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  1. Just disable the "access stash everywhere" option and you're set.
  2. I like them. Many have interesting stories. And nobody forces me to click on them.
  3. Glad you're enjoying the game. Keep in mind that most of the people playing a game without problems rarely visit the forums to post their experience. So it's only natural that negative posts feature prominently after release. I've been playing for 42 hours according to Steam and I haven't encountered a single bug so far. Also not a single game crash. OTOH running into a game-breaking bug IS utterly frustrating so I can understand some people's sentiments.
  4. 27 hours played and not a single bug encountered. I wished more games would be so "buggy" on release.
  5. The game files are still encrypted and the game is not (yet) installed. After the game unlocks tomorrow you will find it installed in the usual folder.
  6. I really have a hard time understanding the sense of entitlement some poster here display. As a KS backer myself I don't feel I need to be treated special. As long as I'll be able to play the game on release day I'm perfectly happy. My reward is the knowledge that I've actually contributed a tiny part to something I've been waiting for more than a decade.
  7. Steam. Because I was less than happy with my GoG version of Wasteland 2. Missed a patch, the next one wasn't compatible with my version any more, had to download the full client again instead of a few MB. Sucks if you're on a slow DSL connection. I love GoG, but usually only buy older titles from them.
  8. Germany's biggest gaming mag Gamestar has released a "1st impression" vid and their main tester is also posting in their forum. The gist so far: they really, really like it.
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