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  1. Just another newbie question: can I use it fo fix a broken quest? I have some trouble finishing Durance's quest, it's clearly bugged even after the latest patch (some dialogue options to discuss the vision about him are not showing up) and I just hoped to fix the dialogue/quest without cheating through consolle commands...
  2. You need to have resolution in your inventory, then use it on the statue on level 3 through the dialog option you see when you click on it.
  3. Sorry to dig this thread up, but I think the quest is still bugged: I started a new game after patch 1.06 came out and compared to my first playthrough now something is broken: I had the vision but not the dialog to discuss it with Durance, and now that my game is near the end I can not advance the quest without cheating. Tried the fixes posted in this thread, but with no avail (which file should I use? All of three?). Here is my savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzilr5pwsn2qzn9/Savegame.zip?dl=0 Hope somebody in the tech staff could give it a try.
  4. Now that you gave me the tip I checked my products page here on PE website for additional keys: only the steam key for my backer hero edition was there. Maybe the wurm is not included in that edition for backers (I recieved only the cloak of obsidian order, the bracelet and the space piglet). Need confirmation for that.
  5. I recieved the pig (but not the achievement on steam, I will try starting a new game for that) with a $20 pledge (the minimum "early bird" one necessary to obtain a free copy of the game).
  6. Also adding my request for a retroactive fix (or at least a workaround to fix the problem): my reputation in Defiance bay is forever tarnished, I can not access the archives to complete Eder's quest (even after trying to "amend" doing quest to raise my reputation again), and I also probably killed a specific animancer trying to exit the asylum (after he and the others became hostile), the one needed to complete that task that requires you to sell him those artifacts found around the sunken ship in Ondra's gift...
  7. I hope this time they will choose to develop something different, maybe a cyperpunk RPG, or a post apocalyptic one (they're still the creators of fallout and I think they will the best choice to create its "spiritual successor", something more "technical" and less "commercial" along the same line of POE considering the commercial turn that fallout took after finishing in bethesda's hands). I know that starting a new KS now would seem rush, but it's the best logistic choice if they manage to keep the planning & general design team busy now that their work on POE is almost done and that POE
  8. Nice to see the project I backed "in movement", I really think that my money is well spent after witnessing that a quality game is been made. Just a suggestion, if the guys at obsidian are reading and are eager to take further suggestions: try to put the ouroboros back in the official game logo: we have the "pillars" element, but the "eternity" one now is missing and the logo imho doesn't fully reflect the name now. The ouroboros would also be viewed as a continuity to the kickstarter project, you know, some like "the pillars are our present and future, but we don't forget our past, our orig
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