand and the regular Great Sword to compare stats. Observe that damage on Firebrand is listed as lower even though they are both of Fine quality: As it seems, the tooltip for Firebrand's damage does not include the 15% bonus from being a Fine weapon; the regular Great Sword's does. 7. Spiritshift to your chosen form. 8. Go to your inventory and right-click your Spiritshift form's natural weapons. 9. Observe that once again the bonus damage from their Fine quality isn't taken into account. This seems to be a UI issue with scaling weapons—they don't factor in the bonus damage from their quality level when computing their damage. EDIT: Wanted to tag this as UI; I tagged it as graphics. Way to go.
  16. 1. Create a Wizard character. 2. Make sure you select the spell Arcane Veil at level up. 3. Equip a weapon (I tested this with a staff.) 4. Enter combat. 5. Cast Arcane Veil. Observe that your weapon becomes invisible for the duration of the spell. It will become visible again when the spell expires. I've had this happen both with an Exceptional Staff and Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff. Chances are it applies to all weapons indistinctly.
  17. My character turned invisible (with only an outline of her feet) after equipping a fine breastplate. Computer Specs.txt
  18. I've mentioned these elsewhere already, but I figured I'd put them on QA's radar. If they end up in the internal tracker, there's a higher chance they'll be considered for implementation—for hey, they implemented a walk toggle, right? So why not? Walking command delay. In both the first game and the Deadfire beta, all party members move in perfect sync like a party of robots. The Infinity Engine games worked around this awkward presentation by adding a random delay of X milliseconds between the moment you clicked to issue a command to move, and the moment the command would be executed. This way, commanding a whole party to move from a point to another would have each character move in a slightly asynchronous way, which is more realistic. Could a similar solution be adopted in Deadfire? Cyan circles for neutral characters. Currently, both neutral and allied characters share the same green-colored selection circle. In the Infinity Engine games, neutral characters had cyan circles to help distinguish them from allies at a glance. Having the same feature in Deadfire would be a nice nostalgic throwback as well as a minor convenience feature (in Pillars of Eternity it was made possible via the IE Mod, but it would be nice not to have to resort to modding for this.) This would obviously not affect Color Blind mode, where all circles are blue for reasons that go beyond nostalgia (being able to tell enemies from allies is more important than to be able to tell allies from neutrals.)
  19. 1. For whatever reason portraits in Character sheet are highlighted and therefore look brighter than normal: Character sheet: Inventory: 2. Protagonist's circle indicator on the world map takes the large portrait it seems, which is more elongated and therefore crops most of the portraits faces in a bad way. The indicator should probably take the small portrait instead, it's more square-ish and and should look fine judging by the small character circle portraits in the bottom left corner on the world map:
  20. I downloaded and tried to play the public Beta yesterday and I cannot get full screen and only get crisp resolution when I play in minimised format. I have no idea what is going on and would appreciate some input. Thanks
  21. I've found a few background issues in Redric's hold dungeons. I've experienced glitchy backgrounds in the skeletons room / animancers room. Also seen elsewhere in the castle. This is the Steam version. On the hold I'm finding the Steam version very stable (if a bit slow), nothing like other people have been reporting, just a couple of minor issues here and there.
  22. Cloaks clip against a male dwarf's back, at least when the stoic pose is in use:
  23. This screenshot was taken with Spiritshift Cat: I sure like to be a towering beast but this doesn't look like it was intended XD
  24. Just see the attached screenshot. When you toggle stealth, normally the character would become shaded. Here, it's absolutely invisible. You can see Mercenary Fighter's shadow (top right most of the group), but not his actual character.
  25. I have discovered that when in stealth and equipping armour my character portrait will disappear. So far this only happens when I equip fine level equipment and while in stealth. To recreate I just go into stealth and equip armour of fine quality or higher. As soon as I leave stealth and equip a different piece of armour the issue goes away and then I just need to re-equip the armour from before to see it on my character. The second screen shot here shows an issue I have discovered with equipment. When I right click Cruelty and Curious to show more information it closes the window. The only way to see what the ability does is to left click on it. This can be reproduced with any item in the game which has right clickable text in its description. My apologies if these have already been brought up I went through the forum and didn't see anything talking about this but I may have missed a thread.
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