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  1. What I linked before was the survey. Now that it has enough responses, you can see results after taking this predictor. Uh, I already did the survey. Just want to see what your result range is, but it seems to be wanting me to take the survey again? This is what my results look like. It can save your answers if you have an account.
  2. What I linked before was the survey. Now that it has enough responses, you can see results after taking this predictor.
  3. Survey Link This website will take the responses from a survey and combine it with a deep learning AI to make suggestions. I made this particular survey when PoE first came out, but not many people had played enough to answer it then. I just remembered it, and thought it would be fun. Edit: Awesome! You can see the class and race suggestions after taking this predictor.
  4. I think the current stats allow for more build diversity. I can make an AoE wizard or a nuke wizard. A damage ranger, or an interrupt ranger. Etc.
  5. Survey Link: http://www.cleversurveys.com/survey/train/5641332169113600_5741031244955648/pillars-of-eternity-class-and-race-prediction-and-companions The survey is on a website that makes predictions based on survey answers. A lot of the surveys there now are for predicting a class and/or race in an RPG, and they're actually pretty accurate (in my experience). I went ahead and made one for Pillars of Eternity. I thought it would be especially useful for new players, since this game has some fairly unique classes and mechanics. Before the survey can make predictions for new players, it needs responses from experienced players. With all the new players coming in, I think this would be useful. Of course, since the game just came out, the only players that are really experienced are the beta players. P.S. You can register without an email, and your response is anonymous.
  6. I think the issue is that they disappear entirely. No longer in the container, nor in your stash. They should just stay in the container.
  7. Unlike most modern rpgs. These kind of games tend to have a very low level cap. However, they also tend to have greater effects on level up.
  8. It seems like all your issues are related to roleplaying. I get the impression that Obsidian wanted to focus on gameplay and story over roleplaying.
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