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  1. I'm obviously biased towards Atton, but I do think HK and Jolee are hilarious.
  2. + Atton Visas Mira T3 - G0-T0 Disciple Mandalore Thats just off the top of my head.
  3. THAT. IS. AWESOME. Do you have it in 1024x768 by any chance? I can't wait to see your Atton story. =)
  4. Oh man this takes me back, this is really sweet. Thanks Eji.
  5. ROFL The audio files are still there for THAT one? I gotta hear this..
  6. Aimo makes all my KoTOR fangirl dreams come true. LUFF!
  7. I know it bums you out Eji, but look on the brightside. You are making lots of KoTOR fangirls/boys very very happy with those soundclips. It also brought out the Carthaholics from out of the woodwork
  8. Awesome work, i'm digging the wallpapers w/ Evil!Atton and Carth.
  9. They'd get mauled and would have to lock threads probably
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