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  1. Well, it's certainly good to see people are reading this. Was nice to get a reponse from "the man" himself. For those of you who "hate my guts" for my coments here. I am fully aware it was in a business context. Also note I didn't say I myself was offended, but I know some were and I know what these kinds of headlines can do. It was acknowledged (thanks. Mr. Adler), that choice of words could have been tweaked a bit to better reinforce context (tools not available at the time that were avilable later) Even in a purely business context it gives a certain impression based on short term observation. (1.5% now and challenges with bug fixes) Not everyone is going to stop and think that far or about the timing of the Unity Linux tools being available only after Obsidian had gotten started as Mr. Adler here clarifies. Many developers may stop short of making their product Linux compatible just from reading the remark of a high profile producer. Mr. Adler didn't intend the headline below (although the tweet tone felt a touch bitter) nevertheless here it is: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2978279/software-games/supporting-linux-wasnt-worthwhile-says-creator-of-one-of-2015s-best-pc-games.html Comes up on google and DuckDuckGo with little effort. Of course Mr. Adler didn't intended to say "developing for Linux is a waste of time" in general, but that is what the headline suggests (diliberatly out of context so as to appear inflamatory and sell more copy/hits). Let's face it, the media doesn't generally take a responsible approach if it means selling less advertising/copy. (welcome to human greed). So I stand by my position: When we are the spotlight we need to be careful and responsible to avoid going unintended harm to their organization, the industry or themselves. To be clear, I had never suggest a company keep a "leash" on it's employees' expression of opinions as a matter of policy (although I had a debate with a lawyer once who demonstrated legally they can and often do). My suggestion was that employees should be responsible in expressing themselves in the media.Not about being untruthful (like Microsoft often is in their ommissions, see Windws 10 and their "important" updates as examples), but being sure you say what you mean and only what you mean. Mr. Adler, again, thanks for the clarification. Hopefully the public keeps a relatively short term memory. I'll be watching developments on Obsidian.
  2. I created a separate remark on this issue with Mr. Adler's remark. I have to be honest (and have said it). it was rather short-sighted in my opinion. Linux gaming is increasing and with the news of Windows 10 core spyware sending virtually all user data to their servers automatically (and consequently government agencies) an exodus is coming certainly for business users (out of necessity due to being required to protect privacy/confidentiality) and to a lessor extent gamers (and possibly concerned parents) . It isn't just about the market now, but market shifts in the future. Windows is already losing ground in increasing circles. The mobile/table is lost to microsoft has already lost (not relevant here I know..but still you get the idea). It's about being ahead of the curve. Apple has been fairly good with that, and so was Mozilla and Valve. As 1.5% becomes 2, then 10, then 15. If, say Mint Linux (best for gaming distro right now I think), was marketed the way MS Windows is, it would be game over already (pardon the pun). I have students who are loving Linux who asked me about alternatives with all the problems with Microsoft Windows and news they dig up on it. They install it and use with no instruction from me or their parents. These are future RPG fans too BTW. It's like an internal motto by one of the big 5 banks here in Canada: Get the customer, get their kids and their grandkids. And well designed software can be used as foundation for future games. Anyway, just things to bear in mind. It may not have been a short term big profit now...but it did establish Obsldian as being capable,ready and the experience and libraries (reducing future build times) will server well in the near future. That investment will pay off. But remarks like Mr. Adler's will undermine/delay that payoff. That said, I'm glad Obsidian followed through on the Linux build in spite of possible doubts by some there. I have this on Linux on my mid-end Linux gaming machine and I was happy to invest in it.
  3. Folks, I just read some interesting twitter remarks via pcgamer.com made by Brandon Adler. In particular the remark "I don't think it was worthwhile developing for Linux,". I (and probably many others) feel it was not only a slap in the face for those like myself who purchased Pillars of Eternity to play ON LINUX. So you can argue the 1.5% but if I didn't happen I would not have supported the project since so many are offering the Linux. Not only is that kind of remark offensive to some, and potentially destructive to those were are considering making games compatible with Linux, it is short sighted. Linux gained recognition (including with grade school students who are getting sick of stability issues, vulnerabilites, bad interface changes), for more stability, lower cost and security. With the Windows 10 reports of spyware integrated into it's core to send virtually all user data to Microsoft servers (and US government agencies) the privacy concerns will escalate rapidly. Many gamers don't like the idea of sharing their personal data with government agencies. Apple computers often have inferior gaming hardware compared to custom build PC's in addition to being very expensive for what you get (Linux in fact can do more than MacOS in the right hands) and so that would make Linux (Debian based particularly) the only viable alternative for gamers wanting to use top hardware. who want to preserve their basic privacy, and there will likely be a backlash in Europe and Asia as well as the meaning of this news starts to hit home. As someone who was once a fan (not as much as used to be thanks to Mr. Adler), I would suggest that your staff be more careful with their remarks and remember that being ahead of the curve is a vital part of business, Microsoft has repeatedly failed to learn in the Web browser market ("Edge" is trying to be Firefox), the mobile phone industry (they are basically out of that market) and their latest PR/interface flops with Windows 8 and I expect Windows 10 as well. (People actually paid me to get Windows 8 to act like Windows 7/XP..come on...) Linux has been consider by more and more gaming groups to be a legitimate investment and it's showing. I won't mention the numerous and growing competitors doing Linux gaming development, but Steam would be one big one. Hopefully this message gets through to someone upstairs. I'm not for censorship, but I do think responsible conduct with remark in the public is every employee's reponsibility for the good the company as well as their own individual reputation. Jonah A. Libster Kickstarter Support Previous Obsidian fan
  4. Question: When and where do we get patches (if necessary) for our Linux versions. I got my copy from GOG.com. I've seen nothing there for patches for Linux but the patches for MS Windows is out. We' ve been seeing patches for windows for awhile but haven't seen or heard anything about the Linux patches. I do not nor will I ever use steam. (DRM is drm) so please make sure the backers who wanted their DRM-free Linux version aren't left hanging out in the cold with the patches. Thanks!
  5. Hey Folks. Congrats on a great initial release, but when I sponsored this project I sponsored it because there was a Linux version. Where are the patches for Linux? It's been sometime since the initial patch was released for Windows. Where is the Linux (and Mac) patches. Don't leave us hanging here. It's bad form. Thanks!
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