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  1. Poog's Shot in the Arm power does not match text- Interface does not allow triggering it when Poog makes a check on another character's turn, only allows triggering it once per card encountered even if multiple checks are made, and only allows one character to gain the benefits, even if multiple characters played a blessing. Also the upgraded version does not allow the lower-powered effect. Expected behavior is that whenever another character plays a blessing on Poog's check, they may shuffle 1 (or 2) random cards from their discard pile into their deck. Ranzak's Yellow-Bellied power seems to sometimes allow Ranzak to encounter the bane again; this can be worked around by using the power repeatedly until another character is randomly selected. The yellow-bellied power also appears to simply end the Skeletal Ambush barrier if used on the barrier itself; expected behavior is that another character encounters the barrier and triggers the ambush and Ranzak may then give the summoned skeleton to a friend. The Brain-Draining Book seems to fail to trigger 'before you act' power when dodged by Yellow-Bellied, even if Ranzak gets randomly selected again. Other 'Before you act' cards have not been encountered to test. Detect Magic appears to not work at all; clicking on the location deck does nothing. The Licktoad Camp "Bury an ally to add 1d6" power sometimes does nothing when activated, and sometimes does not allow certain allies to be buried as the cost. Recharging masterwork tools against the barrier "Eat a bag of toads real quick" appears to complete only one check. Expected behavior is that recharging Masterwork Tools will DEFEAT a barrier whose highest check to defeat is 14 or less, even if there are multiple checks required, not count as completing one check.
  2. Is there any progress lost if you delete the party and start a new one with the same characters? I've been unable to get any of the prior parties working, and haven't had any new parties hang, even with the same characters.
  3. That was not an error. If a card was to be banished at the end of the turn, and the end of the turn did not occur because of victory or defeat, the card should not be banished but instead be brought into the deckbuilding phase.
  4. I haven't found any that don't work, and I've taken more than a few characters into a party that carried them through AD3 first, then went back for B-2 to get the power feats. My guess is one of the the problems with AD4 is that if you don't complete 3 you can run out of available power feats.
  5. If you evade, you don't beat the check to defeat by at least 4, either. Is the rat swarm defeated and shuffled back into the deck if it is evaded, or should the conditions of the evade (which might not be shuffled back into the deck, and normally count neither as defeated nor undefeated) be controlling?
  6. Caltrops banished to defeat rat swarm instead shuffle it into location deck as though rat swarm's power had been triggered, even though no check to defeat occurred. Expected behavior is that rat swarm is defeated by the caltrops and not shuffled into the deck because it was defeated directly by a power and not by a check to defeat.
  7. Now a feature request: Can we get a fraction of the earned XP on a quest loss?
  8. Change a tutorial box timing issue in Story Mode.... Quest Mode breaks. (That is not the reason here, but an example of how things can break that were once working.) That's how these things happen. When a change is made in the game it can have an effect completely different other parts of the game. Quest Mode should work and we are super bummed it doesn't. There was no conscious decision to release it in a non working form. I think it is reasonable to conclude that your binary conclusion choices are wrong. I get it; changes have unexpected results. My concern is that changes were made, a new version was approved, and then it was made live without anyone checking to see if quest mode worked on that version. If it were subtle I could see that they might have been introduced through complex means and then missed during ordinary testing. I suspect that the root problem is that the 'box' contains ~14 blessings, and that in the setup phase those blessings are given to player's hands and location decks first, and to the blessings deck last. If there aren't enough for the location and character decks, it freezes during setup? Just some results consistent with my attempts (notably, that Ezren solo gets enough time to win, and that the total number of blessings cards seem constant).
  9. When the steps to reproduce are "Start a quest mode game, don't have it softlock", I think that it's reasonable to conclude that either zero testing was done or a conscious decision to release with the bugs in question was made.
  10. That's worse. Beta testing is about testing the product that you want to release. Don't move the release date up a day and release something that wasn't tested at all.
  11. But you don't need to use their card-discarding abilities often. Seoni is going to cast her spell all the time, and once Amiri gets a good weapon she doesn't have to rage in ordinary circumstances.
  12. It seems that when using a weapon that uses "Strength or melee", with a d12+3 strength and strength+2 melee, the weapon is seeing the +3 strength as higher than the +3+2 melee and using that instead.
  13. iPad 2, IOS 9.3.2? Guard text "Banish to reduce damage dealt to any player by 3" suggests that it is usable during other players turns, but it cannot be activated during the damage step.
  14. Behavior also seems odd if you have a character who finished the adventure already, but doesn't have any of the loot, and some characters that are finishing it for the first time. I think that the loot you didn't bring in should be there, but it isn't.
  15. iPad 2, IOS 9.3.2? Ezren at same location as multiple other characters, discarding Improved mending does not allow selecting which character can draw an appropriate card from discard. Expected behavior is a selection as Cure, then select a card to draw,
  16. When you drag, you have to drag to the correct area. Most spells need to be dragged to the discard pile, since they are discarded when used. (some need to be displayed to be used, and resolve from being displayed: Cure and Strength being the ones I see most often.
  17. iPad 2, iOS 9.3 Lini is fighting Shadow, not proficient with weapons. Drag Shock Longbow +1 to 'revealed' area, adds d6(dex)+d8+1 as expected, also adds +4 difficulty as expected. Drag from revealed to discard pile, adds d4(str) as expected. Activate Beast Form ability, discard another card. Expected is to have 2d10(str,dex)+d8+1 dice shown. Shown are 1d10+1d8+1d4+1. Similar presentation of what appears to be the same bug: Activate and pay for Beast Form, Discard Shock Longbow, press X to clear card choices: An extra d10 remains in the dice pool, apparently permanently.
  18. iPad, iOs 9.3 When selecting cards to discard as a result of taking combat damage, the 'forfeit' option ends the game without death even if the current damage would kill the character at the end of the current turn.
  19. Were there any effects that modifed difficulty of checks in place?
  20. iPad 2, iOS 9.3 Second adventure path first scenario, found henchman Dr. Habe (defeat the next bane in the deck to defeat Habe, you may attempt to close the location after defeating Dr. Habe). Next bane was Rat Swarm (8 combat check t defeat, if you ;If you do not defeat the Rat Swarm by at least 4, shuffle it into the deck it came from; the Rat Swarm is still defeated') Roll 10 combat check. Expected: Rat Swarm is shuffled back into the deck, Habe is defeated, chance to close location. Acual: Rat Swarm is shuffled back into deck along with Habe, no chance to close location.
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