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  1. I completed both weekly Halloween challenges, and claimed the die from both... but I'm showing none in my collection. Who can I talk to about this? My pfid is 11EDEEE0CB2591A6.
  2. Yeah, this gets really old, really quick. I'm still trying to get past V4 on heroic (albeit with a now well farmed starter party) and i'm something like two dozen attempts in. So many so-close runs. I should probably just give up and bring in my already-beat-everything-on-legendary characters, but since theres no guidelines on when you're supposed to do Vs quests and I'm dumb, I'll just keep banging away at it.
  3. I'd just be happy if the huge progress banner didn't pop up and cover my hand every time I use an ally/defeat a bane/whatever it is that day.
  4. I just lost a heroic 6-3 to this. That scenario is rage inducing enough as it is, to have this happen and cause a loss has me setting down the game for awhile.
  5. I've been playing on my tv via steam link with a ps4 controller. I thought playing with a mouse was a huge improvement over touch, but I find I like my controller setup even more. The only thing that sucks is banishing all my loot from my stash after every scenario. What are the chances of getting a "Banish All" button? While I'm comfortable with my controller setup now, what are the chances of official controller support? Or, at least an official controller layout scheme loaded to steam?
  6. I find it interesting that they extended the general sale as opposed to just increasing the of-course-it-was-going-to-be-late ambassador program coupon.
  7. They're technically already in your collection, you just can't encounter them until you put them into your stash and then banish them, I believe. Though admittedly moving cards from the unclaimed tab to the stash is a bit tedious, as you have to (as far as I can tell) first add them to a character deck and then to the stash. And yeah it seem a bit unbalanced that you can give high deck cards to beginner level characters. I'd reeeally like clarification on this point. If you buy (from chests or enhancements) then immediately banish so you can actually play the game organically, the
  8. And can be incredibly frustrating at key moments, which is great in small doses. Definitely a fun addition.
  9. I'm a little disappointed you used, and didn't disclose that you used, the link that nets you extra entries when other people use it. Here is the straight link for anyone who wants it: https://www.boardgametables.com/giveaway
  10. Theres also this google doc that gives a good layout of all the character roles and power. I disagree with some of the conclusions, but as a quick reference its not bad at all.
  11. I can confirm Favor of Gorum and Potion of Perseverance. I would suspect any of the black borderd cards are just bugged, per this dev post (Blessing of Cayden Cailen, Blessing of Milani, Centipede Venom, Social Climber, Renewal, Black Marsh Spider Venom, Hat of Glamour, Whetstone, Cook, Bloodroot Poison, Valet, and Varisian Illusionist, Displacement, Blessing of Sivanah, Life Leech, Venomous Bolt, Wyvern Poison, Blesing of Achakek, and Bewilder). Whether they are meant to be in the chests or just part of the standard deck, I dont know. I think you would have to check and see which are pa
  12. Regarding dice rolls: Wouldn't a bias in the player's favor be a good thing, as opposed to no bias? Actual random results will usually feel unfair. I seem to remember reading a gamasutra article about players needing something like a 60-70% win rate or else they felt the computer was cheating. Though I also remember reading that you guys are tweaking die rolls, so I guess you're keeping the generation pure and just creating a bias after the fact?
  13. I guess I did this accidentally on Normal. Been replaying and replaying on Heroic trying to make it unlock Legendary. Just went in with the goal of getting the last card and voila! Legendary unlocked. Annoying bug. So glad someone identified a way around it.
  14. My Sajan couldn't handle the temptation and went berserk with his mattock. The poor, poor girl
  15. As an example of not being able to please everyone: I'm a paying customer, love the chests, and would be disappointed if they were taken out. I'm just starting to get into the new patch, but before it dropped I had all 11 characters through story mode, each group having completed all the scenarios on Legendary. I had a group of four in quest mode up to 29 and started up a second group of four and am at 14. At no point did I 'grind podiker'. I'm much more interested with actually playing the game. And with the chests, every couple of missions throughout it all I was able to grab a one a
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