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  1. I own every single Obsidian title up to this point. I've even got behind two titles as a backer. I do not use the Windows 10 Store, for very good reasons. I will not use the Epic store, for anti-consumer practices that are more than well documented at this point. It doesn't matter that this wasn't Obsidian's call. This is where we are regardless. You've simply gone a place that I cannot follow. I cannot in good conscience support this game, your Publisher, not even you, nor any game going on the Epic store, be they exclusive or otherwise, until Epic fixes their practices. The idea of good
  2. I've struggled for years trying to get the things I've written finished, let alone published. I always looked at that as the battle, the hill I needed to climb. Logging into all of this, when I really came on to do was generate my Deadfire key . . . it left me feeling sad and empty. Sad because I don't like the idea of people that have worked on things I've enjoyed, for years, being at each others throat's for reasons good or ill. I don't want people to mistreat others, be it focused or by neglect. Life's a challenge all on its own, without complicating things further for one another. Empt
  3. Yarr a parrot Harry! Now, the question is, will we get a pirate to sit on our shoulder? Yes, yes I know it's not actually a parrot game, don't get your powder kegs in a jumble. Avast ye swabs, the question of pirate themes tickles me fancy for a Pirates of Dark Water RPG.
  4. I don't see it as a must, but I don't really see a problem if it's in either. I honestly couldn't be more neutral on the topic. Whatever happens is fine, really, even if nothing happens at all.
  5. I can't see it as a versus situation. I played Original Sin and Pillars. I'll play OS2 and Deadfire. I am not limited to one game, and in a mood I will prefer one style, while in another mood I'll prefer another. Genres of gameplay and genres of setting change on a whim, this month, this thing, the next day, that thing, always there is room for something more.
  6. Hm, how will this apply to a character imported from PoE? There are only two options there. I think there's more to consider than just an implementation at a base. I have no opinion as to whether such options belong, or not. My opinion is solely focused on how such a thing would fit in if present. More to the point, my opinion is along the lines of, "Whatever they decide is fine, as long as the implementation is sensible, well thought out and enjoyable." The presence or lack thereof will not make or break the game for me either way.
  7. I don't know if someone was fired or lost their job over words and thoughts that were unpopular and/or offensive in this case, or if he left for other reasons. I won't pretend to know. I do know I despise people that go after peoples livelihoods, as if a person's income is some play thing for their amusement. It's a rather sickening concept, and I hope that's not what occurred here. With any luck the person in question, and the people at Obsidian, are okay. I wish everyone only the best.
  8. Shenmue 3 ($6.333 million) and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ($5.545 million) also made more than PoE2 is likely to reign in by the end of their campaign. I didn't end up giving to any other crowd funded games between now and back when PoE had its kickstarter. As a Symphony of the Night fan, I was rather happy to see Bloodstained get funded, to whatever extent. Shenmue 3 too, in a way, though I've heard some iffy things about how it's coming along. Bloodstained had a demo to its backers. Can't say I was impressed with what one of the backers showed off in a video, but that's more t
  9. Apparently, Ydwin is fond of fishing, so you can't get that waifu without knowledge about it. I've had enough of this fishiness, it offends minnows. Cod we get off it? Will you at least Mullet over and get back to me? I'm a pascifish so I don't want to argue the matter any further.
  10. And one done right, beyond just being a nice guy. Not boring, just pleasant to travel with. A hard sell, too easy to fall off the line into bland/boring, but they managed it.
  11. They thought you'd appreciate fresh fish instead of a cold fish. Personally I prefer to learn how to fish.
  12. I'm not really interested either, though it is of note that unstable people loving, or being obsessed over, someone to the extent that they snap and start killing people is hardly a purely Japanese trope. Yandere is just a manner to describe something, the chosen termonology is Japanese, but not what it describes. Same with any other of the terms, there are English language ways to describe such things. Much the same way Neutral uses the word Weeb, its a way of describing something born of a particular community, that other more conventional words, in any number of languages, could be used to
  13. Eh, there were, inevitably, going to goals we couldn't reach. Fig's timeframe, would be contributors and money itself is limited, after all. If not these things, then other things.
  14. Well, silliness aside, Tsundere, for example, is derived from the Japanese word Tsun Tsun, "ツンツン" meaning to turn away in disgust, and Dere Dere, "デレデレ" meaning to become lovey dovey. It is indeed a made up word derived from actual Japanese words, consider it slang. Slang that evolved well beyond that one term, and well beyond, "Dere" even. So, a sub-culture of people within Japanese culture formed slang words from actual Japanese words, which foreign fanbases of particular products eventually adopted, because, well, they're fans. Fanbases do such things. There really isn't any reason the
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