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  1. I share your hope. To me White March was never even relevant because I backed a complete game and got that and was happy with that. I wanted nothing more inside of that experience (maybe beyond it, post-game). Others may see that different of course, but you gotta remember Witcher 3: Blood and Wine came out around that time, and sorry but.. that was so utterly superior experience to anything in Pillars that I couldn't go back. When I heard it was gonna be mid-game DLC for Pillars 1 I was bummed and ignored it, but I would instantly support Deadfire if Obsidian came out publicly and made clear what they mean with 3 content DLC's for Dead Fire. Mid-game or Post-game, that is a pretty important factor to me.
  2. Those small fluff DLC's and different versions really don't worry me, all things considered I got the "plain" Pillars 1 game as backer way back intentionally, because I didn't want all that of that pre-order, backer, mini and otherwise DLC stuff spoiling my first experience (The backer persons with 4th wall breaking text were already bad enough, but eh, well they were promised that they are in-the-game and promises kept are always good) But it's even more important to remember that it isn't Obsidian deciding these things nowadays. With FIG they also got big institutional investors and so the infinite DLC and package versions machinery will roll and roll and roll.... Edit: Oh, didn't see the new posts in the other topic ^^ Scavenger hunt for fluff items is imo neat
  3. 2018-04-10 - Removed from Store Seems they are trying to hide it again ;P So Is it correct to assume that Scavenger Hunt is #1 of #3 DLCs? Eh, I just realized nobody is gonna know the answer to that anyhow :D I highly doubt it. Those all some like one item cosmetics.We have been piling up those codes which are posted all over place. Maybe that’s them? https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/95782-worldofeternity-funny-business-speculation/page-1 Ah, yeah that makes more sense
  4. 2018-04-10 - Removed from Store Seems they are trying to hide it again ;P So Is it correct to assume that Scavenger Hunt is #1 of #3 DLCs? Eh, I just realized nobody is gonna know the answer to that anyhow :D
  5. I assum you didn’t play White March. Your loss. In addition, you don’t have to replay PoE1 to play WM. Reload pre-sun in shadow save and play WM as a standalone adventure (though thematically and even storywise ties to base game). As someone who replays games he likes, i prefer if expansions expand the base game, not add additional dangling threads. Firaxis style expansions are my thing. New dues ex really frustrated me with weird dlc which could be integrated into the base game and one which just didn’t have anything to do with base game. It’s like releasing directors cut or a movie but adding stuff afterward which have nothing to do with film... you either have stuff to expand on, and add, or you don’t. Quite so. Alas I 100% completed PoE 1 in .. March 2015 version 1.03 and to me that's closure with a game that had lackluster combat and in some places not so great writing and many many many many many bugs. If you were trying to sell me the 2 DLC with your post you need to work on your salesman skills The experience wasn't that great that I would replay PoE1 anyhow. DLC or no. And thanks to the savegame issues they only fixed fully with 2.0 none of my savegames convert to a working state nowadays either. Which is of course AWESOME FUN. /s Just saying, if Obsidian makes 3 DLC's for Deadfire that's 3 DLC's I will happily wait to release and be patched before buying Deadfire. I will not repeat my PoE 1 experience, and maybe then I will have a better opinion of the DLC's, we will see.
  6. To be honest this whole 3 DLC thing and what Obsidian was doing with DLC in PoE1 in general is why I didn't back Deadfire. To me, you either make a complete masterpiece and your expansion expands it and I mean that literal, as in more content after the end, or you make episodic content that is each self contained. But what the heavens am I supposed to do with DLC that integrates into the linear progression of a linear game somewhere in the middle? I play game and complete it, and then I don't replay it just to see 8 new maps with zero relevance to the actual story. Since obviously if they had relevance then they would have been included from the start and the game would lack an ending. Either way, White March Part1/2 lowered my opinion of Obsidian + DLC so substantially that I didn't back Deadfire over it even though I really wanted to what with the discount 5$ pledge amount and all that. And voice acting? If it's well written you read it faster than any voice can speak, and if the voice is well done then it adds to the immersion. But BG2 showed that only relevant lines voiced is enough to get a feel for the characters demeanor which is the ONLY purpose of giving them fully voiced dialog. Text will always be you reading meaning into words, and when it's voiced that level of subjective meaning is lost. So to me, both are equally valid approaches to a game. When you voice irrelevant dialog then you also need to understand that I will skip over it like a bouncing castle on the moon. Anyhow Back to derailing the topic I guess
  7. Nothing new there # You want PoE2, but hate PoE1 Yeah, what's so odd about that? BG2 is also vastly superior to BG1... and the expansion for BG1 sucked so badly it was universally panned as "not-existing" by fans. There is a high chance PoE2 would become an actually good RPG if it had slightly higher budget and better tuned combat systems. I'd never replay BG1 either, and I do not hate PoE1, I just don't want to EVER replay it # What's the point of playing a RPG if you have the best loot? HECK, THE STORY MAYBE? I can honestly admit I didn't even glanced much at the loot I've gotten during the expansion. So what? Why care about that so much? This is a CRPG not an ARPG where loot is pretty much the only point worth playing. Here's it's mostly to forfill it's roll, it's rather unimportant overall. Well, you did say you were confused so your reply certainly fits that. I am talking about *replaying* PoE to experience Whitemarch as it was meant. There is ZERO interesting story to be gained from replaying PoE just to get to Whitemarch part 1. Only a ton of extremely boring and mandatory combat to level up. So why care about loot? Because to me boring filler combat is boring as hell, without decent random loot, it is twice as boring. Worse, the combat and story to reach Whitemarch is not just boring, it is mandatory (due to levels and linear progression) and it already was bad enough having to play that part of the game more than once. Worse, if I go there with my lvl 12 end-game party, I can breeze through the content no doubt with zero challenge unless they employ some insane cheaty level scaling. Challenging combat is a major factor for me to enjoy an RPG with combat. But I can't do that. My end-game save is gone Only thing I still have is stuff from the bug hunt for the savegame bloat. (So yeah, I did not save in steam cloud.. shame one me ,p) # "only thing combat is good for is loot" (cluster**** #3). Whaaaaaat? Yeah, on replaying games, imagine that.. I don't actually care about the story all that much anymore when I already experienced it. The only reason I would fight a filler fight in an RPG on a replay is if the combat were actually fun or there is loot to be had I didn't yet have. In PoE, combat is a MESSY chore, and loot is relegated to specific fights (specific fights in the paths). And worse, I don't care for the 2 new companions. I read their synopsis and looked at Codex reviews.. I simply don't want them in my party. On a replay my party would be 100% hand-crafted. And the 2 new levels don't give me any unique skills or abilities, just more points and 1 or 2 "old" abilities I didn't pick for very good reasons. So leveling up to 14 or 12 or 10 doesn't even matter. There is no demi-god "shift" in skills when you reach level 20 like in DnD # "You have a lot of very boring engagements". Hello. Story? This isn't Pillars of Diablo. In true tradiation a lot of encounters come with a pre-combat boatload of text. So it's hardly what you claim this game is. Yeah sure, and that text was interesting.. the FIRST time. On a replay the boatload of text becomes a hindrance and a game is much more depending on it's core gameplay. (funnily, Diablo 3 has better core gameplay when it comes to combat ,p) Maybe to ease your confusion here is what I meant, in TL;DR PoE is horribly boring to replay just to reach level 5-8 for Whitemarch part 1 because not everyone has end-game saves that are not bugged to all hell (or flat out gone)
  8. I have no doubt that in a year or so, with bugs ironed out and the expansions - people are gonna forget most of the flaws of PoE (like every other game you replay years after release). And praise it as a universally great game that was always flawless and well crafted, with love for the genre, unlike greedy modern games full of bugs and unbalanced mechanics! I doubt there'll ever be a time I would look forward to replaying Pillars of the eternal loading screens Especially when many months after release, after patch 2.0, a patch comes out that supposedly increases the speed of loading.. hah.... I hope Obsidian starts working on a real RPG now. PoE 2 that is. Not expansions for a game I can't even be bribed to replay ;P And so I have to admit.. for me these 2 expansion "parts" are a pass. As I have no interest in replaying PoE proper which seems to be required to properly enjoy this expansion.... scaling enemies up is possible I know.. but what is the point of that when I have the best loot in the game already? Only thing combat is good for is loot. And if that falls away, you have a lot of very boring engagements.... oh well I hope Obsidian makes enough money with their tank pay to win title to actually fund the "real" PoE 2
  9. Yeah, and look what they do with it. They just announced to make a so called enhanced edition, multiplatform and fully voiced with full controller support. I don't get it, they're successful doing a kickstarter and catering to a specific audience and once that's done, they take the mainstream road like everybody else instead of building on their success. The Enhanced Edition was a side-project which fixes (supposedly) a lot of the complaints from D:OS that would not have been possible to just patch, as fixing them would have changed the base game so substantially that it's essentially a different game They are working on 2 unannounced RPG's too. So this enhanced edition is more like a bonus.
  10. Very nice seeing this.. what a jouney it was ,).. only thing I am still curious is how the studio operates post release, fixing bugs etc. and how the pipeline looks between community interactions on the forum, bug reports here (Save bloat bug, or when a giant quest line is broken by certain user actions) etc. and how patch creation works in this pipeline. Mentioning this because I am sure it is not everday your players dig into savefiles, and disassemble them completely only to find an issue that QA could literally never have found due to how it manifests. Ie, not a crash, but infinitely slowing down of load times (now fixed, but would still be curious how these, and other bugs get assigned, analyzed etc.) Anyhow, thank you for this footage, even though we had to .. "rip" the movie from Vimeo's fangs to get proper 1080p HD encodes viewable on a media stations ;P And as you said in the video, it's the beginning of something.
  11. Re: Sensuki The lack of proper class design and mechanic design is imo not a sign of over production I think the real issue was and will always be that at the beginning of this KS Obsidian had nothing, ZERO world, ZERO plan, ZERO design documents. By time beta feedback like yours came to bear was already the time most of the systems were solidified via internal work by Obsidian but because everything was rushed I would assume the "mechanics" and "plot" work was never properly reviewed before it was put into production. This could never result in an IE game worth the name because the people involved were not the people that designed the mechanics in BG1/BG2/IWD1/IWD2 etc. That itself is not even a problem, but when you have people in charge that work directly against certain elements of IE style combat and mechanics then it can not ever end in an IE style game.... PoE for example has no true puzzle area. The first dungeon has that grid trap thing and already there you can see the differences in mechanical design between IE games and PoE, IE games would not allow you to detect nor disarm that. Because it is supposed to be a riddle that you should not solve with brute force but by noticing things in the area. This is just 1 thing, but it is the first thing I noticed when playing PoE. There is a certain lack of "balls" when it comes to the design of various systems in PoE. Overproduced? No.. to me this is simply dumbed down. And the result of what happens when you have to catch up on all this while working on an actual game with collaborative writing... well that result is PoEt. It's also very clear Avellone had very little total influence on the main plot. Which I think hurt the plot much more than anything else ever could. Normally main plot and companion story should be interwoven, but here it is nearly as if companions and plot were 2 different things that only marginally intermingled probably because someone noticed "Hey, we have no dialog about the plot for the companions" and this makes the companions so weird and fixed, so static. Either way, I did not participate in the beta so as to not spoil the game for me. But I think if your stance and opinions had spread further and earlier into the dev process we could have a proper IE game with PoEt. But as you had to fight against established systems already during beta, there was no way you could drastically alter the already planned out course of development.
  12. Well, trying playing PoE after its fully patched, with expansions, and you have 10+ years of nostalgia fueling your experience. Then you might be able to make a fair comparison between the 2 play throughs. At a bare minimum though you got to give Obsidian more time to patch. The game's barely been out for a month for crying out loud! That's not how first impressions of games work though I played through IWD2 on release day (ok.. more like a release weeks, back then) because unlike PoEt you couldn't actually play through IWD2 in just a few binge sittings. For me that game took well over 100 hours to complete.. to compare PoEt took me barely 40 hours and that's 3 restarts included. While I waited for GTA5 to download I actually managed to play through 10% of IWD2 on my 5th try and G3 modpack (though only few of those options, mostly stacking and bug-fixing active) made it a relatively painless experience. Unlike PoEt which because IE mod doesn't work anymore in beta patches, is actually a painful experience.. can't even express how much I started to hate the engagement system in PoEt after playing IWD2 again. And my first impressions of PoEt were already nostalgia fueled to some extend. Maybe that is the problem And I give it all the time it needs for a future 2nd complete playthrough. But my opinion of the game is already decided for now. I don't know if an expansion that includes the same combat and spell-casting design would actually entice me to even play the game again. Because I didn't enjoy the combat in PoEt... and every.. single.. time I see a mage in PoEt I wish I could have the DnD spell library instead ;P You know.. sequencers, time stop, skull trap... and a proper fireball (delayed fireball) kind of deal "I backed so they owe me the best crpg ever" No, they they don't OWE me anything, I pledged for this for hope and nostalgia, obviously. But my hope was that they make a better CRPG than (at the very least) IWD2. And if you give me a CRPG where 80% of the time I am in combat, then your combat better be better than IWD2's And to me PoEt is not meeting even that (very low) requirement.
  13. am sorry to say this, but you know what I did after finishing PoEt ? I started up IWD2 with G3 modpack and played it until I was through. I had more fun replaying IWD2 for the 5th time than playing Poet.. and that is not acceptable for a game I backed with the hope of it becoming better than (at the very least) BG1. So is the review flamy? Sure.. but it is also not entirely wrong in most the things is brings up. To me PoEt is neither the best nor the worst CRPG I ever played. And this simply won't do for a game I backed with the specific goal for it to become the BEST crpg...
  14. Of course, and like I said this is a relatively small problem But the problem extends beyond this website where the context is clear... You must be hanging out on bluesnews I think this ship has sailed friend, too late now. As a bluesnews reader and commenter... I think you should know that I read that comment there and since then write poet or pillars So the ship might have sailed, but we can still sink it ;p And to be fair, it IS really confusing, because in my mind PoE is Path of Exile. And Pillars.. is Pillars but since poet is shorter... ^^
  15. Indeed, if the game couldn't support reactivity then why did Obsidian bother to write lore (and race) to build up some background and setting that is never an actual element of the world in the game? Godlike races seem like a cheat to me due to this, the same way I would scoff at a DnD game that let me play as Drow and just walk around on the surface with no problems drinking tea on the market and praying at a temple of ilmater.... You wanna play as Drow? fine, but you face a mob each time you fail a hiding check ;P
  16. Alas in the actual game it isn't Schizophrenic is a nice way to put, incoherent is more like it though. The game reactivity itself is not coherent with the lore. And as the other topic about backgrounds demonstrates, backgrounds change dialog to some extent in the sense that you get a new dialog option but it does not change anything of any tangible value in gameplay. Race and background recognition is not the same as race and background consequences. And the game would imo have been tons better if dialog had been a little less reactive and instead some more unique things happened related to our background and race choice. Sure it is most visible with godlikes as a race, but of course it involves all race and all background choices. Which currently are nothing more than a "which stat do you want the most" choice
  17. Re: Varana Ah, then I was indeed reading too much into the lore. But when you say it "depends" note I was specifically talking about a fire Godlike in my example. And at least for Gilded Vale that is one example where the lacking reactivity instantly becomes apparent. A Fire Godlike Priest of Eothas should literally trigger army response considering the recent history.. ok. Maybe not total hostility (though for Gilded Vale it really should be), but a different reaction than "Hi, who are you?" most definitely. Especially from Durance, for that matter. And blatant outright racism doesn't need to be everywhere. But it needs to be somewhere or the writing dulls its own lore and following that, immersion. What you quoted says not that there is no racism, it says there is not EVERYWHERE racism. Funnily enough the areas that we travel to seem to be totally accepting of a priest of Eothas with a burning head. And above me. The fact that as an European my definition of race/nationality is slightly different is very true, and this is why the lore confused me
  18. Soo ich hab die cyclopedia jetzt einmal durchgearbeitet. Was nehm ich als nächstes... *grübel* Soo ich hab die cyclopedia jetzt einmal durchgearbeitet. Was nehme ich als nächstes... *grübel* Konnte nicht anders, tut mir Leid für OT
  19. The (lack of) reaction of the world to the race choice (specifically Orlan and Godlike) is imo one of the reasons why for me this game was a 7.5 score wise. Which is a bit weird when you read the lore of the nations. Orlans are slaves in many nations and second class citizens in many others. Godlikes are entirely shunned and feared. If you walk around as godlike in Dyrwood or Gilded Vale, a mob should form (according to LORE). But Obsidian wrote themselves into a dead end by putting Backer characters everywhere where they shouldn't even be thematically, so they couldn't even do world reactivity if they wanted. Not to mention it'd have been an interesting RPG experience to play Orlan and have some actual gameplay differences. This could be done in such a way as to show the player how racism can feel like even in a fantasy world. If we go the nit pick route and dismantle the lore, story and world of PoEt we'll never be happy. It is very clearly a world that simply flat out WASN'T THERE a few years ago. It had no time to fully develop over many writers and many with many people inputting story and stuff. And hence the lore in the game "is there" but also only half-assed and so-so implemented into the world. And reactivity is entirely missing. But then, this is the first game in the IP, lots of possibility to enhance that particular thing. Ps.: That godlike example is especially jarring because in the PoEt lore I thought godlikes were like Drow, heavily stigmatized, shunned and feared. So I played one to see what would happen. Turns out aside from being able to light fires with my head nobody really cares.
  20. That but inverts what you said before. That said, no it doesn't bother me. Just as your topic doesn't bother me... People buy (or backed) this game, they play it, they have opinions and they voice them (or they don't). That is the process and you won't ever (as in, can not) change it. Why would people not be be allowed to voice their opinion about something they bought? Are they doing it a bit naggingly? Sure.. maybe.. but that is part of the normal process of debating on the web, it is not annoying. You should realize that people here have bought a game and they have what they perceive as unique opinions. They try to coalesce into topics that match their opinions. Nobody is forcing you to read what they write (beyond the thread title). Summary being, there is no greater irony than a thread "whining" about threads that are "whining". And that is ok too. Because that is your opinion And I read it because I wanted to read it. Which leaves me at the end of my post, and the realization that you can not ever expect everyone to like a game. And you can never expect everyone to be helpful on a forum ;p
  21. For me personally the game is so far a solid 7.5 .. it does not get anywhere near the greatness of BG2 (obviously) and is somewhere between BG1 and IWD 1 and is a few lengths away from IWD2. It is a bit closer to Torment than it should be as well, except it has the less interesting setting thematically. You can't even COMPARE this game to D:OS, entirely different gameplay. And D:OS was for people who wanted an "open" interactive world. PoEt is literally the opposite of that. Both games have flaws. And both games have different target audiences too. Although personally I liked D:OS to some extend, also a 7.5 in my view. But I still enjoyed PoEt for 40 hours and finished it, it did not engross me beyond that due to the loading times on an SSD being unacceptable. (Yes, even with 1.03) I will wait what patches and expansion bring and then give it another shot. In the end I am happy with what I got for backing this. Does it really matter to your own enjoyment of the game what IGN scored it?
  22. This <3 A pre-rendered with 3d models game without smaa + luma-sharpener is like looking at the ocean with thick layer of oil on your goggles. I wish game devs would wise up and finally implement optional luma sharpener post filters. MSAA does not filter texture flickering either, so this game basically BEGS for smaa/fxaa or one of these, on top of MSAA and with support of luma-sharpener to prevent blur-AA from actually blurring everything But then, they don't have to do that as long as SweetFX / Reshade work nicely...
  23. I would like to see that screenshot too, for the simple reason that it's apparently a very rare account glitch. OP, you need to re-verify your Pillars of Eternity integrity. Ps.: And yeah, for me achievements stopped working entirely too, never got half of em. Sigh.... but that's not what OP is describing.
  24. All the fix did for me was alleviate save time issues. Saves save a lot quicker, but still load really slowly. So yes, I would definitely agree that there are still some factors at play here. At least saves don't bloat anymore though. It's worth noting that area change times did not change at all, what changed is that auto-saves are faster now. (Which happen on every area change unless you have that mod..)
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