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  1. I see that most people here rejects to start PoE2 at higher levels. I hope devs will take this into account.


    I'd even like to start a new fresh adventure, but I suppose devs will want to continue the Watcher's story.


    Solution: Make 2 games: a new adventure for level1 in a different setting like IWD1, and a mid-level (6 - 7) sequel of the Watcher story in the Vailian Republics like BG2 :dancing:


    IWD1 and BG2 were released the same year and I know that we all enjoyed both games

  2. I think Obsidian, in case they are preproducing PoE2 at this moment, should launch a kickstarter campaign for PoE2 before the release of Torment.


    After playing Torment most of us will be satiated and not too eager to back PoE2. Anyway, PoE2 will be a success.


    I hope a PoE2 with lots of exploration areas in the Vaillian or Readceras region, with a new character, low level battles and not fighting against gods.

  3. most of the people here want a new story with a new character. The watcher is too powerful to fight in PoE2 against normal bandits and normal bosses.


    Furthermore, White March expansions make character even more powerful. I didn't play expansions because I like they continue the story, and not being placed in the middle.


    I'd vote for a level 1 story for PoE2. A new adventure with lots of exploration areas like Baldurs Gate 1. I don't want to play with a 25 level character in the hell against the god of the gods.

  4. Yeah I'm torn between a high level campaign for PoE2 and starting fresh. On the one hand it's great to feel like a demi-god laying waste to the impetuous masses that dare to stand against you. On the other hand, there's nothing quite like that feeling of getting your first "Dagger +1" or finally hitting level 5 to unlock Fireball... oh fireball, how I have missed you!


    Ahhh fireball... How beautiful are you...

  5. Once the great Pillars of Eternity is finished, I, like most of you, have doubts about the game setting. It would be nice that someone of obsidian could give us a small synopsis of PoE related to the setting/plot, without spoileering future PoE games.

    for instance:
    -what happened to engwithians?
    -what is the origin of Thaos? does he have good intentions?
    -how woedica gives powers to Thaos?
    -is Eothas died?
    -what happened exactly in Caed Nua?

    thanks in advance

  6. I liked the 3 stories, mainly the Eder's story. I really like Gilded Vale setting, with Lord Raedric's iron fist ruling the village and the Legacy's paranoia.


    Playing PoE, when I arrived to Gilded Vale, watching the hanged guys and listening the announcing bell that gave the bad news about the birth of Raedric's son, I thought "wow, this game is what I waited for many years".


    PoE lore is superb. In order to have a better experience, new players should learn about Eora's setting before playing, as I did.

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