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  1. Same here. It seems it's not the difficulty setting (I'm on PoTD) but the scaling option that seems ot turn off the skulls. Sucks because on PoTD and with eveyrthing scaling up it's really important to know when you're going to tak eon something way beyond you.
  2. Irrena in the first main area should be on the ship asking for help, but the ship is empty. Attached is my save.
  3. Ugh, so sad to see so many man-children amongst backers. My only hope is that once the game releases and the frothing of the mouth subsides, that some of you will feel a bit of shame about the way you acted.
  4. Yep, it's xmas, I'm 10, and there's a gift under the tree that I've been waiting for all my life. I took off friday, so I'd have a long weekend! Can't wait!! Hype is definitely intensifying
  5. The game features a tremendous amount of writing and dialogue. It's just not feasible to have full voice acting for all of it without ending up with a huge voice acting budget requirement, not to mention a long delay between finalizing content and the game being ready (you can't start voice acting until all or most of the dialogue is set in stone after all!). What you typically end up with is a narrative that features less characters, less elements, less options - basically you end up with dragon Age:Inquisition. Where sidequest consists of "pick up x number of flowers", and even where
  6. I love me some cities Skylines for keeping me sane during the long wait for PoE this month, but move aside baby, the king is coming.
  7. That's pretty standard for digital marketplaces, on consoles, the manufacturers will take 10% even out of retail sales! And yes, Valve has a lot of money. And I personally think, they should be diverting some of that money to support PC exclusive projects/games. But they don't. Oh well. I always try to buy from devs directly, but only if they offer Steam keys. I love the ecosystem there and it's where I have all my games.
  8. You don't have a discrete card, you're running your APU's GPU (intel 3000), so your video buffer (VRAM) is NOT fixed. Go into your BIOS at boot up (there's usually a prompt that tells you what key or key combination you need to press while the machine boots in order to enter it), and change the dedicated vRAM amount there. Obviously, any RAM you dedicate to your embedded GPU won't be available as system RAM. You should be able to set it to 512 MB. I'm not sure if that intel 3000 will be sufficient to run the game though. Hopefully. I'm not aware of any demo on release. I think your be
  9. This is just the OP having a complete lack of understanding on how games are developed and how much they cost to develop, and how a developers without a publisher backing them up NEEDS to be working on atleast one, hopefully more than one project back to back in order to survive, short of miraculously developing something super successful like a Minecraft or something.
  10. That's true. And it'd probably be for the better. If for the better you mean - likely not as healthy as it is today, then maybe. Like it or not, it's made PC gaming accessible and convenient enough to attract a lot more gamers to core games like this one. Sure, there are games out there that would have hit the zeitgeist either way like Minecraft and League, but many other PC games would have suffered without a popular marketplace with tons of potential customers... Or worse, Microsoft's utter disaster of a system could have taken off and We'd all be forced to buy games on our PC'
  11. Yeah, loving the latest build of the backer beta too. Pretty much all of my main concerns in terms of combat have been ironed out. The game is feeling a lot more polished.
  12. Don't modern GPU's support downsampling? That's probably as close to super sampling AA as you're going to get, and it's compatible with any game, IIRC.
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