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  1. Judging by a comment from obsidian in regards to hoping the stronghold will be more integral, I think the next expansion will see a lot of improvement. Just a gut feeling. I think there will be a revamp to crafting too. They didn't really deliver on the kick starter promises and there is a heap of potential to improve these areas. Sort of ties in nicely with the crafting areas already present in the stronghold also. I would like the stronghold to have more bustle in general. Just people walking around would be good. Being able to craft UNIQUE weapons there would be icing on cake for me
  2. Fiery paladin min max build aka chilli meat-shield for hard, fire godlike darcozzi M19 D3 C3 R18 P18 I16 Flames of devotion, built around Fires Darcozzi, flame shield Zealous endurance, dr is nice Scion of flame, will use scrolls and pump up damage a bit Sworn enemy, should have gun by now, negates acc issues and bit more alpha strike appeal Vulnerable attack, should pump up fire retal a bit as losing power Liberating exhortation, used when required Sword and shield, need some reflex Righteous soul, start working defence Deep faith, more defence Reinforcing exhortation, handy for dps friends(rogue) standing right behind you Penetrating shot nice synergy with lead splitter, defence all good, pump up offence time Carries many scars, lead spitter, little saviour and shatter star. Sneak to get out front and be a target. Pick a high priority target and melt with fod and sworn enemy. Get someone to cast combusting wounds around you if possible.Reload if quaffing spirit shield potion (30concentration + dr )watch enemies punch themselves out on you while doing so and laugh a little(low level to mid level) Reload done fod again and pick another target. Switch to shield and weapon. Stand there for ages due to low Dex or pump out some scrolls/spell if necessary. Battle should be pretty close to finishing. Stand there like statue and laugh a little bit more. Bit of theory crafting but trying tonight, should be fun if nothing else most convo skills met and sort of rp, in a watch them all burn for his god sort of way.
  3. Does fod stack with sworn enemy? Would be fun if it does...... Looking forward to starting new game with darcozzi paladin main char on 1.6
  4. Yes please fix, or if you can't fix please rebalance all the weapons:) I too have waited for 1.6 to restart
  5. I like this idea. I think you should get +5 deflection for matching coloured armor and cape too. +10 would be OP:)
  6. I guess I can't really find a role that suits me for them. If they are buffing they need to get the buffs out fast, they are slow as it is as the main battle (mage/priest killing) is usually done by then, and it is usually a case of mopping up the stragglers, melee. Some of their seals are pretty good but their only awesome spell, withdraw, needs to be cast ASAP. Too late due to armour lag is really too late. I guess that doesn't suit my play style. I'm not going to tank them, interrupts are a pain when you rely on them on front lines. So what is their role exactly? Tank? no. Off tank? Preferably not for reasons outlined above. Squishy johnny come lately, prolly pretty good in that role. Look I know a lot of people have success with them and I'm glad for it. I personally would happily swap a squishy priest for a squishy offensive caster any day however. Ironman is really where priests would shine I think.
  7. What about righteous soul for paladin,as defensive potential. Automatic defence against some of the hardest to counter afflictions in game. When paladin snaps out 2,3 or 4 times quicker from aoe de-buff can throw around some ring of unshackling charges and liberating exhortations. Know it doesn't counter everything but chanter and precious priest spells don't really have an answer when stun locked either. How exactly do you balance for buff overkill anyhow? When everyone stacks 3 buffs onto one character? Does everyone that doesn't buff for the first ten seconds of fight get steamrolled because the game difficulty has been balanced for the support classes? For tough fights I can understand a bit of buffing and luck goes a long way, but I mean seriously, do people really enjoy having one or three characters rubbing their rosary beads at the beginning of each fight to make sure it goes well. Most of the tactical aspect of the game, which I enjoy immensely btw, goes basically 1) kill the guy in the dress. 2) stun and dog pile the big tough one 3) burn the rest. 1) is hopefully over by the time a few Hail Marys have had a chance to activate. 3) is done before the guy singing has actually achieved anything at all. I like paladins, weaker constant auras are great, they shouldn't stack. I shouldn't need a priest if I don't need to, pala and some choice equipment should be ok.
  8. Seems like some people write off a class because they don't understand that some classes have more defined roles than others. A pet bear shouldn't be able to tank as good as a guy in full armour. Period. Can it be used to hold up someone who has managed to get by your tanks and is threatening your squishes? Certainly. A ranger can put out consistent ranged damage and has a useful interference tool. Wether it works for you depends on your party composition. Paladins are another maligned class. I want an alpha strike(flames of devotion)leader(conversation skills) who has can tank pretty good and at later levels is pretty much immune to spells. I don't want a mad dps machine, got other guys for that. Otherwise I'd run all paladin. Does that work for you? If not pick another of the eight or so classes. Btw, if I don't want to pick a rogue, I shouldn't have to, just to find traps. That aggravated me in bg series that I had to have a thief. If I don't want a dps machine dependant on de-buffs, I shouldn't be forced to take one. So I'm glad that other classes can do just as a good as a rogue in that critical role. And I believe mechanics is a critical skill, all the others are just fluff. IMHO priests are the worst class, boring buff bots that do very little actual damage and can be a liability at times when you need them most. If i wanted a robe wearing pansy who begs for a living id be pretty happy. Other people love them and that's great, they are probably using them the way they we meant to be used and enjoy what they do best. Me, I'm happy with my not so effective buffing pally who can do other stuff, like survive on the front lines long enough for my ranger/rogue to do what they do best.
  9. Just going to start a new game and wanted to create a 2h halberd? (Reach weapon) Barbarian. Max Dex and Str. I really don't want to have a high int, but will if not having high int will nerf his AoOE. Does having a high int increase carnage aoe? What is the lightest armor you can enchant? Can you enchant clothing? Would like retaliate and the one where you rise from the dead on the same armor if possible. The info on crafting for this game is woeful, I thought the prima guide was poor as well. Thanks
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