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  1. Lol ok. Yep would have liked that belt. Nice little Dex buff too. Problem with that belt in last play through was that the Dex bonus was too small for my cipher and was always suppressed. However, it would have been nice on this build but can't remember/find any strength enhancing items that aren't endgame that I would trade off for.
  2. Yep does that stack with quick switch? I got it last play through but didn't seem to make a huge difference. I would have liked that with this build but like ruphecs cloak better for this build. Probably not a bad idea to delay sending this guy in for a little bit after firing anyhow!
  3. This is a firearm build but not exclusive. IMHO guns without quick switch are good for one shot only. Thx for link will take a look
  4. Ok will have to take a look at your build, I like your builds. What did you take instead? Am still testing so haven't got to that point yet. Thanks for feedback Boreor Edit. Can't find your build can you provide link? I chose immolation because it wasn't int dependant for duration and should stack with flame talents I believe. Can't find another int non-dependant skill worth taking so chose that. And yes low int definitely works with Paladins
  5. Woodchopper Paladin- Hes not a genius, he justs keep chopping away! DPS build. Offtank due to high deflection but a bit squishy due to con and DR. Human, Paladin Order Any, Slave, Aedyr Might 14 Int 3 Con 5 (Relying on deflection,reflex and flanking to keep free of serious damage) Res 20* (+1 homeland bonus) Per 18* Dex 18* 1) Flames of Devotion 50% Burn + 20 acc 2) Weapon and Shield +6 def and + Shield Reflexes 3) Athletics and Zealous Endurance instead of Lay on Hands (paladin only really due to int but nice bonus for this build) 4) Vulnerable Attack -20% speed 5) Sworn Enemy 20% Damage +15acc 6) Weapon Focus Ruffian or Deep Faith 7) Aegis of Loyalty 8 Intense Flames +25% to FOD or Scion of Flame 9) Righteous Soul +15 defence -5sec duration hostile effects 10) Weapon Focus Ruffian or Deep Faith 11) Sacred Immolation 12) Intense Flames +25% to FOD or Scion of Flame 13) Healing chain 14) Savage Attack Early Game: Weapons and Armour: Hatchets(some nice ones around) and Large Shield, Dissapointer, Breastplate or as low as you feel comfortable Mid Game: Weapons and Armour: Resolution fire lashed and Larder Door, Any nice pistol/blunderbuss, Angio Gambesons Late Game: Weapons and Armour: Vent Pick and The Last Tower, Leadspitter/Dulcanale, Kerdhed Pames. All Durgan Enhanced should come close to zero recovery Key Equipment: Forgemasters Gloves for when you absolutely positively need something dead and/or immunties to pierce lategame (Thanks Gronmir) Ring of Deflection and Ring of Protection (tankiness +) Ruphecs Watchful Cloak (so you dont get mobbed too hard, +2 perception bonus is nice too) Nice Equipment Executioners Hood (should get missed a bit if attacked for acc + heal for kill) Girdle of Magefolc Might Glanfathans Stalking Boots What does this build do? Well it gives you excellent defence against charm attacks for himself and everybody come level 7 and 9, which are a major PITA in the game. So useful Support. Gives you a pretty good Alpha Strike with guns and FOD, well really good with Sworn Enemy too and all Flame enhancements! Gives you a flanker who can take a bit of aggro. Exceptional saves vs magic come Level 9. Don't you just hate it when your DPSer gets charmed/held etc and then punished? Or worse yet punishes you? Highest possible Reflex in game with Faith and Conviction and Shield. (Well, Elf would technically be slightly better then human + the nice glittering cloak in WM2 and the +4 dex and per items) Very high Deflection with Faith and Conviction and Shield Good accuracy despite high defences, Excellent accuracy alpha strike with guns A little bit of DR survivability with ZE + siding with Knights Healing chain for party heals with good effect Forgemasters gloves and FOD and Scion midgame wrecks stuff when required Vent Pick and FOD proc end game with zero recovery on 10% of hits OMG (providing not bugged still) + forgemaster gloves for backup Drawbacks/Sacrifices Low DR and Health. If hit could get hurt hard at low level, but not a true glass cannon in any sense of the word. Vulnerable to big spikes in melee damage if unlucky. Forgemaster Gloves wont last long due to low int (20secs or so), buff accordingly No Deprive Unworthy which TBH is the only other excellent paladin support skill IMHO Not a large aura but should still should help a few frontliners Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but so what? Possible to do a real nasty build DW bittercut and vent pick and Bleakwalker but loses some defense that I think makes this build unique. DPS Paladin? Say it aint so! Thanks to Gromnir and Blunderbuss for input Still in testing so any feedback/input welcome
  6. Blunderbuss your build sounds like a lot of fun and pretty solid, and would be pretty good with bitter cut and vent pick! Pity you have to be complete asshat in game to use it to potential for faith in conviction lol I can't see why you couldn't build a high deflection, practically magically untouchable toon who can pump out consistently high damage with paladin. Sure other classes that are melee dps focused could get higher dps numbers, but they can be charmed, held etc and can become liability. All I want is someone who can reliably chop up cc'ed mobs. Low int means reduced auras, for me that's ok. Zealous focus can be almost replicated on ANY character. Losing out on a bit of dr and hit to graze conversion for entire party, I can live with that too cause backline shouldn't be getting hit anyway in ideal world. On closer thought I am probably going to forgo auras altogether in next play through. I can't think of any other must have class talents that rely on int for Paladin and agree with Gromnir that other than fire stuff the rest is all flavour. Did I mention vent pick looks nice on a zero recovery Paladin with all fod talents? Will build class fully and submit later if anyone is interested
  7. Pellegrina looks so good. If that order was available for main character it would be a clear choice for me by a long way. Am so tempted to go two handed as well, really nice synergy with forge master gloves, but wanted to have overkill reflex saves and deflection. That new cipher defensive spell might be interesting later in game with this guy. It Seems to be easier to get zero recovery with shield too though am no expert at Formulaes edit:vent pick seems nice.
  8. Haha lol Gromnir true. Have a monk in the party too but was hoping to get a reliable/hard hitting off-tank, reliase he might take heavy damage if hit but will spec in athletics and may take lay on hands. I like my monks as cc main tanks with moderate deflection and high dr cause sometimes they can get spiked out. Unlike you I don't run priests:) As to order probably shield bearer as I like the dialogue choices, might take the deflection buff for fod and lay on hands. I am thinking resolution and steadfast would be good choice, as will roll with pistols too. are there any good weapons in the expansions that are preferably vicious and or crit buffed and speed buffed? That would be ideal. By the way is it worth taking quick switch with the cool of resourcefulness? Or do they sort of cancel each other out? Thanks guys
  9. Hi there, Looking to build a high deflection low dr paladin. Was going to have a large shield and a one handed weapon, light armour. Can anyone suggest a good weapon that is high dps? Not looking for cc. Any good suggestions for armour equipment? I think with high deflection, high dex, high might he could turn out beastly. Looking to keep int at around 6 or lower and relatively low con. Will have max per, Dex, might and resolve. Am building skills around the low int. zealous endurance build.
  10. I don't think the stronghold is boring on purpose. I think initially it was going to be a great place to forge weapons and craft and would have been an essential hub. Unfortunately with the changes to enchantment ie not being able to craft every mod for weapons and armour, the importance of the stronghold was diminished and then it became irrelevant. The focus changed. Don't believe me have a look at bright hollow.
  11. My guess is that it's already in development and will be announced as a 'kickstarter' on Fig when they have something to show off. Won't be announced until after the expansions and/or the engine is stable with few bugs. Maybe at the same time as the expansion. Who knows. http://www.pcgamer.com/fig-is-a-new-games-only-crowdfunding-platform-that-allows-for-real-investment/
  12. How long does food bonus last for? If food gave a long lasting (12hrs) bonus I would use it. As it is its too short. Survival would be pretty important if it changed the magnitude.
  13. IMHO Fighter would really benefit from more talents, one talent per level as well as one ability every two as it is now. I am not sure if it would be OP but it would really set them apart and would be fun building them.
  14. Crazy idea but how about nerfing/balancing a lot of the fighter talents and giving them an extra talent every two levels to compensate. Could get some nice synergy going and create a well rounded character. Fighter has its own special class then.
  15. Don't play chanters and consensus seems to be underpowered, poor at beginning of fights but better when fights last longer due to chants. If you are looking for a wood elf bow build I would suggest ranger or rogue, probably ranger as they have a nice meat shield. Rogue is nice too with bows and the damage can be supplemented somewhat with all of their bonuses. Cipher is ok too.
  16. Low Dex and per could work if you were a pale elf with scions for dr, but Paladins pretty talent starved so I would say not really great. Average Dex and int are fine I think, depending on what aura you haVe. Some of those builds are just silly, a fighter with no strength who can hold engagement with six plus people and when he hits them its so low it's sort of laughable. A super fit chronic weakling, a dancing monkey in full plate (looking at you Orlans) who just stands in the middle of a group of people poking their knees with the equivalent of a butter knife while everyone tries to hit him, and the best part is all six can not hurt him! That should be a class of its own called "clown". I think they fixed the engagement system pretty well in the last patch, and the wary defender op build too.
  17. Yep agree, it is annoying and just another button to press in most situations. Would be nice if in the scripts you could have an option to stay stealthed or not.
  18. Wizard All you listed are no good or situational, not worth a spell slot. Veil is great if you are up front or need an "oh crap" button, but I don't have it on my backline Mage. Talents needed for wands. Arduous delay of motion is awesome though for wands, especially blights. Really good and worth building character around imho. There is a nice padded armour from dry ford that has one charge and is end game armour for my backline Mage. Merciless gaze is good when spammable. Druid Taste of the hunt might be ok in shape shift form, haven't tried it yet. Beetle she'll is awesome when you have no priest, like me. If you have a priest withdraw is prolly better. Priest Don't know don't care. Pre-buffing doesn't interest me and lesser degrees of what the priest brings to the table can be duplicated by other classes. Can't help sorry
  19. Hardened veil and that 2nd level heal spell are rather nice. Am running a flanking Mage with high might and average int on hard and he's pretty awesome. Soldier wf/ two hander reach and arbalest. Breastplate or scale and he's doing some nice damage and is pretty hard to kill with veil. Fan of flames and other foe only spells are easier to manage. When he gets that 5th level spell with the vorpal sword, he will be pretty dangerous, at least he was on last play through. Wands are ok, lots of talents though blights are nice. More a backline weapon though and damage is pretty consistent if a bit low. Looking forward to getting a certain fire wand in white March though. Would like a decent weapon when am not using the sword from the spell though. Other decent reach weapons are being used elsewhere
  20. Anyone know the stats for the staff upgraded? Is it worth going through all that hassle for it? Was thinking of putting it on my front line Mage. Any thoughts?
  21. Hope it has, playing a barbarian now and the temptation is great to push the I WiIN button when I find the boots or buy that stiletto.
  22. Could work though you are probably not playing to its strengths. FOD bumps up the damage quite a bit, but with war bows it's more of a rapid fire low damage weapon, so damage enhancer not that great. If you were going for Borresaine the accuracy buff would help you hit / crit x2 more per battle, which could be handy though. FOD is more of an alpha strike weapon so imho you are better going for a pistol/arquebus, not arabaleset as lower base damage. With the right setup you can gib most spell casters with one shot. Firearms are better as you can wear heavier armour and it doesn't hurt your dps that much. robes are good if you are a dps character with bows but if your line gets broken you will pay for it. You can also drop your strength down with firearms and it doesn't hurt your dps that much either, as you should be busting their dr. Zealous focus for back line is nice too as spells are more effective so your int could be lower as well. As you are usually close together in the back line. You can also switch and use a reach weapon after you have shot all your guns. I would go roughly M 10 D 18 C 3 P 20 R 10 I 10 Coastal Aumaua Scale armour, arquebus, halberd, lots of lore to help with spells Quick switch, enhanced fod, scion flame, penetrating shot, zealous focus, enhanced zealous focus, soldier, arms bearer later when you have nice weapons Hope this helps
  23. Day 5 raderic hold gloves of manipulation (upstairs) and blunting belt (dungeon). Anyone know what the ring of overseeing does? Does it make barb carnage are bigger, I can't tell...
  24. I minimised con and Dex for darcozzi, is working fine on hard. Only change I would make is take quick switch earlier as waiting after initial ranged weapon strike is long. Dual wielding is the go to
  25. Like previous poster said Three mechanical ways to stop from getting killed. 1)Increase deflection to stop getting hit. Shield helps, the larger the better. Really is the only good way to get deflection when you start out. Be aware your accuracy goes down, the bigger the shield, so the more likely you will miss them when you attack. 2)Wear armor. If you wear any armor your damage resistance goes up, meaning it will absorb some damage and decrease your endurance at a slower rate. The heavier the armour the more damage it will absorb, however you will be slower to attack and do stuff in general. 3)drink potions eat food use scrolls. Food isn't that much help low level, helps but not great. Potions can increase deflection or dr for a little while. Scrolls can have some nice effects but you need lore. Probably most important thing is, don't pick fights you cannot win. Don't expect to beat every encounter like you expect to in every level when you start out. You will lose. Wait until you get more party members. And turn the difficulty down if you need to. This helps a lot. No Xp is good in a way, as you don't have to fight every battle, lots of grinding eliminated. I like to loot though so I try to fight everything I can. Hope this helps
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