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  1. I respond rarely because someone always seems to say what I think. In this case I agree almost completely with the original poster. That said, I find the state of the beta to be... depressing.
  2. Lose the stash and use WYSIWYG. If someone wants to pick up every item and truck em back to town, let them. The only real issue I ever had with the gold box games is, that I do not believe all goblins/kobolds et cetera would have a "short sword" They'd have some kind of improvised or tribal blade, except maybe the leaders and great warriors who would have had looted "nice" blades.
  3. I messed around with the options for a bit before confirming, but I was wondering the same thing. Specifically about the audiobook and the add-on. I hope there is some mechanism for adding things on.
  4. It kind of concerns me that they're kickstarting again, but I guess I'll wait and see what they're planning before I sing doom. If its steampunk though.. Instant donation.
  5. I was honestly impressed with Alpha Protocol, and I bought it tenatively after absolutely hating what Obsidian did with Neverwinter 2. I'd really like to see a sequel. Also on a side note, I only bought Alpha Protocol because Obsidian really stepped it up with the expansions for NWN2. Good work guys!
  6. I forgot I backed this game... nice..

  7. Although more content is always good, I'd like to see them actually pull this game off first, have it run without crashing, and then we can talk about add ons, and dlc, and more areas.
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