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  1. I use the canon zr85 for my mini dv camera. I think it's a pretty good camea. It has a good zoom, dvd quality picture and is simple to use. Here is a link to a page with some info on it. Canon ZR85 I found some prices ranging from $285 to $472 so it should be in your price range. And to the second question, you can record over mini dv tapes just as you would regular vhs. Hope that helps.
  2. Kriea's level is determined by your level so the level shouldn't matter. It is possible to beat her with what you have, but it is a lot easier to beat her if you have crush. Choke is pretty much useless because her wisdom is so high she can save against it. Crush on the other hand still makes her loose her turn even if she saves, so even though only doing half damage you can chain together a bunch of cruches and she can't attack you for the most part of the final battle. Crush is only available for dark side characters though. So the bottom line is yes, it is possible to beat her at level 22 with what you have now. Make sure you use energy shields and stims and you should be able to beat her eventually.
  3. 1. I think that kreia had a plan from the beginning. She wanted revenge on those who cast her out. She despised the force and knew that the exile and his force bonds were the only way to kill it. She wanted to train a student greater then her first. And lastly she wanted to prepare the exile for the true sith. 2. Kreia was kind of suicidal but i think it was for different reasons. I think that her dying was just a test. She knew that if the exile could beat her then she did create a student greater than the first. And i think that she knew that the exile's training was complete and there was no point in her living anymore.
  4. In kotor1 nothing really stood out for me. i guess there's the revelation and maybe the ending but thats about it. in kotor2 the jedi council scene on the return to dantooine really stood out for me and was probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite parts of the game.
  5. backtalking, smart mouthed and evil perhaps? But honestly i liked T3 a lot better in TSL. Attach the shock arm and he can really hold up in a fight.
  6. Right now i'm listening to echoes by pink floyd. And i like your sig laozi, propaghandi is great
  7. I think the exile would win because as he's a leach he recieves his force powers through revan. Kreia kinda explained this if you ask her why the assassins on peragus are so weak. it is because they draw their force powers from others and since the exile had abandoned his connection to the force, they didn't have much power to draw the force from. When this is applied to revan, since revan is a very strong force wielder, the exile would have this power too.
  8. You need to be strong with one side or the other of the force I think. Might not be able to get in before completing the academy but thats just a guess. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I got in before completing the academy so i don't think thats the reason. I'd asume it has something to do with alignment then.
  9. Just to let anyone know, there is a free 30 day trial of 3D Studio max 7 (which is the latest version available) on their website at3D Studio Max 7 if anyone wants to check it out.
  10. I hope this means that someone was scared of the petition or something like that. I guess it won't do any good now that we have the response from obsidian but still... And yes people do notice <_<
  11. This seems to be another removed area from the game due to the rushed release. Will be glad if I am mistaken. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry you aren't mistaken
  12. I'm also pretty sure that it was the exile and not kreia who created nihilus. I can't remember when but i'm pretty sure it was said or strongly implyied that you created nihilus and the technique of striking through the force.
  13. That's where the HK factory was supposed to be located before it was taken out of the game. I'd assume that the HK there was supposed to be related to the factory in some way.
  14. I'm pretty sure this is a bug. Hope you have an earlier save
  15. I do agree that malachor V was poorly designed it can't just be cut out. It is where everything started for you...where you turned away from the force and it is a part of your past that has to be confronted.
  16. I didn't notice that at the time but now that i think about it he could be Red Green. Maybe that's who fixed up the enclave... :D
  17. The first time you level them up to be jedi, they have their class changed but recieve no force powers or jedi feats. On their second level up, they recieve all the feats necessary to use a lightsaber and force powers. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if the game was made to do this though.
  18. I believe that i read somewhere that her difficulty is set according to your level so the answer would then be no, it won't be easier if you don't level her up
  19. when you are in the room with disciple go behind him and pick up a datapad by the statue. It will tell you vrook was captured and is in the caves. They are to the east of Koondha. If you don't do that he will not be in the caves when you go there. Hope that helps.
  20. I believe that LordRaven meant a gig of RAM, not hard drive space. And the answer to that question in my opinion would be yes, a gig is enough.
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