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  1. I've just noticed the ingame MSAA does indeed work out of the box, just didn't notice it before. To change AA hit the key assigned to the console in the controls (backslash) and use MSAA <level> as command where level is 0-8
  2. Tried out various nvidia AA settings and taken a couple of screenshots for comparision. I've enforced these through the driver using nvidiaInspector. Some of the still visible aliasing comes from post processing shaders like deferred lighting, rim light and such from the game itself as these draw on top of the aliased image. That is common with many titles hence a good post processing AA shader that does not blur textures would be ideal instead of hardware AA. no AA: http://i.cubeupload.com/jJLdw7.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/McAkJ5.png 2x MSAA http://i.cubeupload.com/7T3wCi.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/Msp0p9.png Viable option at low GPU cost 4x MSAA http://i.cubeupload.com/s9YFiE.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/HCmNs2.png Best option out of these IMO 8x MSAA http://i.cubeupload.com/qQAceQ.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/bKYzfw.png Barely visible difference to 4x MSAA FXAA http://i.cubeupload.com/9VsnvI.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/xdQjVI.png Basically a post processing shader that affects the entire image, blurs textures quite a lot. 4x SGSSAA (4x MSAA + 4x SGSS (Sparse Grid Supersampling)) http://i.cubeupload.com/kL9qSI.png (zoomed in) http://i.cubeupload.com/GqkBMW.png Supersampling is out of the question as it renders the background at four times resolution and scales it back down which just blurs prerendered images.
  3. Mi/Co/De/Pe/In/Re 18/08/18/10/14/10 Int to increase auras and AoE radius, Might and Dex to deal decent damage as second wave attacker and cast fast CC spells. Chants: buffs and debuffs (DR for example) Spells: charm and crowd control like AoE paralyze, maybe summons, AoE damage I'd not really dual wield, better to stay behind a tank and get a reach weapon like the pike or a crossbow / firearms. For range attacks Wood Elf is quite a good choice. Island Aumaua for an additional weapon slot to fire multiple guns / crossbows could be interesting too with melee in mind. The chanter is a bit too squishy to be a front liner IMO so I'd use him as second wave attacker. It also takes some time to build up chanting points to cast. Taking Perception or Resolve is not useful IMO, if you manage your party movement correctly you gain little from the deflection or concentration. Interrupt is underwhelming I think. Constitution is not useful when you plan on not getting hit, investing points has too little an effect compared to other stats so you can dump it a little. This isn't min-maxed and it should work alright. You could build this as a deflection tank wearing heavy armor with summons and stuns though other classes fill this role better Mi/Co/De/Pe/In/Re 02/15/03/20/18/20 (either Orlan)
  4. It's a bit sad that I read about a lot of bugs on these forums that were known in the early beta... Like double click to equip causing weird things, missing inventory items and such. I wonder if it's all related to some messed up UI code. Back in the early beta all kinds of equipment and other items went missing or armors duplicated when double clicking these to swap them. To replicate this bug you have to switch any equipment by double clicking, equip- and unequipping works fine with a double click. I've successfully swapped hoods, capes and armors to lose the active racial effects. Maybe it has to do with some arbitrary UI code or a bad function call or an outdated function that messes with references/pointers that store character data...
  5. I've experienced the same bug starting with an Island Aumaua. After a couple of saves I suddenly lost the extra weapon slot while the weapons are still in place. Tried reloading from the main menu and restarting the game but the bug is now persistent.
  6. This game should really be turn based and taken ToEEs combat system. It's the best I've played with. It has great disengagement with zones of control and 5-foot steps to slowly disengage melee to get rid of maluses for ranged characters or spell casters. Turn based games are much better manageable, I find RTwP to be confusing often... One of aspects I've dislikes in the IE games actually.
  7. I'm all for random encounters, gives you something to do other than going after silly quests. Perhaps an XP reward for getting past an encounter, like talking out of a situation or just beating the crap out of some bandits will give you XP once you leave the encounter area. I kinda dislike the skills all together. There's too few and only mechanics and stealth seem to have a good use. The few skill systems I've enjoyed were Fallout, Darklands' and Jagged Alliance 2 for their richness and progression, especially the latter two. What I'd like to see is companion skills to be used in conversations, like in NWN2:SoZ.
  8. I'd say yes if this game has random encounters and unlimited XP. This only leads to that you feel like you gimp yourself if you don't pick this and that
  9. I'm fairly sure this is intentionally empty because this is a closed beta
  10. You need post processing shader based AA to counter any character lighting shaders you are using when these aren't built to preserve hardware AA (if that's even possible) and writing your own AA filter is not as simple and basic as hardware AA that unity supports natively afaik.
  11. I'm a big fan of XP spending systems, especially when you gain XP for successful skill checks as well (by skills I mean all skills, like hitting, grazing, crits, spotting, ...)
  12. I wonder if the forum people at obsidian make a statistic after the game has been released, kinda like "...and 50% of the postings in the backer forums consisted of pointless flames and man tears."
  13. Ignore DT totally I meant. Estocs ignore DT as well as Stilettos.
  14. There should be feats or traits for light melee and ranged weapons to ignore DT but not DR. A skillful fighter looks for openings in the armor to bring the pain or stabs/shoots the unprotected neck.
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