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  1. Almost finished playing Yakuza 4 -- Love this series Also finished Book 4 of Chapters recently -- Definitely the best 'chapter' of the game so far. It's starting to feel like Dreamfall more than ever now.
  2. Yakuza 4, excellent game, incredibly fun combat, engaging characters and side stories, good story. Gimme Yakuza 5 already, Sega.
  3. All of my money thrown at Atlus -- Give me this damn game already!
  4. They still mumble a bunch of gibberish.. only with subtitles!
  5. Shame about Silent Hills -- P.T was a nice teaser! Didn't really get much of a "Silent Hill" vibe from it but it definitely carried a good atmosphere. So it's a shame, nonetheless!
  6. Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem lives and has a trailer, finally! Is excited.
  7. Just ran grandma over #YoloSwag Like · Comment · Share
  8. Even if I'm not Polish, I can't say I like the Witcher's English voice acting -- a dull comparison I suppose, given voice acting is a different area than the writing, although they do compliment each other in terms of localization. I can definitely understand the feeling of having to deal with a badly converted localized product.
  9. New Vegas with new visuals altogether would honestly be something I could get behind -- The game is starting to wear out in terms of looks and I'd like to get back into it without having to download tons of mods
  10. This is a pretty cool thing --- Might consider skipping by the capital for it.
  11. Tales from the Borderlands is giving me an incentive to grant the overall Borderlands experience another shot with the Handsome Colleciton, so I'll consider that once the backlog is getting smaller.
  12. All I know is that they better not abandon the Wii-U until they've finished Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem.
  13. That "We Happy Few" trailer couldn't have been more like BioShock, if a giant Ken Levine descended from heaven to spout humanist philosophy.
  14. Let me just say, May the Force be with you. 'Do you even know who I am?' I think I do, weren't you one of the Little Rascals? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjTv_bJRwf4 R.I.P
  15. Both Refn's Drive & Only God Forgives have incredible soundtracks -- Love this one from the latter.
  16. YES, looking forward to it. Odd, I must have missed an update from the Kickstarter.
  17. Such haunting tunes, almost signifying a dream-like-state of being.
  18. Much like Full Metal Alchemist, it's one of those few animes that really got to me and I'm quite impressed, especially considering its a relatively new one at that too. But yeah, I'm glad I stuck with the dub as well, given Dura's Japanese voice made me want to drill out my ear drums -- The time travel stuff would require that the characters speak in a language I could understand, thus it'd be easier to follow.
  19. Finished Stein's Gate myself recently, as well -- It lives up to the title of this very thread, being an emotional rollercoaster in very sense of the word that really got to me, and I was also genuinely impressed by the dub which I chose to watch since I felt I needed it in English when it's time travel we are speaking. It actually came as a recommendation to those who liked Groundhog Day and Eternal Sunshine, which ended up getting me onboard. I can see why as well, in regards to its ending.
  20. Actually, I considered my post to be more of a jovial tongue-in-cheek jab if nothing else. I also like to joke about Atlus tendency to refuse talking about their big games until at the last minute, or Square's habit of releasing their old titles completely unchanged on new platforms with DRM attached, Valve refusing to develop any more games, or Hideo Kojima trying to make Hollywood-senpai notice him. I have franchises I love, certain games I love, but I don't have an overtly admiration or loyalty towards the developers, like some people do, since I don't see much point in that. In regards to Bethesda, I don't overtly care about them as a whole either.
  21. E3 Bethesda 2015 We, here at Bethesda, are proud to announce the first ever expansion for Elder Scrolls Online. Elder Scrolls Online: The Quest for more Money -- Never before has any MMO utilized so many inovative ways for implementing micro-payments like this one. Beta release this fall. But don't lose heart, because we've also lined up the sequel you've all been waiting for... The next installment in Evil Within of course. If you thought the first one wasn't quite retro-campy or trial&error enough then you've seen nothing yet, skipper. Evil Within 2 will release in the Spring of 2016
  22. Jedi Academy (some of the best lightsaber combat there ever has been) & Battlefront 2 definitely.
  23. Incredible animator he was and the world of animation is so much less with his passing. R.I.P
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