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  1. I don't really get the journal, the years are all weird? I think 73373? But apparently I killed first boss in 31043 on day 10? Up to Day 14 I believe I've fully explored 7 regions; at Caed Nua just now
  2. I jumped into this game with a bit of disappointment, having read that it was plagued with bugs. After defeating the first main boss, in an area where people were supposedly crashing left right and centre, I briskly plundered all the loot and headed back to Gilded Vale. Going on about 7 hours of gameplay so far, I am yet to encounter a single bug. Actually, not entirely true, the "caged" mouse cursor with multiple monitors does not stay caged, but that is minor at worst. This 'double-click' bug in the inventory doesn't work for me. That is to say, I don't have the bug. Overall, awesome awesome game well worth what I've paid even only for what I've played so far (every sidequest and full map exploration along the way to said first main boss)
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