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  1. I decided to not stress too hard and went ahead with my N.Godlike. I'm sure there will be some great helms in the game, but that's what subsequent runs are for!
  2. Beckoner is always going to be the best summoner. Single class or multi I'm not sure. Multi loses out on the best summon in the game (Dragon), but that's going to be a non-issue for the vast majority of your playtime anyway. I know there was a lot of theorcrafting around a Pally/Beckoner mix that seemed very strong due to being able to buff your summons via pally skills.
  3. Just wondering if there's anything potentially major I'd be missing out on if I make a Godlike. I'm planning to start up a Nature Godlike Skald/Berserker tonight, which I imagine has good synergy since Barb frenzy will keep the Nature +2 Power Level buff active very often. Before I pull the trigger I just want to make sure there isn't like some amazing barb-specific helmet that I'd feel dumb for locking myself out of.
  4. When I started up last night, I made a Shifter/Streetfighter and actually feel kind of meh about it. I think Streetfighter lends itself to being mixed with a proper melee that gets the specific benefits of the armor and weapons it's weilding. While Shifted I was mostly just hoping I got flanked to enable the buff but didn't have a ton in the way of defense to deal with having multiple mobs focusing me. So that's just my two cents. Fighter, Pally, or Barb are probably all better choices.
  5. Svef makes you immune to int afflictions, so just having your Berserker as a drug addict is one effective way to go. I'm just not sure how plentiful/convenient it is to have a big stash of Svef available at all times. I'm probably restarting tonight as a Skald/Barbarian, but not sure if I want to go Berserker or not. The extra 30% crit is great for Skald, but if might not be worth it if I can't reliably mitigate the int penalty.
  6. I haven't played anything (not in the beta), but one of the options I'm strongly considering for my first run next week is Shifter/Monk (probably Pillar). The fact that all monk abilities work while shifted is great, and the idea of being what is essentially a karate werewolf is pretty awesome.
  7. I've recently got the itch to start up another run of Pillars, and I want to do a 2hand (generally greatsword) main character. I initially thought Barbarian would be cool, but from what I've read recently it looks like Fighter is a better choice all around for this type of character? Just wondering if anyone can provide opinions about that. I'd like to be mistaken, but the various talents/abilities available to fighters to seem to give them a pretty nice edge over barbs when it comes to dishing out the damage. Then again, I would be playing on hard with a full party, so I guess doing a build that is not top of the line isn't that big a deal anyway?
  8. I recently picked up the Silver Flash blunderbuss, and I've noticed that if I target an enemy near my party members, it hits them as well with the blind effect. They do not seem to take damage, but they play the "stop hurting your allies" sound, and they display the blind on their character sheet. In practice, this means that at least one of my melee fighters is constantly being blinded by my cipher if I have her using the gun. I doubt this is intended, so it seems like the kind of thing that would be a bug.
  9. I'm not even in POTD, just hard. My party is ranger (main character), zahua, kana, mother, aloth, and durance.
  10. It looks like it may just be the blind that hits in a friendly AoE, not the damage. Still, I would imagine that's a bug.
  11. It's the damn druids. they immediately nuke my whole level 13 team with 90 damage firebugs (or 1-shot a single character with sunlance), and even if I do manage to get everyone still alive and attacking they have 150 deflection. It's like they are double the level of everyone else in the encounter. I saw a video someone posted but it almost seemed like a totally different encounter, as they weren't taking the kind of damage I am taking at the start of the fight at all, so I'm sort of at a loss.
  12. I recently picked up the Silver Flash blunderbuss, and I've noticed that if I target an enemy near my party members, it hits them as well. Is this intended? I haven't used a blunderbuss in a while so I can't recall if that's a normal (dis)function of the weapon type.
  13. I am just curious, is there any list out there and shows a recommendation of best named armors to use for various classes (or general roles?) Ex: best armor for a ranger, best armor for a standard (non-melee) wizard, best for a tank, best for a non-tank melee, etc. I always have a hard time deciding what bonuses are worth sacrificing some recovery for on any of my DPS/support characters.
  14. In my current playthrough, I am thinking I may want to try and get Kana to be my main tank. I want to drop Eder to make room for pretty much anyone else, and I've always had a soft spot for Kana and chanters in general. So my question is twofold: One, are there any general Chanter tank builds that are effective enough that I won't miss having a fighter in tank? Keeping in mind this is on hard, not POTD, but I find hard to be a good challenge and not the cakewalk that some POTD players face. The second question is, do Kana's stats make him totally unsuited to the tank roll, or would the proper gear/spec make it a non-issue?
  15. Does anyone have a link to a sample melee wizard build? It's definitely something I'm curious about too. I wonder if there's a powerful/effective melee wizard build that uses the Grey sleeper.
  16. Yeah, I may actually swap him for Pallegina. I'm tired of always feeling like I need Eder in my party.
  17. Thanks for the input folks, I'm glad to see that the type of character I had in mind looks to be strong and fun. I'm going to have to try that Persistence and Predator's sense combo, especially since you can get it pretty early. I think my Party will be Zahua and Kana in melee (with my wolf), than my ranger, Durance, Mother (maybe toss her the Stormcaller instead of a gun, if I fall in love with persistence), and I guess Aloth pew pewing stuff. I don't totally love aloth but I can't imagine playing without wizard spells in the party. Or maybe I'll drop Kana for Hiravias or Pallegina.
  18. So I am thinking of starting yet another new game when (or a bit before) White March part 2 comes out, and one class I've played very little of is Ranger. I've never had a Watcher ranger, and I rarely use Sagani. I know they weren't great at launch, but how are they now? Are there any specific cool/fun builds people use? I would plan on just using the soulbound bow, as I really like the sound of the Returning Storm proc, but if there is a better option I'm open to it. This would likely just be a full-party hard run, but any POTD builds would obviously work well for me too so feel free to tell me about those too!
  19. So I'm under the impression that White March content starts after you defeat Maerwald and claim Caed Nua. I've done this and entered Defiance Bay, but I've encountered/seen nothing that would lead me to the new expansion content. Just wondering what I am missing?
  20. Great thread. The music in this game really is fantastic, it totally gives me those Baldur's gate feels without being just a carbon copy of that music.
  21. I am pretty sure this is NOT the case, at least the wiki states as much. Resolve increases the duration of the linger section of each chant, thouh.
  22. So I've been playing PoE a bunch the past couple of days, but steam is still not showing me as having the Kickstarter backer achievement. The DLC section shows me as having the backer achievement and item, but it's not actually triggering. Is there a fix for this? I have tried closing and restarting steam.
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