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  1. That is a very weird error. For GetThreadContext to fail, the thread in question would have to be not suspended, which suggests a logic error in the garbage collector (something definitely built into Unity or even whatever .NET code Unity is built upon rather than in PoE application code). In short, for garbage collection to work, the GC suspends all running threads (via SuspendThread), then calls GetThreadContext on each to figure out what memory regions to scan for references. It almost sounds like this is timing-related. Maybe something in Unity spawns a thread in a way where it isn'
  2. The command I used (ChangeClass) lets you pick a new character class and restarts their skill selection from level 1. You don't get to alter core attributes, but you can redo spell and talent selections, as well as points put into skills.
  3. The IE Mod docs say that using IE Mod doesn't disable achievements, though simply using the console with "iroll20s" does. I know for sure that when I tried the "iroll20s" approach I was notified that achievements would be disabled, while I didn't get a notification when using IE Mod to respec.
  4. Because women *never* do any kind of harassment at work. My mother was bullied for years in her workplace, where there are only women. I guess she was mobbed by dwarves, fairies or invisible male ghosts? And do you think men report bullying done to them? Nope, they don't - mostly because they're met with laughter - like my female collegue did to me once. Literally laughed in my face (I guess depression is a laughing matter!). No wonder men die by suicide almost 5 times as often as women. Are men met with laughter or are they afraid they'll be met with laughter? Either way, I used sexual
  5. Thank goodness I don't live in such a totalitarian country as you do. "Mandatory sensitivity training" for a joke? This reminds me of the wost communist times in Poland... If this is the depth of American PC craziness, you can keep it to yourself. Edit: "at best" is genuinely scary. And what is the worst? Being fired immediately? Put in jail? Shot in the back of the head? Do you even realize how totalitarian your words sound? You don't advocate for the LGTB people this way - just the opposite in fact. This sounds crazier and less tolerant than the Catholic Church, and that's something to s
  6. If you're of working age then I'm sure you're aware that what constitutes harassment is up to the harassee (I know this isn't necessarily harassment, but it's related, and there's plenty of legal data concerning harassment to reference). So it's entirely legitimate that some people could have an issue with the limerick, and for that issue to be completely legitimate and actionable, while others of the same persuasion might be fine with it. Also, no one has a right to tell another that their offense is unwarranted. That's not how it works. Personally, I think Obsidian handled this issue
  7. For respeccing, install IE Mod and use the ChangeClass command. I've respecced my Cipher once already, so I can attest that it works.
  8. Huh, no idea. Though that would require the user to have a gmail/google+ account and have filled in their gender as well. And unlike the Nexus, I've given up trying to find the gender field in google+. It's got to be there somewhere, but I haven't had any luck so far. Either way, my personal experience suggest the assertion that 95% of PoE players (or IE Mod users?) are male is completely wrong. Of the people I know playing PoE, roughly half are female, and a number of them are trans male and trans female as well. My experience may also be nontypical, but it's no less relevant than st
  9. Click on the arrow next to your username, then "user area", then "change email address", then "profile settings" and it's halfway down the page. It took me a full 5 minutes of looking to find it after reading this thread. I still don't know if others can view this field, but since someone upthread was quoting stats, I assume so. Maybe it's linked to download statistics somehow.
  10. It's worth noting that the Nexus gender field defaults to Male, and changing it means digging through profile settings. Until I saw this thread I wasn't even aware there was a way to specify my gender. I have a Nexus account so I can download stuff and my profile is completely empty, which I suspect is representative of most Nexus users. In short, there's no statistical significance to the gender field on the Nexus.
  11. Funny. My worst game experience ever was Counterstrike. The install had problems and when I uninstalled it it wiped out my entire games directory (CS was installed in a subfolder beneath that). I had a BG2 save literally right before the final boss encounter too. To this day, I've never played Counterstrike because of that.
  12. I have a similar system (15 inch, GeForce 750M 2GB in addition to the Intel Iris--you probably have both as well), and haven't crashed yet. [edit] Oh, I did disable steam cloud saves for PoE, as I sync with my PC via Dropbox. That may be worth a shot.
  13. Yep. And sorting this out is a tricky process. Like for the "double clicking to equip break stuff, but dragging to equip doesn't" issue, a dev would have to notify QA that the code paths for those two "equip the thing" flows is different and so they should be tested separately. And the "stats increase every time I save in the same area as a character I recruited" issue, someone would have to have thought to explicitly test save/reload in a relevant area, and to look for stat changes as an indication of failure. Regarding crashes and such, it's much the same. Development points out the
  14. First, I suggest sneaking when exploring new areas. Certainly when not in outdoor maps anyway. Then when you see the bear you have the option of leaving before combat begins rather than trying to run away once it's kicking your ass. As for getting out of combat in general, it depends on the class. You either need to use some ability to disengage safely (Fighter has this, for example), or to stun/confuse/whatever the enemy so you can get away.
  15. My biggest issue with ToB is the setting. You're in Faerun and yet random bandit encounters include spellcasters with the ability to cast timestop. Once a D&D game hits epic levels, you really have to leave the Prime Material in order to provide a plausible challenge in a party-based adventure game. Watcher's Keep has its moments though.
  16. Map notes would be nice. For example, I encountered a cave while exploring that I absolutely wasn't ready for, but I wanted to make sure that I remembered to go back later. It would have been nice to tag the cave on the map with a note to this effect. The game does have a quest log where you can type in whatever though, which is a passable alternative.
  17. No one wants to ship a buggy game. It sucks to spend months or years of your life on something, only to have people encounter problems when they play it. I had heard that Obsidian retooled their development / QA process for this game (not sure if this is true, though a postmortem on Gamasutra would be an interesting read), and providing backers with alpha builds should have helped tremendously in sorting out any gameplay or game design issues. Seems everyone missed a few important things anyway, which given the realities of product development and testing, isn't at all surprising. Onwards
  18. ToEE was mechanically the best CRPG I've ever played. It provided an incredibly authentic tabletop experience. As for the story... it is an implementation of a classic pen and paper dungeon, so there's not much to say there. Bloodlines was a bit the opposite in that the writing was fantastic but the mechanics were really just passable. I guess Arcanum bears mentioning here as well, though that game never really grabbed me for some reason. Given the success of PoE, I suspect that this isn't the last we'll see of the property. Which I find very encouraging as well. I really like the wr
  19. Not really. In Dragon Age: Inquisition I ran into the gender bug, which I didn't even make sense of until Cassie turned down my male inquisitor for being female (so mid-late game). Also, the voice screwup when customizing Hawke's face, the missing banter bug, companion quests breaking permanently, and a few others where the result of quest progressions at endgame had no bearing on what I actually did during the game. All bugs that notably affected my experience of the game story, and all which "should have been found during testing." And only one of these (the gender bug) was actually fixe
  20. Most of the bugs people are talking about aren't actually game-breaking so much as experience-breaking. Stats being increased or reduced from their intended level. Also, these bugs all seem to trigger based on certain ways of interacting with the game (double-clicking to equip, saving a ton in an area where a companion was recruited, etc). But so far I've seen very few reports of actual blockers--crashes and the like. This release is really pretty solid.
  21. It's a joke in one of the backer epitaphs. Which, being backer content, I imagine can't be removed without backer consent. Fortunately, it sounds like that conversation has already happened, so perhaps this will change in the next patch. And for those saying the devs have better things to spend their time on, making this change would take literally 2 minutes. There wouldn't be any impact on bug fixes.
  22. It's too bad that no one got a pre-release copy of this game to help test and submit feedback. If they had, someone would have found these issues for sure! Thanks, Obsidian!
  23. The first level spell that removes an ally from combat and applies a heal over time effect is really handy as well, say when a Shadow jumps from your tank to your mage. Hit the mage with it and the Shadow will look for a new target, plus your mage won't die. Overall, I find Durance's abilities to be very useful in the more difficult battles. Plenty of beneficial auras, some crowd control, and a few "oh sh*t" spells. And with a reach weapon, he's a decent asset in damage dealing as well. I'm sure some people go for "the best defense is a good offense" approach, but having some solid suppor
  24. He starts with a reach weapon and can stand directly behind your tank to attack.
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