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  1. A commercial retailer with full contact information on that very page? I think stupidity is more likely than any intentional deception here. Do note that he explicitly tells people to message him first to ask whether the game is actually available. Also, keep in mind that this seller is subject to german trade law, which may differ from what you know. Not that i'd suggest buying from him. He doesn't seem to put a lot of effort in his auctions for somebody who does this for a living.
  2. Well, gotta load your sword before you swing it. Don't forget to wind up your axe, either.
  3. It says MB, not GB. Though that just makes it more unlikely. Unless graphics and sound are going to be really, really sparse.
  4. Pointless? With so many images of sharp weapons, this discussion has more points than any other, by far. 6_u You could also say that it is quite edgy.
  5. Get used to it. That's normal. It's not really worthwile to give a confirmation or denial to every report, especially when you don't have a dedicated community team to do so. Also, this thread's title is a major misnomer. There is no promise involved in this anywhere. As for the actual topic, it depends on what your goals are. Sometimes you need frequent iteration to test the impact of changes.
  6. Not everything is as it seems? So they actually just hung those corpses on the trees as christmas decoration, not for whatever sinister purpose the player is imagining at that point? I've nothing against some darker elements in the game, but please have them be mature, not some childish cultist idiots making Khornemas trees. Not that i necessarily have anything against that, as long as it isn't intended to be taken serious.
  7. Not really a fair comparison. D&D was decades old already when the IE games were released. This is a completely new system. They already have a quite daunting class variety for that. Let them get their feet on the ground first.
  8. That is correct. And doesn't help you one bit. PoE is a spiritual successor to the IE games, not the D&D rule system. It's quite clearly not intended to be a carbon copy of the mechanics, as evidenced by the fact that they work pretty much completely different. A ranger without a pet would be rather different a class. He'd basically be a fighter.
  9. It doesn't matter what you, specificially, do or for what reasons you do it. What matters is what the majority would most likely do and why.
  10. A choice implies that it was deliberate. It seems more likely that it is simply a result of the mechanical design. I doubt there are many developers that sat down for a meeting to discuss how they can implement save scumming in their game.
  11. You can't fully stop save-scumming, but you can make it a poor use of time. There's also possibilities to deal with certain kinds of save-scumming, especially those that deal with RNG.
  12. Can't re-use pancake batter for years on end either, though. And ouch, save system still buggy? Yeah, you really don't want to release an cRPG with that. Also, the most infuriating part of BG2 for me right now is the pathfinding. At least one character tries to go and circle the entire map to get through a doorway directly in front of them every single time.
  13. I think it is partially because it is assumed that you play the game with a DM who can make judgement calls and tailor the adventures to the characters present. It is supposed to only be half-baked, with the players shaping it as they see fit and then finishing the baking process.
  14. It's actually a step back towards 3.5 from what little i've seen of it. I'd call it 3e lite.
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