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  1. Seeing as literally no one stands to gain anything from what Avellone is doing right now (himself least of all), it likely is just long overdue emotions venting. Codex seems to be an appropriate place for that. Don't know why people bother searching for bits of rationale in the drunken neighbor's rants in the low-end bar down the street. That said, his Obs's mismanagement allegations sound believable as hell, lack of proof notwithstanding. I have a creeping suspicion that every mid-to-large gamedev studio is a hot boiling mess from legal and financial standpoints anyway, or haven't shell o
  2. You've got to be kidding me... This kind of a poll on a friggin' Obsidian board?! ...I don't think Ydwins's going to fit either of those archetypes, though. They're mostly used in romantic context anyway and we're not going to have plenty of that. Are we?
  3. Позолоченная Долина. That's very literal. And gives really strong "Silicon Valley" vibe. And has a lot of potential flavorey counterparts along the lines of "Златой Дол" which are common to fantasy texts, don't know why they didn't roll with something like that. BTW, I thought localization was dealt with mostly by Paradox last time around. Was it?
  4. Just wanted to throw in my five cents on the matter of translating names and terms: it's always a sore point for translator. Literal translation usually sounds silly, so you have to either detach from original meaning to make it sound (somewhat) acceptable or just transliterate it. And even if you want to do the former, coming up with cool names doesn't always work out as well as you'd like, sometimes ending up silly and inaccurate at the same time (especially if you're dealing with Japanese and their habit of making words up from random kanji on the spot). I've seen a few cases where people h
  5. It's kinda funny how J.Sawyer just grazed possibility of romantic feelings in his companions relationship talk and people immediatly went "Yay, Romances, LGBT-gays-bioware-sux, what-can-change-the-nature-of-a-romance" conundrum. Honestly, if I'd be in his place, I'd just tuned the system so any resemblance of PC's romantic relationship with any companion could be reached only somewhere near the end of the game and went off without any real resolution. Just to screw with this trend of romantics being somehow blessing of the RPGs in the eyes of some vocal groups of people. P.S. Sorry for my
  6. While that much is true, I can easily imagine PoE team after several years of designing, writing, testing, tweaking and balancing game systems somewhere around this point yelling "Dammit, people, give me something to work on without friggin' Pillars or bloody Eternity in the name!!!" So... maybe a little break is in order? Anyway, absence of Alpha Protocol sequel/spiritual successor in the poll makes me a sad panda. So I went with WoD game.
  7. By the way, does anyone know how NV started? Was it Bethesda who offered Obsidian to make Fallout "spin-off" or was it the other way around? If it is the former I'm afraid we're not getting to see Fallout 4 1/2. I don't think Bethesda will make the same offer again considering how obvious the span in RPGshness and quality overall between 3 and NV turned out to be.
  8. One particular way I used to make peace between rail nomads in both WL2 original and DC didn't require typing anything in manually. I'm not sure about the other ways to do this quest, though. @GhostofAnakin Could you elaborate on how you're doing this quest? As far as I remember special dialog options there aren't "instawin the quest" kind, so there's that. Edit: ninjaed by Fenixp. What he said works.
  9. Oh. Nevermind then. I misintepreted your words for the notion that PoE took NWN as source of inspiration while it's just combat feel they have in common which is similar in all D&D based RTwP games.
  10. No, seriously, what does it mean? Your phrasing is a little confusing. BG, IWD and NWN started primarily with Planescape: Torment? This is not true. Torment started because Black Isle/Interplay had Baldur's Gate's engine, Planescape license they needed to utilize and MCA willing to work on two projects at once for giggles. PoE started primarily with P:T? This is not true either. PoE took inspiration from IE games in general, and Torment is the one from which it took the least of all. As a matter of fact, I can't think of anything Planescape: Torment "primarily started" up until inXile
  11. It looks like Unity 5 has memory leak after all. Game uses around 2 Gb RAM at startup but then starts to occupy more and more progressively. FPS drops and random ctds occur when memory usage makes it into swap. I'm just restarting the game every hour or so to avoid it, works fine so far. Although I probably shouldn't ask my laptop with 4 Gb RAM and mobile GeForce 820M graphic card what it thinks about me...
  12. I think you over-simplifying things a little by not taking into consideration different kinds of games there are. Obsidian's previous titles were all pretty much AAA games with cinematic-like design for which full VO is crucial (otherwise "cinematic" point would be lost). I take it devs are aware that they're making game of a different kind now, and they should be totally aware if from these boards alone that VO in PoE right now is more of a hindrance than anything else.
  13. Any map of the stronghold, not any map in general. Sorry, I guess I am a bit dense today. Any map of the Stronghold? What does that mean? Minus two loading screens from entering Brighthollow and its second floor, mostly. Nothing else.
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