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  1. Pontite Lens, Expert Fencing Emitter and Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell. With... PC Crystal, Solari Crystal - lightsiders PC Crystal, Upari Crystal - darksiders But for absolute maximum damage you could go another way... Replace the 5 energy damage cell with the energy cell that does 1-8 electricity damage. And use the Pontite (1-10 cold) and Barab Ore Ingot (2d6 fire) crystals. In a double-blade this would do 4-56 damage per-hit with a 10 strength character. If you're looking to do alot of damage with a lightsaber earlier on in the game, I find the adegan lens (1-12 ene
  2. ... Kreia was Handmaiden's mother, right? ... Yeah, Kreia was Handmaiden's mother. I've also heard that Exile was Revan's sibling and Disciple was Dustil O'Nasi. It's all stuff that may have been considered, but was eventually tossed aside... I believe... " I don't think this would've made for such a great story twist the way the game turned out anyway. Once Kreia was chosen as "Miss Badness KotOR II" it would have added that woman scorned element (ala Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), but totally confused everybody about her being Darth Traya. And people are confused enough. :D
  3. Ahhh, the pink lightsaber ... Now you see why I made Atton Rand sleep in the cok-pit. :D "
  4. Sion commanded the sith assassins and oversaw Trayus academy after Traya was banished... I agree with this. Sion appears to be the one physically moving the ebony rooks and pawns about the metaphorical chess-board (while Kreia stands behind him, whispering in his ear), but what is Sion's motivation exactly? This is not touched on, hinted at, explained in the least. Because Sion had no motivation, I think Kreia had never really been banished from Trayus Academy, and her rule in her little circle of deceit had never really been challenged to begin with. The revelation that she had been u
  5. You were trying to avoid spoilers... Asking who the dark lord of the Sith is in KotOR II is a spoiler question, dude. Sorry, but spoilers were inevitable.
  6. Just out of curiosity... How far along are you in the conversation trees with your crewmates? I don't think it would have any baring on triggering the message/journal entry, but it's something you could try instead of just starting a new game. Furthering along conversation trees with ebon hawk crewmembers does tend to spark up new cutscenes afterward. So if you have even one dialogue option you can explore it might trigger the event. Never know.
  7. Traya has no followers? During the later stages of the game you really get the impression this isn't the case... Nihilus: Nihilus has a ship, and he uses this ship to travel around the galaxy so he can feed on force sensitive types... Kreia sends him on down Telos' way, promising a meal. I don't think Nihilus is a sith lord at all. He may have been a sith lord once, at one time, but at some point that hunger for power became just a hunger. Nihilus on the ravager was devoid of any way. He was hunger personified. Now if you were a sith, would you follow this guy? No, you wouldn't, if you
  8. You can try a few things... 1. Check your journal. You may have gotten the entry that you received a message and that you are to return to Dxun without seeing the cutscene for it. 2. Try actually returning to the Mandalorian camp on Dxun. It may trigger the sequence itself. 3. Try going to Nar Shadda and exiting the ebon hawk, this planet tends to trigger the cutscene. (re-enter and re-exit a couple of times if you have to) If this doesn't work, and you still have other planets you can finish off, try doing that- you'll likely get the cutscene later on.
  9. Actually, there are no "Sith lords," nor is there a "Dark Lord of the Sith" in this story. There are sith remnant, left-over from the war. And there are Traya, Nihilus and Sion. Who are more like wandering vagabonds than examples of the conquering sith we all know well... I wonder if the sith remnant who were following Kreia (or was that Sion?... Or was that Nihilus?... What master did they pledge themselves to anyway?) actually had a clue what was going on... I know if I was one of them sith, and my master said that she wanted me and 500 other soldiers to chase the ebon hawk across t
  10. The combat animations get my happy face. I felt the lightsaber fighting was made much more interesting simply by adding the few new extras that they did. Combat felt much more intuitive and fluid. I remember at the later stages of my first playthrough I had a rush of joy as I force-jumped on top of one opponent, dropping him, then immediately jump-turned in the air to crash my saber down on the head of the guy standing next to him, and then spun-around in a circle meeting a third opponent with a stylish slew of swings, and as the fourth and final guy charged in did a flip in the air
  11. GTA meets KotOR... Now that would be a game, dammit! Too bad it'll NEVER happen. I'd love to see something like this come about, but I know all too well shakey is the ground that GTA walketh. And Star Wars could never tread that same ground while maintaining it's squeeky-clean rep. Could you imagine chasing civillians through the streets of Coruscant undercity with a blaster in your hand and an angry wookie at your back, making them run out into head-on traffic only to be knocked 100 yards offscreen by a speeding landspeeder? How much fun would it be to role-play a Tommy Vercet
  12. It's actually the regular cantina, where you get the "juma juice."
  13. Ferret said: Ask her who the betrayer is and listen to the response. Ahh, the way she interjects the word she while talking about the betrayer. Kreia pretty much shot herself in the foot there didn't she? And we were so coldly denied the option to jump all over that in the dialogue, too. Little clues like this one are scattered throughout her musings and pretty much sure any doubt the male player may have about Kreia. Some female players however may have been saying to themselves, "Oh, God. Not again." :D And about just going with the flow of your character: Cudos to yo
  14. Those pics are SWEET! Could've done without the spoiler text attached to them though... Those insights made me browse through really fast and I still wound up reading a couple of things I didn't want to. And... Hhhmmm... Anakin is brandishing an eye scar that seems oddly familiar. Somebody's calling card, maybe?
  15. Dantooine. In the library of the jedi academy ruins.
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