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  1. Irrelevant how real anything is until it has relevance to YOU. yes i spoke harshly hastily and rescind the viciousness of my statements. But still i am not at all even mildly pleased. Balance in a single player game IS retardedly idiotic. Anything someone doesnt like they just wont use. Fix bugs not balance.
  2. They dont work like they did anymore, so now they probably do something like polish a knob or some other useless lame cop out ability, it said 15% attack speed. Message to Oblivious ....fix bugs not balance. I kind of hate to be so harsh but stupidity deserves it. And if i am wrong and they actually made a change that improved draining weapons then i fully admit my unjustified vindictiveness and the vehement error of my ways, but i am not doing the update until, i know how broken they did or did not make it.
  3. So i see in the backer email that draining weapons have been nerfed? Is this so? Why? It was great. Thanks for continuing to break things, your genius employee who thought this up please give him a personal message and tell him. Balance in single player games is not needed in single player anything that a player doesnt like he wont use. DUH? Rant off thanks thanks for ruining my favorite passtime.
  4. Okay well, now a week and no response, i assure you my issue is real, Elzarath also has this same annoying immersion breaking bug and if two people are saying that its there then there are always more who are not saying anything. Some progress would be nice, please....thank you.
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/6j4z4a20zl4u60g/DxDiag.txt?dl=0 I hope that's what you wanted as well. I don't do anything special nor go anywhere in particular, happens all the time, give the party a move command then when they should be done and stand still they bounce, jump and dance. Thanks Best Luck.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwf6ns0zn71x0hh/output_log.txt?dl=0 that's the link to the output log in dropbox, is that right?
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rq665j9zkx4x4dk/78ee649eaaf0431e9eb4aa0f9951a031%2016430351%20Copperlane.savegame?dl=0 Ok I followed your instructions Aarik, whether I interpreted them correctly could be a whole other matter. Now I will go get that output log as well.
  8. Yeah still happens to me. Nothing seems to move toon once stuck. Usually have to reload but waiting for a cut scene which auto-gathers the party no matter where they are in the level worked once, if your lucky enough to have that as part of a quest and be near to the event.
  9. Weapon suggestions Throwing weapons, francisca/hand axe, dart/shuriken/throwing knife, javelin/spear, Slings and staff slings Shortsword/gladius/xyphos Greathammer Greatflail Cestus/knuckledusters Halberd/bill/glaive Bastard sword Multi-barrel pistols I am actually completely content and in love with the current weapon selection and combat in general, those are just sort of things that seem to have been missed. Love that spears are one handed weapons, missile weapon ranges do seem abit short though and bows shoot way too slowly but crossbow/arbalest and the firearms seem ab
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/home?select=78ee649eaaf0431e9eb4aa0f9951a031+16430351+Copperlane.savegame is that what is needed?
  11. No marchlord that may be related, but thats not the issue, it happens at the end of movement, no obstacles, they should just stand still since they have no other orders, and it happens in the middle of wide open areas, in dungeons out in the fields everywhere. a group is told to advance to point X then stop why are they still dancing around? I never have it during combat at all so not the issue nor do i tell rear rankers to break formation and pass through the front rank, front rank is shields and hand arms and rear rank is missile weapons and spells decent interval between all unitsin th
  12. Andrea i will be lucky to be able to send a saved game file....computer saavy and proficient I am not. Sorry thats why i ask for help. Later today i shall attempt to do what Aarik D. Asked me for. Elzarath i wish i could say i was glad to not be the only one with this issue. I have played around with formation and it doesnt affect it. This is my third playthrough, it is annoying but not game breaking. I knew i couldnt be the only person geting this.
  13. I am at work. Tomorrow i will, if i can figure out how. Thanks. I really love this game. The bug is minor but annoying, occasionally very rarely party members get stuck to walls as well,maybe related?
  14. anyone else have a problem with party members or npcs bouncing/dancing/ jumping back and forth or around after finishing a movement command? Not always but frequently, affects party more than npcs, stops if given other orders like go to scout mode or cancel/stop or talk to someone. Is there a fix? Is it a recognized and reported issue? Thanks.
  15. Well movment dancing toons bug still there. Sky dragon cant be attacked by party members ..sems new. Arioch damn this cant the game please for the love of chaos be fixed? My personal biggest bug is the damn bouncing dancing bug for both party and npcs. Its completely ridiculous and stupid. Here i will send you 50$ write afreaking patch that stops things from bouncing around after moving or when not moving. I love this game and its great and amazingly good but the bug fixing process is um well broken. Duh.
  16. Party toons dancing back and forth after moving to designated location? Anyone ? Anyone? Known issue or workaround or intentional? That was the main thing i was looking forward to going away
  17. Okay the jumping back and forth and dancing bug just sucks. Also a toggle to turn off the stupid glow on weapons when they are magical would be appreciated. I would like to see my characters not a neon lit advertisement for how they kill the enemy. Glowing weapons are stupid. In real life i sure as hell do not want any of my firearms or blades to glow! Its minor but its tacky and stupid, like putting gold plating on a weapon, only some self aggrandizing glory hunting scumbag wants agold weapon in the field? Really? Divinity original sin has this same stupid feature. Okay so some showoffs want
  18. Sweet problem solved, doesnt list that possibility in the hardback collectors guide, that is disconcerting.
  19. Not real clear that part of the game. I have no problem with killing everything in the game, but will it fix it if i go and depopulate the dozens and the knights i already killed doemenels since they are criminals and i am a paladin. Should be more clear to begin with and should be reversible up to a point. I cant even get in to meet lady webb.
  20. Mine was working pretty well until the patch, 3 days ago. Now it crashes on load, crashes when changing areas, crashes when leaving a building or a dungeon or entering one. I tried the font delete it says font not found. Andd unfortunately i am not incredibly computer saavy thats why i am here thta and i do wanna play this. More basic and really clear instructions that cannot be interpreted more than one way are probablybwhat i need. So basic like your instructing a 4 year old please. I do think its the font it makes total sense and is symptomatically identical to what others have described he
  21. My game crashes just like this when attempting to load and it isnt occasional its often if not always. It was more reliable before the patch. Could someone please direct me to a workaround or fix the damned patch? Please? Thanks its agreat game and i backed it and would just really like to play it. Why is it broken now? How long til it is fixed?
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