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  1. I assumed i had to wait as well, did you turn in the quest when he wasn't in his normal room? I did and that could explain why it bugged.
  2. I think the rest system would work better if you had access to spells that restored HEALTH outside of combat while retaining their primary in combat endurance healing role. I found myself resting primarily because my non fighter types would take ambient/aoe damage during fights, and eventually hit critical health levels, despite retaining a plethora of spells available and the fighters being in fine shape in constant melee combat.
  3. Steam can sync save files and reupload them to you for certain games, it may be how they came back for you.
  4. Hi Almostdead, Do you remember what triggered the blinded icon to appear? Such as fighting an NPC or some sort of trap. Thanks! Personally, i ran into this during a fight in which a blind spell was cast, i used the priest spell that delays enemy effects, and the fight ended before my spell wore off. After this, everyone who had been hit, specifically grazed so they all say .5x duration, retained the icon.
  5. As nice as having more portraits is, just adding a picture import tool within the games UI during character creation would ease issues of people having to figure out custom portraits and them possibly breaking from time to time.
  6. The best solution seems to me that they could have a mode option which introduced more random variables into the game, loot, enemies, perhaps even the goal for certain quest locations within a "dungeon" (rather than knowing exactly where to go in a dungeon, its placed at 1 of X locations), as a more replayable mode.
  7. cRPGs are inherently designed for a keyboard/mouse interface. To be released on a console would require not only a revamped control scheme, but an entirely different UI and default camera options, see the differences between PC and console Dragon Age: Origins for an example.
  8. Could the abreviation for concentration be changed, i can't help but see constitution when i see CON.
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