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  1. Hopefully I'm not the only one that likes switching party members up but hates that their levels can vary so much. It'd be great if all companions would stay locked at my PCs level but I'd say that is more involved. Right now I'm working around it with the addexperiencetolevel console command but it'd be nice not to "cheat" and to still get achievements.
  2. I had this same issue and fixed it by turning off capes, I read about the fix in another thread here.
  3. This happens on my install as well every time and has been present since the first version of the game released. Running it on Windows 10 1803 via Steam if that helps narrow it down.
  4. Yea I have the same issue on my laptop, I've gotten to the point of just limiting the FPS to 45 so my fans won't go crazy and so I won't have to deal with stuttering where the FPS jumps around so much. I've noticed that the problems are worse on any maps where there ocean is visible (ship battles, queens berth, etc) so I'd hope we get an option to turn off the fancy waves effects at some point. Really hoping the next patch has some performance improvements in it.
  5. I'm not a contributor but I'll toss in a vote for separate pages. It's a much cleaner way of doing things and will also help anyone coming in new to the series from being confused on what information is POE1 based and what is Deadfire based.
  6. I finished my first playthrough a couple of days ago as Devoted/Skald and now I'm going to jump back in with this build. Looks like a ton of fun, nice work.
  7. Fair enough, I prefer the Double Bronzers cause I can sink any ship in the game in 2-3 volleys whether I cause a special effect or not. I actually found one ship (I think it is a Magran worshiper one) that had what I feel may be the best gun in the game. Some sort of fire cannon that only did two less damage than a double bronzer, but reloaded in 4 rounds. It also had an optimum range of 0-400, meaning your enemy can never be so close you are out of optimum range. I don't know if you can actually get one for yourself though :/. There is one gun arguably better though, good old Haefric's Nose. 200-600 meter range, equal damage to a double, 4 round reload. That's a gun! Wyrmtongue cannons are the fire cannons that have 0-400 range, they're pretty awesome.
  8. You try out that unique saber in Neketaka? I forget the name but it looked custom made for just this build. I think I found it in a shop near Arkemyrs place.
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