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  1. If you have two characters named the same, quicksaves and autosaves will be overwritten. The game doesn't seem to keep track of individual profiles like the first game. So, POE. Bob and Bob - each character has separated saves including autosaves in their character profile. In POE2, Bob and Bob the game will automatically overwrite any quicksave/autosave in both profiles at the same time.
  2. It is. GoG connect allows them to directly "tie" any DLC items that exist on your steam account to your DRM-free gog version. Topico 5 is a good example of this, until I had all the DLC it only gave me the DLC that I already had. My guess it's more that the backend doesn't have a list of the items yet, and they just need to hammer it out with GoG. GoG to Steam on the other hand? Yeah doesn't exist, but it sure would be nice if it did. Anyway, OP, other who's compiled the codes. Deepest thanks, I like the idea of the scavenger hunt but have zero time to actually dig through stuff to find it.
  3. The big problem in CRPG's has always been money to buy things, it really hasn't changed all that much since the days of Fallout. That kinda leaves you with two options, changing the way currency/trade is handled in the game or simply allowing lots of junk loot and letting people decide just how much they want to haul around. I take the second option. The upside is in most newer CRPG's the weight system is far more forgiving either not existing at all or allowing a "magical stash" to simply ship items off to. The best option is to allow a "junk/misc" option like in Divinity OS:2 and let people throw stuff into there then dump it all at a trader. That is unless the dev decides to be sneaky or there's a design change and use one of those junk/misc items for crafting and you didn't know about it.
  4. Your response on gender isn't skewed, men are the audience for the vast majority of gaming. A lot of the "women make up 50%" only makes sense when you add in casual/facebook/etc games. Poll that and you'll see a different response. ex: Fallout shelter/candycrush/etc you're going to see 40-60% female responses. What that means is, you make the games for your core audience. You stop listening to the people whining "but it *HAS* to be inclusive" or whatever buzzword is being pushed this week. Don't piss on them, don't mock them, and when there's someone who whines and cries over a limerick you can tell them "tough."
  5. That's pretty much it right there. Not everyone is going to do all of the side content, I'd hazard a guess that they figured the average player would complete 25-35% of the side quests and balanced it around that. Remember those of us who are posting on the forums, are the minority in this case and past experience(by app reporting and so on -- see the stories on ME2/3 on this for example) is most people only do some of the quests.
  6. Some enchants are limited by character level, and with others you simply can't enchant them. I sometimes wonder if it's a bug. I ran across a xbow with the same problem.
  7. I find it hilarious that people get so bound up in gender, and have to scream from the rooftops about how important it is to them. And it's so important, that they'll continue to scream because they misconstrue a limerick into something else. That credibility? It went out the window when you pinned everything on your sleeve and screamed "muh feelings." Meritocracy and egalitarianism seem to be foreign concepts to some people.
  8. Joking about genocide or gendercide is a joke? Well, I guess that means that the original was just fine too right? You can't have it both ways.
  9. I'll drop $20 that the people who whined and cried on twitter over it are not fans. They don't own the game either, rather they live for the perpetual outrage cycle that they love so much. They whine, cry, and get upset because it generates epeen points for themselves and their friends while giving them "warm fuzzies" because they think they're actually doing something to help the world. Of course, they'd never get their hands dirty with something that's an actual issue. It seems that going by the forums(including steam) the vast majority didn't want a change, though from what BAdler has said, the original is still in the game. Removing something because others whine and complain over it, is a form of self-cenorship and falls under what's called chilling effects.
  10. To be honest, many of the people who get all uppity to complain something and love to spout the genocide line start claiming harassment the second that a spotlight is actually shown on their ideology and agenda. They'll also run screaming around flapping their arms claiming that a public forum is private, and whining about how people are invading their 'safe space' and all that. The reality is, they want people to do what they tell them to do. But if you dare question how much of a racist, bigot, sexist that they actually are for their own statements they get all upset.
  11. Pretty easy to figure out which side of the issue you can be on with this, and which side is innocent. One side wants the original to remain because it has to do with freedom of expression and speech. The other doesn't and believes that their self-invented version is transphobic, and in turn they want it censored because feelings. Personally I have a problem with anyone that wants something censored because it hurts their feelings, in turn I believe that even if something is highly distasteful it should be available for the public to see and each person can decide on their own if they want to look at it or not. The same applies here. This is not 'part of the story' you do not have to look at it, you don't have to invent flimsy reasons why it hurts your feelings either. I will say that if someone like George Carlin was alive, it'd be shaking his head in disgust at the number of people who get their panties in a twist over something that offends them.
  12. The crying game is now a 'transphobic' movie in their books. I personally enjoyed the hell out of it.
  13. There was something on bluesnews a week or two back that an expansion is coming/in the works already.
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