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  1. @DnaCowboy There are probably many reasons, one of them is for certain fashion which also exists in gaming industry. For example, years ago very popular were FPS taking place in WWII scenarios and now we have modern or futuristic shooters. When one developing studio succeed with their product instantly you will see more devs going the same road. It might depend also from change in the generation? Youngsters wanted more dynamic and fast pace games without a lot of thinking because these are TV/internet standards. And now many people are rediscovering games like D1, D2, Fallout, BG, IWD, Planescape etc. I think that best explanation you will find in these video. http://youtu.be/r4NkADMQwzg?t=20s
  2. ^ OK, than elves will have beards in PE, I should not even start an argument about that, because I really don't give a .... about beards.
  3. ^ I read Tolkien books (many years ago) and I have problems in recalling Elves with beards, but this is not an issue here. From what we know PE will have static portraits and it is a good information, at least for me. And in the worst scenario if Obsidian won't put portraits of every creature with beard there is a big chance that players will be able to use custom portraits... There is no solid info about creating characters and appearance customization, there are to many "?". I'm waiting for the big update. And issue of awesome mainly beards is not of my concern, dwarfs will have them, then it is fine with me.
  4. ^ Obsidian must stick to some canons of fantasy, for example elves with beards will be weird. This thread is becoming weird...
  5. I will use this thread, title is good for my questions. Magic classes like wizards after leveling are gaining new spells or new tier of spells, the problem is that after reaching higher levels, the majority of low level spells are less significant for player and it occurs even if spells effects are connected to character level. Of course high level spells/skills must be powerful in comparison to low level spells, but in many cases the gap between those two in my opinion is too big! I didn't find any solid info about spells systems for magic classes, and I have a few questions, maybe people better orientated in PE will answer. I understand that in PE we will have tiers for spells like in BG, and after leveling we will be able to add new spells or learn them form scrolls. Also there won't be round based system for casting, but there will be difference in time casting, depending on spell level. 1. Are spells in PE will be divided into individual magic schools, like evoking + skills increasing capability for selected magic school? 2. What will be the impact of level of the character on the low level spells. 3. Will be possible to combine different spells effects to increase damage? (freezing + crushing, water + electrocute, decreasing mental defenses of target + mind control spells, etc. ) 4. Spells must be memorized before using like in IWD, BG series, if yes, then the only way for doing it will be resting? 5. Will it be possible to have minor selected spells for infinite use without any additional resting? This is more proposition than question, but it would be interesting to have such abilities for class which live depends on magic. 6. What will be maximum number for summoning creatures? 7. What types of magic items for wizards we will be able to craft?
  6. PE has a small budget, and this is a main reason why Obsidian will not / should not offer PE "in boxes", at least on release date. I really don't understand people which are arguing for boxed edition. I personally want Obsidian to address all resources (human/money) for creating best game! A not long ago I also was a fan of boxed games but now with platforms like STEAM, GOG etc. there is no reason for PE "to go in the box".
  7. I'm excited about wizards, It is my beloved class. I'm really waiting for complex spells which will offer diversity in fight, not only blow up everything and cast magic missals. I'm interested in Obsidian approach to magic in combat. And I'm really want to play in good old school RPG with beautiful sights and interesting plot.
  8. I started learning English from games and later from books, the language is not a big obstacle nowadays for people, especially when it comes to English. I assume also that after release, fans will be able to translate texts to their language... however, it will be a titanic effort for such game.
  9. I really like majority of information given by devs and I think that we must wait for the first game-play video from PE. What concerns me is GUI and spells system, but there is no solid info about them...
  10. I wrote about UI in other thread but... UI in NWN 2 is a catastrophe in comparison to UI in NWN1, it was holding me back from playing NWN 2 until this year, almost 7 years..., Best solution is something similar to BG or IWD mainly because of graphic design, UI form NWN won't blend in PE but there are many good ideas in it worth considering. The UI should be minimalistic, well placed in the whole graphic concept of the game. In the other hand UI in BG and IWD always felt to me a little bit to heavy. I'm really waiting for some good game-play for PE.
  11. In NWN 1 is very similar system of fight to your propositions, characters during fight are parrying with blades, shields you can even see sparkles when one weapon meets another it looks awesome, but I don't see the need of this in Project Eternity.
  12. The UI is one of the most important systems in the game in my opinion, it is very hard to provide optimal solution for everybody... For me one of the best UI in RPGs is UI in Neverwinter Nights 1, it is beautiful!! Very simple and complex at the same time, not to mention the aesthetics and ergonomics! But UI design from NWN 1 won't "fit" into Project Eternity style. What I like also in NWN 1 UI is the same art style for skills and spells, which is very transparent! For example: 1 2 "A static portraits" are great for this game, they are simply adequate for graphic design. There is no need to animate everything... and I really love this little master pieces.
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