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  1. I would like to join to soulsource's thanks. I really appriciate that I can play my favourite game (Pillars of Eternity) on my favourite gaming platform (Steam) and on my favourite operating system (Linux Mint). It's like having my own "Geek/Nerd Sanctuary". Please dear Obsidian people - don't throw away Linux support and in return I'll buy everything you create - in pre-order/kickstarter/early access.
  2. I appriciate that Linux version was released after all, even if it wasn't 100% profitable. If see this differently than jilibster - if someone said, that releasing a game on Linux was not profitable, but he releases it nevertheless, it's 100% generous and 0% offensive. Thank you Obsidian! I've got Linux version and because of Linux support policy I've convinced a bunch of friends to buy Pillars of Eternity - most of them use it on Windows. I really hope, that future Obsidian productions will also be released on Linux - I'll then buy them ASAP. Otherwise you won't get my soul
  3. To be fair - I don't like every single part of the game. As mentioned, I don't like music at all.
  4. 1 lvl spells are refreshed if your character is level 9 and 2 lvl spells are also per encounter from character level 11. I imagine, that 3rd level spells would be per encounter from level 13, but the limit is 12.
  5. Hi there, I've backed PoE shortly after Kickstarter campaign, I've played every Backer Beta version and recently, after playing with a few different classes I've finished the game with a wizard. I've also played Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, Icewind Dale 1 & 2, Neverwinter Nights 1& 2 and Planescape. I think, that I'm in a good position to write a short review and share my thoughts about the game shortly after finishing it. Let's divide it on a few parts. Main Story: Just brilliant. I didn't expected so mature and deep story from the very beginning. Most of the time I was asking myself - what the hell is going on here? And then, when I've started to understand the plot, I've asked myself, does the character I've created have his own identity at all? And if yes, does he have only one?And what with all the others in the world? And the questions doesn't simply go away after reviling a whole picture. I find myself still in a position where I ask myself... what if? I would have to write some spoilers to be more understandable, so I'll leave it at this point - you've made a piece of a brilliant story that touches my soul. Side Quest: Classic - everything you could expect from a good RPG. Game mechanic: I just love how the classes and skills are balanced. I had many moments throughout the game, where I just couldn't choose what to do on level up. There are so many perks, feats and skills, and nearly every one adds something magnificent to character build. I'm replaying the game right now simply to explore more possibilities and more strategies by combining skills, spells and perks. I'll do this for a long time I think. There is but one thing that drive my crazy - this excellent system looses a lot by not being properly described. For example, my wizard noticed on a level 10, that 1 level spells are refreshed after every encounter. I haven't found any description of it in the game, so I thought it was a bug. But then I've realised, that there was a plan to implement such a system and I've found a confirmation for it on reddit. It was a game-changing moment, when I found out, that I can now use much more spells, just like a proper wizard should, but on the other hand, I've got a few perks for weapon-fighting that are obsolete from that point, because I can use different strategy now. If I would knew that earlier, I would build my character in a different way to utilise its full potential. Music: Sorry guys, but except main menu theme and one song played in the wilds (I think it's called "mystic") the music simply doesn't touch my soul. Most of the time it's just some tones played on the background, that doesn't build any emotions and doesn't reflect that, what is happening on the screen. Combat music is without any power too. Baldur's Gate was way better in therms of music, player could feel the spirit of a tavern he just visited, or dense air of a magical forest, or feel, that the fight he's just trying to survive is an epic one. Neverwinter Night was even better - I still have many song from NWN in my head, after a few years without playing it. Master Spy Theme, Dragon fighting... ah... fragments of memories. In PoE music is on a very low level. Without a spirit, unable to build anything. Sound effects: Here is much better. Sounds are perfectly synchronised with visuals, and they are just good. I really like the sound of changing your view from the normal world to soul/spirit world. All the spell sound-effects are beautiful. Overall: One of my favourite games. Will play more
  6. OK, you've got a point. But you have to admit, that it would not be as severe as "instant reset all per encounter abilities" trick.
  7. It would not, unless only I cannot command charmed foes to go where I want. Where you can't take an enemy with you to the next encounter, there is no exploit. But even if so - there is no ability, that allows you to constantly charm one foe without limits. Spells are limited and even cipher's abilities require focus. Focus is not generated by hitting friends, but even so - you have to sacrifice friends health and eventually they will run out of it. But on top of that - what is to gain from prolonging combat state?I don't see any bonuses.
  8. If there is only one enemy and you use spells to charm/dominate him (to attack him in charmed state due to lower defences), no matter of the duration of the spell, after one-two seconds encounter is finished, all per encounter abilities replenished and the charmed foe is relieved of this spell effect (starting a new encounter instantly). This creates two problems: 1 - There is practically no point to charm/dominate last enemy or all enemies (cipher's Ringleader spell). The effect wears off immediately. 2 - This could open a gate to serious exploit. When fighting with one enemy or a small group that can be charmed completely, one could use charming as "reset button" for all "per encounter" abilities of a whole party. I think, that charmed enemy should still count as enemy in therms of checking if there is active combat encounter. This would let the spells to work always with full duration and avoid "reset" exploit. Sorry to post it after reaching gold state, I didn't noticed it earlier.
  9. I've noticed that one playing as cipher, but I think it involves all classes. There were 3 foes on combat. I've cast this lvl.2 paralysis spell to get foe #1 paralysed and a foe #2 and #3 stuck. When the spell was about to wear off I've cast it again on foe #2. The other two (#1 and #3) were then stuck at this point. but... The foe #3 get "stuck" effect the second time when he already had this effect with 2 seconds to go. He got it reapplied and after second spell his displayed status was "Stuck (8.0 sec.)". After 2.0 seconds I've noticed, that he still have 6.0 sec on this status effect, but he was able to move freely. It looks like the second spell have not applied an effect or there is a problem with displaying the status for foe #3 or duration calculations. I know I've wrote that a bit chaotic, I'll try to explain it with time-line: Paralyse spell cast at #1 --> #1 is paralysed for 8.0 sec, #2 and #3 are stuck for 8.0 sec. 6.0 seconds pass --> #1 is paralysed for 2.0 sec, #2 and #3 are stuck for 2.0 sec. Paralyse spell cast at #2 --> #2 is paralysed for 8.0 sec, #1 and #3 are stuck for 8.0 sec. #3 was stuck (2.0 sec) before and now duration have changed. 2.0 seconds pass --> #1 is stuck for 6.0 sec, #2 is paralysed for 6.0 sec, #3 should be stuck for 6.0 seconds, but despite he have such status effect active, he move and attack freely. I think, that the second spell with the same effect should completely override a previous one.
  10. I think that's default configuration in Unity. I had one other game on Unity engine with similar problem, but I can't remember what was the game name... sorry. Maybe interacting with object on OnMouseUp Function Instead OnMouseClick will do the trick?
  11. I find mouse drag threshold a bit too low. Pretty often the game doesn't recognize single click but instead try to execute a command like a mouse drag. Example: I'm selling all the junk in a shop moving my mouse over items and clicking them. Sometimes I click an item and release mouse button (MouseUp) a few pixels away from the original (MouseDown) position. The game tries to drag the item instead of clicking it, even if the difference was so little like 3-4 pixels. If also affects conversations. Sometimes I have to click some conversation options two or three times, because the game tries to drag conversation answer instead of choosing it, and since it's impossible, nothing happens. Please set the mouse drag threshold to be at least the distance in pixels between cells in inventory (50 pixels I guess). If it helps - I've tested it on Linux version, but I've used Windows versions before and found similar problem.
  12. You've hit the bulls eye - that is exactly what bothers me - resting supplies and 8 hours time. It doesn't feel right. I had no problem with it in Neverwinter Nights, where resting was only sitting for couple of seconds. But that was over-steering in another direction. I would be interested in a mod, where you could rest/meditate for let's say 30 seconds - character cannot move or do any other actions - and after that all abilities and spells are recovered, but not health or injuries.
  13. Yeah, 5x slickness per encounter would be bad, but 1x per encounter after choosing the right feat (1x per encounter only for one chosen spell) is IMHO that, what wizard need. Or even 5x too, but after choosing the corresponding feat 5 times (I think that would be level 12 without any other feats).
  14. Yes, that's true. They have low-range, low-damage, low-accuracy arcane blast and book slam. And those abilities don't get any stronger on higher levels. I still like the overall game experience when playing wizard, but I've imagined this a little bit different, for example by having to pick one feat that gives some low level spell as per-encounter ability (instead for exaple bouns level 1 spell).
  15. Since the begining of PoE development I've heard, that at some point wizard and other spell-casters will have the ability to cast their low-level spells as "per encounter" or even "without limit" instead of "per rest". There is still class decription that confirm it, and Josh have spoken about it more than once, explaining why "per rest" system is not so good. My reaction to it was like "Finally! The biggest issue playing my favourite class (wizard) in infinity engine games will be removed in PoE". But there is no such feature in Backer Beta. I've played it myself and saw a lot of videos with high level spellcasters and right now I'm a little dissapointed. I was really looking forward to it, but since production cycle is nearly complete, I assume that this system was abandoned. Am I right, or could I expect to have some coresponding feats for wizards and other spellcasters, to change low level spells as "per encounter"?
  16. I'm not sure if this is a bug or feature in new version, but I'm completly unable to display a NPC or a monster description. After using RMB on NPC nothing happens. After using RMB on an item in inventory it works as expected - small window with decription is displayed.
  17. I've changed the key binding to use WASD to move camera around instead of arrows. Of course I've disable Attack mode on "A" key. It worked very well until I've restartet the game. After restart when I press A key the camera moves left but in the same time I'm switched to attack mode. Just like there are two actions combined in one key - camera move and attack mode - on the same time. Proper functionality is of course, when camera moves left without changing to attack mode. It it helps - I've let attack mode action without any alternative keybind - I simply don't use it.
  18. If I switch virtual desktop or use alt-tab, after focusing on PoE window again, the current view scroll itself to bottom left corner after about 0.3 second. You could stop it only by moving mouse cursor to one of the screen-edges. Key arrows doesn't work. The worst part is - it happens also on every map transition and every map loading, for example by loading a savad game. In short - always if a map is redrawed, camera goes on a trip.
  19. [Description of the issue] Cloaks/capes are floating above or behind a character are are not animated [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Simply equip a character witch cloak and look at it. really hard to miss that one. An orlan or a dwarf would be the best test subject. [Expected behaviour] Just like on last version for Windows - there should be nice cloak animation and the cloak should not levitate above character [Other remarks / Comments] I've tested it on Linux, but it could be also [Files] 2 screenschots
  20. *looks at calendar* Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
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