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  1. and will we get some adventure on sale? deck 2 please!!!. I promise I will buy the whole package when i get an ipad
  2. Any progress on Steam release? we get to compete against Pokemon go this time, so please be quick!!!. and any word on cross platform play. cant wait to get an ipad when u guys announce cross platform play or linked account at least
  3. I would like to see some official feedback( i.e from the devs) on this matter. So the more of the same items we have in the vault. the more chances we get to encounter it? and the number of the item in the vault is also the number available on the adventure ( as in if I have 5 axes in the vault in deck 2. so in that adventure, i will only encounter the axes 5 times at the most or maybe less? )
  4. I can't wait till this game is available on steam, just so i can get the season pass there, much easier than getting it on Google's playstore
  5. Can anyone make a chart include all the details of all character? I mean you can just preview that in game, but for some reason, I can't check out the active and innate trait of each character. I need to know all of that to decide which character should I purchase with my hard earned gold
  6. oh thank you very much, I have been sticking to my tablet for days now, almost done with The Burnt Offer campaign. wonder if I should save up gold to get another heroes?
  7. but when you got the cards from the box, even if it is legendary, u can't actually equip it right away right? It will randomly show up when u doing story/quest? and why is quest mode and story mode have separate character sheet?
  8. Hello, I'm a brand new beginner to this wonderful tabletop game, and I have been hooked on this game for the last 2 days. Since I'm outside of the US and I'm using an Android tablet. I can't get the means to top up for gold. so I wonder if I i get an Ipad and sign on there using the same account I register for the Android tablet. would I still get the same account? or it's gonna be a new one, and in the future, when this game eventually is released on Steam, there would be a account link right ? In short, I want to spend money on this game
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