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  1. Just make sure that their ranged weapons are equipped and let them wait doing nothing for a few seconds after a battle. This should make your characters start their reload animations.
  2. I just wanted to chime in and say this is really needed. Dear developers, don't forget to add this to enemies also, so that flanking their tanks will be a bit more difficult.
  3. It probably only shows resolutions that are compatible with your screen. What's the native resolution of it?
  4. I really think that the OP sums up most of my thoughts regarding the game: Wonderful game with a few features that could have been so much better!
  5. You forgot taxes and steam royalties around 30% Taxes are impossible for me to make any assumptions about since I have no idea about the US tax code. I clearly deducted Steams 30% percent though, so 10,37 M before taxes! I actually lowballed too, since I kind of doubt that there has been no sales whatsoever for the champion and royal editions
  6. 383746 sales on steam. 14.2% are kickstarter copies. Means that 329,254 copies have actuallt been sold on steam 329254*44,99= 14,81 million in sales minus Steams 30% brings it down to 10.37 million dollars in sales from Steam alone. Congrats Obsidian!
  7. Yes, but this is a good thing, isn't it. If you clear almost everything in the game, you will reach the level cap and if you don't you will end the game below the cap. Seems like xp is just right at the moment!
  8. PoE will get an expansion, at least, since that was one of the stretch goals that were achieved during the Kickstarter. Don't know why you are saying that PoE only will get patches from now on?
  9. PoE is back up at number 7 on the Steam bestseller list. One million, here we go!
  10. Coincidence or not, PoE is back at number 4 on the Steam bestseller list!!!
  11. For what it's worth I look a lot like that when I grow a beard, so it really depends on genes. I'm a fairly hairy guy and that increases the range of my beard
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