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  1. What is the main point of having Int >15 for Paladin? Is it only for auras? Why not max dex and con? What is Alpha striker by the way?
  2. I've just posted the same link above. As anticipated very very hard in the beginning. A lot of reloads. And when the patch 3.0 comes out?
  3. Hmm, found this on youtube. Not sure if it is a really good build. https://youtu.be/i5bHxIFZi_Q
  4. Just completed the game for the first time on hard and really enjoyed it a lot. I'am thinking to try solo on PoTD difficulty, since a got a decent understanding of game mechanics and enemies/encounters. Well, has anybody tried to make a Melee Wizard? something resembling Fightter/Wizard dual classes in Baldur's Gate? Too bad there are no multiclassing options in Pillars of Eternity - for me it's really the biggest dissapointment in the game. Still a Wizard relying on empowering itself with spells like haste and Citzal Empowerement may be viable. What do you think?
  5. I liked the ending though. Conerning all this Gods, as my understanding goes, Engwithians developed these soul-capturing machines, figured out that there is no greater power to stop them from using them, decided to create artificial "gods" themselves. Well, the gods were created essentially from the souls of Engwithians. So Engwithians cheated everyone, they continue to rule over all the civilizations in form of "gods". That's why the rule of these "gods" can continue only until the secret of the their creation is discovered. That's why the Engwitians decided to cease to exist (as mortals), so that their secret will die with them. The question that Iovara poses in the end is whether a comfortable lie better than an uncomfortable truth. Concerning the ending battle itself with Theos is very easy, especially in comparison with Adra dragon. I attacked him with level 6 psionic/wizard paralyzing and weakining spells, he got paralyzed instantly. With an concentrated attack from all my party he went down in about 5 seconds, really didn't even managed to cast a spell. And I would agree that Theos is probably not as charismatic as Sarevok.
  6. it's possible to kill the Dragon with 2 desintegrates. The downside is that you don't get the loot from the dragon. Quite difficult strategy though, you need to distract the dragon so that you cipher won't get in the way of dragon breath (desintegrate has very short range)
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