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  1. Hello, I am a big fan of not being a fan of floaty combat, magnetic weapons etc. Things like this may not bother everyone, but i know alot of people really hate it. It should really be a thing of the past by now. That is why i obviously think combat should be made impactful, and with this type of game i feel it should be easy to achieve. Impactful, what do you mean? A few examples; - Shield block: When a strike is blocked you can see the weapon hitting the shield, and the shield bearer receiving the impact. - Parry: both weapons hitting simultaneously, sparks flying - Humanios vs humanoid actions: If a rogue-character dealt the finishing blow on an opponent it could result in for instance a backstab animation (% chance of happening?). - X vs humanoid actions: Animation of a humanoid getting pinned (stunned) by a dog etc. - Spells resisted: Perhaps some sort of mental sphere pulsating for an instant. Many of these things was done successfully (to an extent) in DO:A (2009) Small things often have a very large effect! Also we need a voidwalker-ish thief/wizard class that can blink-backstab.
  2. In norse mythology there is a giant snake that holds the world together by reaching around it and biting its tail. Cant remember the name tho. Just something we vikings learn at primary school
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