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  1. Hi, I haven't received my physical goods even now, I did receive an email claiming they would be here by April 17th but the package has not been delivered and the code for tracking the delivery does not work. The email claims I should contact Paradox support but their support has no listed choice for Pillars of Eternity, what should I do?
  2. I have to say, thank you, this game is exactly what I wanted, in so many ways. It of course isn't perfect, but I am reminded of all the games you mentioned you wished it to be a successor to. In my opinion you have delivered what was promised and more.
  3. I remember there being something about making the Turn based combat as hectic as possible with a lot of tweaking. Am I remembering this wrong? Possibly, but I am eager to see their take on it. Especially remembering Dragon Age's turn based combat.
  4. As my two cents for this go: If you believe that you have great ideas for these then I'd love it! As long as the world itself is finished and great with them. If they are extra. I'd love them in an expansion pack to increase the game variety.
  5. I'd like to see about three: Nature's Reaper, this is an alternate class feature from D&D times. It's a druid obsessed with death and the natural cycle it is. He or she follows the autumn of all life and as such destroys those too weak to continue and siphons the life left in them. I would so love that kind of depth, this character practically writes itself, I think. Religious extremist Knight in shining armor, yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't come up with a smaller title but it's mostly because English isn't my first language. This one is more of a tip of the hat towards Planescape: Tor
  6. If you can truly work out a magical experience that kind of takes me back to those times. A little like Dragon Age: Origins did. I say, I'm more than ok for every penny I donated. If not but I can see you tried then I'm still glad I did. There hasn't been a better chance at something as great as this before!
  7. Hear hear! What a great update, the trailer was a spark of life I was hoping for and the website on itself being up brings me excitement, but most of all the trailer and the little commercial in the website's "The game" part gives me much hope that the game will be truly all that it hopes to be.
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