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  1. How can the player can choose to be an Eothas priest if his "god" is dead ? Where does his new powers come from at lvl up ?
  2. Nobody says "crème glacée" in France, it's only "glace" . I disagree on the "duc" part : it is good and reflects language variations depending on the culture/country/continent (in Eora like in our world). Same thing applies for multiple god names depending on the country. I agree on the "Gul", "Fampyr" part : it's okay to take some lore from D&D or fantasy stuff but either you change the name completly either you keep the same...
  3. If I'm not mistaken, Pallegina have -1Perception +1 Resolve and she have been in my party the entire time. Nothing on Kana/Aloth/Durance. The other I don't know. Edit : from elsewhere on the forum :
  4. Haha same for me. It's quite confusing when a bounty triggers two encounters. Nevertheless : more ennemies = more loot ^^.
  5. Expect it is, if companions with high perception let you notice things in the world or could contribute to conversations this would be different, currently having high perception does not actually make them more perceptive in any meaningfull way though. Outside of combat it is just a number on their stat sheet. Agree. I'm also sad that attribute checks are not party based :/ ...
  6. Buff Interrupt chance with AOE implement with Blast which can be quite usefull ? And attributes are linked to RP to make attributes coherent with the companion behaviour / personality. Everything is not centered around combat when you play an RPG, it's also being immersed in an universe. Having a party full of unrealistic minmaxed companion with dump attributes to 3 is not great on that purpose.
  7. You are exaggerating... INT and CHAR are worthless all class (except INT for one class) in IE games. But in PoE all stats can be usefull, yes all (even Resolve and Perception : it makes Pallegina a tanky paladin for instance) and there are a lot of items that buff stats (I juste fond a +2 int cloak for Aloth who is now a decent wizard) so companions are not that terrible. It's true that they are not optimal ... but are all human "optimal" for their jobs ? No . Do you see a lot of human who are strong like a bull or big as Richard Kiel in real life ? no . So your warrior don't have to have 18 might/ 18 con / 18 dex and your mage don't have to have 18 Int... A 17-18-19 value in attribute should be exceptionnal in the game. Even if I wish some stat's companion were better, they are acceptable to win combat and have discovering their stories. Having stats within a 12-16 range for the recommanded attributes class value is fine.
  8. Thanks a lot Odd Hermit ! Strange stats repartition indeed, but I'm looking forward to play with it anyway, without any modification (at least for the first playthrough).
  9. It's perfectly right to be a munchkin (I was in BG2 when building my "dream team" with Keldorn, for instance,buffed with dexterity bracelet and strength belt) and still to prefer companions for their story rather than their lack in some attributes. But, if there is some CON or MIGHT check that are party-based (in opposition of main character other attributes/skills), I would like to know if some companion have a decent CON or MIGHT : it will influence my party choice because an Obsidian NPC will always have more flavor than an an adventurer from the Adventurer's Hall.
  10. Perfect build are not interestring, it's an RPG, companions should be taken for their story / quest / interaction. Nevertheless, can someone please post the attributes list of all companions ?
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