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  1. Agreed mostly. V and VI were the pinnacle of the series, in my opinion, such phenomenal games. IX was the last great game in the series, X was still pretty good, but starting with X-2 it started to really slide downward. I didn't care for XII, and XIII was a borderline train wreck, which is too bad because they nailed the combat system, it's just too bad everything else was such a mess. Didn't the combat system basically play itself though? I think that can be said for the whole lot of it. I seem to recall most of the game consisted of what can basically be summed up as the "tutorial session", and cutscenes, where all the characters proceeds to do bugger all. But that seems to be the mindset of modern Square -- They don't want a player, they just want sheep to whom they can show off a bunch of flashy animated polygons with absurd hairdos.
  2. Enslaved is off 75 %: 4.99 euros here. Hmm, might get it then play it when I get mah new PC.
  3. I remember being pretty swell at Bayonetta, and thanked the holy lord Zeus for checkpoints with bosses.. There were some of the combos I could never pull, and parry can still be a pain but otherwise it was fun.
  4. A party of Volo, Gromnir, oby, Bruce, Monte Carlo, and someone else would be great. Quite! Someone fund it.
  5. There's room enough in this world for both. Like this one for KOTOR 2, thorough and entertaining. But anyway, I didn't come in here to criticize the OP's work, so carry on as you will
  6. Went into this thread and was expecting one of them epic Let's Play ala CrustyBot of BSN-variety. Disappointed. Someone should do one like that.
  7. *Leliana - Don't hate cause I'm right #Voloswag
  8. Having played Stick of Truth I can safely say that I would throw money at Obsidian for a Futurama RPG -- All in all, I hope to see more titles like this that aren't just isometric kickstarted-RPGs from Obsidian.
  9. Sten was the best written character in that game, aside from Leliana and arguably Shale (even if it is just Gaider writing HK-47 again), I found them all to be rather forgettable.
  10. You haven't heard enough of either then I see -- Both have voiced several different characters with distinct voices. The problem is mainly that the voice direction as of late tends to demand, say Hale, using her iconic Shepard voice for this or that character. That's not really such an uncommon thing to witness though. Hale's voice as Emma Emmerich in MGS2 for instance is quite different from that of characters like Shepard, and Bailey's voice for Rise in Persona is quite different from that of the Saints Row Boss in SR3 & IV etc.
  11. Deadly Premonition -- It's a gem. No question. I love it.
  12. I dislike ME3 as much as.. well some people I guess? But like any other game, I tend not to let myself get riled up on one title's awfulness, despite who made it or whatever reputation there might be behind its developer/track record. Heck, some of my favorite franchises have gone downhill, but like most games, good games come and go in rapid succession. I don't much get the blind loyalty towards a developer, they aren't your friends and they care even less about you -- they just want your money. I tend to approach games with the mindset that is reflected upon its presentation and not so much its history. Disregarding all that -- there's nothing wrong with speaking one's mind on a game, whatever feelings it might involve, but ME3 has been so thoroughly torn apart at this point it looks like a farm-pig post the slaughter house.
  13. It'll have open areas -- Much like Ground Zeroes, it's not a sandbox game but it's got a larger terrain to muck about with. Basically like Origins again but larger and now we'll see if it turns out good too.
  14. If they introduced a form of self defence and variety in its level design and not have the horror become repetitive like it's being summoned by the auto-save function. Then we are in for some good stuff with the Lovecraftian horror.
  15. Also, I'm cautiously interested in the Evil Within. I need a good horror game for once. Don't know if it's gonna be this one. It looks like it's resorting to that weak form of horror that were present in RE4 too much.
  16. Nah, they where way more erotic than any other "romance-scenes" in any game in the RPG-genre. Oh, they were in the erotic department alright just not tasteful in the slightest. The romance scenes in Dragon Age are terrible and there's no one here arguing otherwise.
  17. Fair enough, I wasn't really implying anything with my last statement.
  18. The problem is that the controls are even more sensitive than ever before and because Snake turns like a golfcart, when he moves especially with vehicles, you'll find a Rockstar game -- It becomes annoying. I simply base my opinion on having played all the games. Ground Zeroes has the most annoying movement system. The action prompts and functions are even worse, pressing the wrong button will get Snake to do something you didn't want him to do, potentially ****ing up everything. So yeah, it's no good.
  19. Yes, I'm certain offering an opinion about something will grant it a somewhat significance -- not the kind that is relevant to the discussion but something... Troll harder.
  20. Nah, MGS4 still retained a smooth movement system, whereas with Ground Zeroes Kojima seems to want to go for the Rockstar approach of having the characters move like they are drunk. At the very least -- Ground Zeroes retained some of the good parts from Peace Walker which is good. The cars are useless to a stealth game I see no point in them, really, and the driving is annoying. It shouldn't be though but it is.
  21. Ground Zeroes -- I've started to like it a lot actually and discovered that there might be more to its stealth mechanics then I originally thought. Although, despite that, the controls are still, nevertheless, a bit pantsonhead retarded. You do not apply several functions to be activated by the same button, it was stupid in Splinter Cell Conviction and it is stupid here. If I for instance wanted to use the spotlight on top of a watch tower to spot my mission objective, then sometimes Snake will instead decide to climb over the rail unto the ground, potentially ****ing up my entire operation and get me spotted by the enemy. Also it seems Kojima took his implied inspiration from Rockstar to heart, because the game suffers a lot from the usual Rockstar issues -- That is to say, moving, walking, turning, feels like driving a car and driving car feels like there's another heavier card tied to the rooftop. It should not be this hard to steer Snake around like how it was in the previous games. I also dislike Kiefer Sutherland as Snake and as an actor in general, so yeah. I'll get over that along with the tasteless outfit for Quiet. The gameplay is fun, the missions are challenging -- There's a bit of fun to be found inside this extremely short prologue to the actual MGS5 it's just not worth full price. That's why I bought it cheap anyway.
  22. The sex cards in Witcher 1 served no purpose beyond being tasteless.
  23. Don't generally care for digital downloads so I tend to always buy my games as physical copies, especially considering that most of the games I've been shopping lately are from the older generations (if we are to call it that).
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