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  1. Excellent JRPG -- Play that game instead of that horrible FFXIII.
  2. I thought the concept they'd shown in their KS looked promising. Either way it appears that this is another company than the one that tried get the game funded through Kickstarter last year, Precursor Games seems to have "disappeared": http://www.polygon.com/2013/9/29/4782924/shadow-of-the-eternals-put-on-hold The gameplay footage didn't give me that unnerving horror vibe of Eternal Darkness, it felt more or less like a linear 3D adventure game with pretty visuals. Judging from the demo alone of course. The premise was reminiscent of Eternal Darkness, which is fine and I sure would love another game like it.. I doubt it's gonna happen and with the shady background of Dyack it's hard to make it a reality.
  3. Dyack is at it again with Eternal Darkness Successor -- though he got the brilliant idea of wanting to make a tv-series and film alongside it.
  4. Valkyria Chronicles coming to PC now -- Not sure I'm gonna get it again but still awesome.
  5. Been playing Chapters as well -- The game is amazing and I love how each dialogue choice is provided with an inner monologue to offer detailed elaboration on each action you take without it feeling clumsy or preposterous. I like that a lot more than how it's been in BioWare games, though I did like how it was done in Human Revolution as well. Also Zoe's voice actress and Boulton (Hawke) as Kian are excellent, setting is great, music is atmospheric and everything is really pretty. Looking forward to more, definitely. I still want to know a bit more on "April's fate" etc.
  6. Yep. The game would have never happened had Nintendo not stepped in and funded it. Obviously, the chances of a Nintendo funded and published game appearing on any non-Nintendo system is pretty much zero. Yes. The goal of the game is to make sure every American owns a gun, abortion gets abolished, and Obama is exposed for the muslim he is. Nah, Obama will show up at the last minute as the special guest villain with his giant spider-robot which turns out is actually the White House itself. Then he'll monologue about how awesome Left-Wing Politics are before doing body slams on anybody who disagrees, because..
  7. Who cares? Going by the cross I'm going to guess she is either a Templar or a German WW veteran. The amount of marketing going into this character kinda gave me a need to ask the question.
  8. In retrospect, the cringeworthy of that scene might have stemmed from the awkward delivery and audio direction rather than the writing itself. It might have helped had they worded it differently, like "Are you sure?" or something entirely else, but the way that Meer phrases the line makes it sound unintentionally hilarious -- Either Shepard was pulling a very inept con or the dialogue assignment was ****ed.
  9. That made me laugh, I appreciate how you are adopting all the considerations around Romance, we will make a proud promancer of you yet Bruce, weren't you vocally opposed to Bioware "romances"?
  10. Finished the P.T. Demo -- Really good stuff. The only problem I had was with the demo's final puzzle where its nonsensical logic to its solution was about as straightforward as a cow's digestive system.
  11. So the P.T. Demo is quite promising -- A good sense of dread and 4th-wall-breaking otherworldiness, something of which Kojima has done before with Psycho Mantins in MGS1 but now he's able to take that a step further in the form of actual horror. There's potential for the new Silent Hill, but obviously the demo is not going to represent how the actual game will play out. Whether the iconic fog will stay, the symbolism, like the monstrosities taking the shape of the inner damaged psyche of the people in the abandoned town remains -- as opposed to just arbitrary "dude"-like enemies in the latest western-developed games remains to be seen. Oh, and most importantly; The music of Akira Yamaoka. That's a given. Admittedly, I haven't finished the demo yet since the puzzles are kinda obscure, where the solutions are drenched with the most ludicrous sense of logic. If take too long or you **** it up then you get a nice little 'surprise' and have to start over -- so I'm gonna try again tomorrow. I'm enjoying it though more than any other recent horror experience of late.
  12. Haven't gotten my key yet.. I think? Gonna check.
  13. Isn't the base automatically on alert as soon as you hit story point x? In any case, I didn't found it hard to extract without being spotted. But if I remember correct, the base was on alert anyway.It enters an alert phase when you've extracted one prisoner, but staying out of sight will make it go away, like in the old games. As long as they don't spot you you're still good. Extracting the target from inside the base first will make things easier, since there's an LZ right next to the other one. Personally I prefer how it was in the older games, and Hitman Blood Money, where you can basically be so stealthy that it is as if you were never even there.
  14. I think that goes without saying for most stealth games -- In Hitman Blood Money for instance it was also about trying to memorize the movements of enemy guards and the terrain you were fumbling through. The AI have simply become smarter over the years though, which have ultimately also made it a bit more tricky. Since it's also moved away from you having to infiltrate industrial complexes or military bases to more open and litted areas, it's become.. well more tricky to approach. I did prefer how it was done in Snake Eater, with the jungle infiltration, but you still got enough mechanics at your disposal to keep out of sight and mark enemies to keep track of their movements. Like in previous games I just tend to remove most of the guards near the any points I know I might return to later by using the tranq. I'd agree, however, that stealth shouldn't feel like the exception to the rule in Metal Gear game, which is what it does with Ground Zeroes a bit. Ultimately, I just don't care too much for the sluggish Rockstar-Games-inspired movement animations and things like regenerating health as opposed to using rations to heal. The games have been watered down a bit, I'll say. I ended up enjoying it anyway.
  15. A little bit of SH2's soundtrack
  16. Actually I think it's FEAR 2 that is good, after that a lot of weak sequel soup. In FEAR 2 the level design is really good and the scares work. Graphical and game mechanic improvements over FEAR 1, which I have played at some time but can't really remember, probably because it's not very memorable. Condemned is a classic, but it's probably a bit graphically weak by now. In F.E.A.R you are an all powerful generic super soldier with those token John-Woo slo-mo capabilities of your average dude-bro protagonist. Condemned has you play as an ordinary vulnerable ex-Fed who is on the run and has to fight through psychotic med-addicts, trying to whack you over the head with a steelpipe or the occasional shotgun, while they spout intelligible nonsense in a rage -- It's incredibly intense, and the atmosphere is thick as all hell, just my kind of horror game. Much like Silent Hill 2, it grants the player the true sense of being totally alone in a hostile environment that seemingly hates you in a very passive-aggressive way. F.E.A.R lost me on its atmosphere and a little girl turning the lights off and on all the time got a bit redundant, and when the occasional good surreal sections were happening, it didn't take long before the repetitive bullet-exchange sessions took over and ruined all the fun. So I'd say that Condemned was the better horror game from the old Monolith, Condemned 2 was.... eeeeegh, but it was still okay. Incidentally, I've started a new play-through of the first game and still need to finish it.
  17. His crit rate is higher than any of the others. He's actually quite neat to have around for a bit. If you have Shinji on your team now, then that means things are only going to get more hectic from here. Anyway, the thing about Tartarus is that no matter what, it'll constantly keep you on your toes because occasionally engage you in combat you sometimes couldn't possibly be prepared for -- While you might think that you've got all your weaknesses covered, if you're not careful about saving, you'll get wiped just like that by the shadows. There are certain bosses, like the Sleeping Table, who'll provide the real challenge. Also, I'd argue to the contrary that it's the bosses during the full moon, which are relatively the easiest to break down their weaknesses. Mostly because a lot of Tartarus' bosses don't always have any weakness and thus you're required to make heavily use of Akihiko and Aigis' buffs and debuffs to help you. I recommend trying to fuse a Persona like Trumpeteer or Helel (whenever you can) they don't just have amazing skills, they've also got a lot of the elements covered up. Odin & Loki should both learn the almighty abilities Panta Rhei & Thunder Rein, which will be useful later. This is true -- The game is much less based around a single concept of time, andmore along a balanced concept of player time and game time. That is to say, you have some say/control of time's progression in the game, which makes room for a lot building on your character (through combat as well as in social links). I like how the calendar system has set it up as well in relations to the story as it sort creates a synthesis between plot and gameplay, that happily compliment each other. It also makes the game somewhat feel long and progressive, like you feel you've evolved and learned a lot etc. If you wanna be philosophical about it anywya. And yes, the Velvet Room is intruiging for how it actually shows you the many combinations you can make, what kind of Persona you get, and the builds they'll inheirit. It's a massive system.
  18. The Best JRPG alongside Golden and part of my super-star-tag-games-of-all-time. Yes, in terms of difficulty, Portable has made the game somewhat easier than the original version -- The real challenge from bosses comes from the ones inside Tartarus. Although Tartarus is a grind, I somewhat enjoy it more than in any other RPG, partially because the Persona-fusion system is addicting and complex and never do I get tired of Shoji Meguro's tones of oddly eerie-hip-hop-somber-beats of Mass Destruction or if you play the female, Wiping All Out etc. Can't really ask where you are in the story without potentially spoiling so that's something you'll have to let out on me then. Anyway, enjoy!
  19. I liked DA2 for its occasionally decent written character, like Varric or Avelline, whereas pretty much everything else about the game was eeeeegh Inquisition is looking up rather nicely - despite the rep of BioWare it shouldn't really factor into whether their next game is going to be good, since that's ultimately something it'll have to prove through its presentation. I think it's safe to say that all talented artists, musicians, filmmakers or developers have always dished up with some less-impressive material amongst all the good and excellent. Given that the internet is arguably opposed to any shape of quality control it's sometimes easier to remain skeptical as possible until the product in question can prove itself to be worth your time. That's just one way of thinking anyway. Inquisition is looking good, I'll say. The combat is still.... hmmm, well yeah. It's BioWare, gameplay's never been the fun kind with them, with the exception of Jade Empire.
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