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  1. So far 60 dead and 100+ wounded. Including 13 killed Americans in the Kabul Airport attack. ISIS Afghanistan currently being held responsible... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-58349010 At least 60 people have been killed and 140 others wounded, a senior health official in Kabul told the BBC. The Pentagon confirmed US service personnel were among those killed - 11 US Marines and a Navy medic. The bombings came hours after Western governments had warned their citizens to stay away from the airport, because of an imminent threat of an attack by IS-K, the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State group.
  2. A reasonable compromise suggestion... As for the case(s), the job as judge must be mind blowingly frustrating at times. Did you ever experience a judge actually "lose it" and tell exactly what he/she thought about the people involved in a case? Edit: Not just the carefully packaged sarcasm etc.
  3. A few iconic songs from that time... Paint if Black, War, Where have all the Flowers gone... etc.
  4. The story of the AC/DC war and beyond...
  5. It probably lights up the No Smoking light in the passenger section... maybe there is a Fasten Seatbelt sign too The Huey has been known to transport passengers in the past.
  6. To say something positive... I recently bought a number of games on GOG. Next on my to-do list is Mechanicus (the WH40k game)
  7. Gorth's tl;dr; review... Legend and Underworld sort of Ok'ish, although not in any way capturing the old Tomb Raider "magic".... Anniversary: Never tried the game of the year (reboot) thing. Burnt my hands badly enough on the Anniversary game. Edit: As for why I don't like the recent games much, what made the original Tomb Raider games great for me were the great exploration experiences. Later they turned into very bad shooters. Seriously, even Mass Effect 2 and 3 did a better job at being third person shooter games than the later TR installments.
  8. Ach, dammit. Broderbund was a big part of my early gaming history... Edit: The ones I remember having on my shelf, even if I didn't buy them all on the year of release (courtesy of Wikipedia) 1982 Seafox 1983 Lode Runner 1983 Star Wars 1984 Karateka 1984 Raid on Bungeling Bay 1985 Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? All of them good for umpteen hours of fun.
  9. Sorrryyy... I did mention that the Australian government is made up of questionable people, fully owned by the Holy Trinity (the church, the mining industry and the fossil fuel industry)? Guess where the inclination to happily send all your money (privatizing the profits, socializing the costs) and resources abroad comes from. Not just the current government but the governments since the 70's really. Always looking for those party donations from those institutions in order to win the next election. Often sacrificing the truth and the interests of Australia in the process. Latest victim is the climate policy....
  10. You gave that video more credit than it was worth and spend more time on this than I did... I watched the first 2 minutes of it, recognized it for what it was and then 30 seconds to share my thoughts on it. Yes, official Chinese propaganda is obvious official Chinese propaganda Edit: Yes, you are definitely right about the latter part, constantly feeding money into the Chinese machinery of oppression, control, terrorizing neighbours and bullying the rest of the world into submission is stupid. But greed makes stupid unfortunately.
  11. Yes... this is the part of Australia I live in
  12. Honestly? What a face palm moronic video. Did you grab that from an official party site link? The automatically generated robot voice sounds like it's reading the official party line through a piece of text to speech software. Best case, you don't know any better, worst case you are truly in favour of things slavery, koncentration camps, cultural and ethnic genocide and the principle of might makes right instead of any pretense of a rule of law.
  13. Maybe Brexit isn't all what the British people thought it would be?... As funny as the title of the video sounds, it's just a symptom of a deeper problem. Empty supermarket shelves (Is the UK turning into the newest WP Country?), former busy transit hubs and strategic harbours turning ghost towns, a fishing industry that now has less fish than they had before (because, as a "sovereign nation", Boris Johnson can now sell the fishing rights to the EU) etc.
  14. More Eivør. I think I did post one of songs in the past, so here is another one. This Faoerese lady covers a very wide range of styles (not all of them to my liking, but every now and then I feel my self caught up in playing one of her songs on repeat).
  15. I've been a Monty Python fan since my teenage years. They used to show it on Danish TV (with subtitles).
  16. Definitely a critical part of... something?
  17. It's an interesting question... and surprisingly difficult to answer I never really "dug" point and click adventure games, especially the hunt the obscure pixel kind. But I've loved both graphical and text based adventure games. Not the puzzles, but the world building I suppose. My first love was some of the old text based Infocom games (Zork I-III) from the early 80's. Yes, they were built around logic (and in some cases not so logic) puzzles, but the world building of the Underground Empire and the legends of Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive were just so intriguing, I always kept persevering with the puzzles to get a few snippets more of backstory when progressing. Later they started adding some basic, often procedurally generated graphics and less text to read. Maybe to make them more appealing or more accessible, I don't know. But two games I remember was "The Dallas Quest" which was actually based on the characters and setting of an old TV series. So many people back then loved "JR" aka JR Ewing, one of the most charismatic TV villains on screen. The other was a typical fantasy based game called "Twin Kingdom Valley". The story was great at the time and the world felt alive as it had "NPC's" and events happening independent of your actions (I know now, they weren't but at the time, it felt like it) But, the game that eventually changed my gamer life was a hybrid like the above (text based adventure with procedurally generated images) was a game by a published called Melbourne House. Its name was "The Hobbit" I played the game quite a bit at first, but got stuck at the same point in every play through. Friggin goblin caves just kept killing me. I managed to get that lazy oaf Thorin to pick me up and carry me on his shoulders, but what little light I had would eventually falter and I would die horribly in the dark (No Grues though, those were a Zork thing). Gandalf would always ruin things by taking the map out of my pocket and respond to requests for returning it with a "No."... I so hated the guy at the time. Oh yeah, in the middle of all my trouble, Thorin would suddenly plunk his lazy dwarven butt on the ground and start singing about gold. I wanted to strangle him! Anyway, I eventually got my problem solved because the game box didn't come with only the casette tape with the game, it also came with a (English) paperback version of the book "The Hobbit". After much hair pulling and teeth gnashing, I eventually read the book. It showed me what I had been doing wrong. Needed to go elsewhere first, trick a trio of trolls into staying out when the sun rose, turned them to stone and then loot the sword "Sting" from their cave. The sword glows in the dark when goblins are near. Yup, problem solved, doesn't run out of light in the goblin kings caves and I could steal a ring and a few other things and be on my merry way. My all time favourite game though is hard to classify. It's part adventure, part rpg, part strategy game and I will always consider its designer, Mike Singleton, as one of the all time underrated geniuses. Him, Bell & Braben (Elite) and Jeff Minter (of Llamasoft fame) were influential characters for me in the 80's (yes, long before the Internet). The game "Lords of Midnight" just had everything. Backstory and lore, huge and immersive world, winning strategies to be worked out (you could win the game in a couple of different ways), and a game that managed to convey it all through its interface (part text and character description, part procedurally generated 3D world graphics)
  18. I can think of a few current and former heads of state, whose deaths would at the very least please me. Not to the point of celebrating it though... Seems like there is no way to avoid the subject of Covid its entanglement with politics. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-58273322 "In May, US president Joe Biden ordered a 90-day probe into whether the Covid-19 virus came from a lab accident or emerged from human contact with an infected animal. Until then, the "Wuhan lab leak" theory had been dismissed by most scientists as a fringe conspiracy theory. But now as the report is due to be released, China has gone on the offensive. In the past few weeks, Chinese sources have been amplifying a baseless claim that Covid-19 was made in the US. Using everything from rap music to fake Facebook posts, experts say the propaganda efforts have been successful at convincing the domestic Chinese audience to cast scepticism on international criticism of the country's role in the Covid-19 pandemic. But, experts say, it has done little to legitimise China to the outside world." I.e. standard politics by the text book. If you're worried about what the competition is going to do to you, do it to them first and go on the offensive. Truth was never part of the equation as long as you can make people believe your message.
  19. Life lessons... a bit long, but worth watching (IMNSHO). Lessons start around 2:50 give or take a few seconds
  20. Just guesswork on my part... China doesn't seem to understand the consequences of a zealous Muslim theocracy not that far from Uyghur lands, whereas Moscow probably still remember the war(s) in Chechnya and the threat posed by extremism in the Caucasus region.
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